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How to Keep Your House Clean With a Dog That Sheds

How to Keep Your House Clean With a Dog That Sheds
January 4, 2021

You love your pup, but they can make keeping your home clean seem impossible. Although you can keep things neat and tidy, your dog’s fur is a significant contributor to the dusty dirt build-up throughout your home. From shedding on furniture to leaving clumps of hair and skin behind on the carpets and floors, it can seem to be an endless challenge to keep your home fur-free. 

How to Keep Your House Clean With a Dog That Sheds

The good news is, there are many cleaning tips you can use if you have a dog that sheds. Here are our top tips from your friendly neighbourhood residential deep cleaning services to keep the furry fury under control.

Lint Rollers: A Dog Owner’s Best Friend

If your dog sheds, chances are you have a few of these handy little tools around. Dog fur and hair can cling to clothes, so you probably need a good brushing with a lint roller whenever you head out. However, they can also make short work of your fur-covered furniture and upholstery. 

Keep a stock on hand and place one in each room. You can then use them to remove hair and fur whenever you notice a build-up. Keep one in your car or purse so you can also give yourself a once over before heading into work.

Spray Bottle: A Spritz a Day Keeps Fur Away

Much like a lint roller, a quick spritz of clean water from a spray bottle on your upholstery in hand with a clean sponge is an excellent way to wash away fur. You just need a bit of water and a dry sponge that you can gently drag over furry spots to remove the hair quickly. Some people find a clean rubber glove works just as well as a clean sponge.

Vacuum: Dog Fur’s Worst Nightmare

While you might take a broom to your floors to try to sweep away fur, they tend to more or less just move the hair around. The hair also forms a hairy mass of dust bunnies when sweeping. Instead, choose a vacuum to suck up the fur. 

While your dog might run for cover when you fire it up, it stops the fur from floating away like it does when you sweep. Everything gets sucked away instead. Move the vacuum backwards and forwards as you work to make sure you get up all the stray fur.

Mop: Shaggy Versus Shaggy

A damp mop pits shaggy cleaner against shaggy floors, with the mop always coming out the winner. Just dampen the mop with clean water and use it to collect hair. It reaches those tight corners a vacuum can’t go and can slide under furniture quite nicely to grab all those dust bunnies and stray hairs.

Carpet Strategy: 3-Steps to Fur-Free

Carpets are like dog fur magnets. Depending on your carpeting colour and your dog’s fur, it can be challenging to spot the mess. However, you can keep on top of dog fur build-up by using these three residential deep cleaning services approved steps every few weeks to get rid of that hair quickly:  

  • Lightly, very lightly, spritz your carpet with clean water. Take a rubber brush and run it across the rug to collect the hair.
  • Toss out the ball of fur, and then use your vacuum to get the hair your rubber brush missed.
  • Get a squeegee (aka window cleaner thingy) and do one last brush across the rug to get any strays that evaded steps one and two.

Damp Cloth: Don’t Dust, Wipe

Like a broom, using a dry dust cloth more or less just moves dust and fur around. Instead of dusting fur and dust everywhere, choose a damp clean rag or cleaning wipes instead. The thing about using a wet wipe is that the dirt and hair cling to the dampness while the dry cloth either moves the mess around or sends it into the air to land on other surfaces. 

Damp and clean cloths or wipes are your best defence to keeping surfaces indeed dust and fur-free. Remember, the keyword here is moist, not wet. Wet leaves a residue on many surfaces, while damp acts as a magnet.

Dryer Sheets: Cling Free, Hair Free

Nothing is more frustrating than reaching into your closet and finding your favourite outfit is covered in hair. Dryer sheets are designed to help remove static cling. However, they are also magnets for hair and dust. 

Many savvy house cleaners use dryer sheets for dusting. However, you can also toss your fur laden clean, dry clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet to remove hair and fur. It just takes 10 minutes in the dryer, and your clothes will smell nice too.

Throws: The Lazy Man’s Cleaning Buddy

To keep fur off your furniture, provide it something else to cling to. Throw a blanket or throw over your upholstered furniture and toss them in the laundry every week. Have a few on hand, one in the laundry and the other on the couch. If you are expecting guests, just remove the cover before they arrive. This keeps your upholstery fur-free and also reduces the amount of work required to keep it that way.

Brush: Dog Grooming 101

Using a grooming brush designed for your dog’s coat type can do wonders to reduce the amount of shedding. It allows you to remove loose fur and collect it on the brush, so it can be balled up and tossed instead of spreading around the home. Don’t brush your dog in a carpeted area, and choose a room with hard surfaces instead. 

You can also do it on the balcony or outside, so you don’t have to clean up after brushing. Also, taking your chum for a haircut now and then won’t hurt. Speak to your local dog groomer to find out what they recommend to keep your dog’s fur manageable. Their hair will also always look doggy stylish as a bonus.

These tips will help keep your home fur-free and you and your pup best of friends. If this sounds like too much work, hiring a residential cleaning service, like Maid4Condos, can keep the fur away. 

To learn more about how to keep your house clean when you have a dog that sheds fur, call Maid4Condos at (647) 822-0601 or contact us here.

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