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Michelle Bryant

Very satisfied with Maid4Condos our cleaners Kenia and Tabata always do a fantastic job!

I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a cleaning service - they are very professional when it comes to bookings and customer service inquiries.

Amber Schmidt

Adianin and evler did a fantastic job. Highly recommend. Would definitely use them again

Anil Narale

Luisana did a great job cleaning my unit yesterday!

Regan Canie

This condo cleaning service is outstanding. Everything from the website, to the booking process, to the sweet and meticulous cleaners are wonderful. A huge thank you to Fiorella for making my place look brand new!

Shelley-Ann Mathewson

First time user & I booked a deep clean. Booking was easy, website is user friendly. Easy to change appt's and leave notes. Communication was excellent with text reminders. I accidentally booked on a Saturday (it's more expensive) and someone called to confirm that's what I actually wanted. Very nice. Joseph was my cleaner and he did a great job. I am very particular but I would use the service again and will refer friends.

Pam Whelan

We hadn't had a good cleaning for ages and our 1 year old grandson had been visiting for 2 weeks.
Kelly, Euler and Kimberley did a great job. The windows are especially brilliant!

Daniel McCammon

Couldn't be easier, quicker, or more professional with fantastic results. Nathalia and Kelly did an amazing job, the place is completely different now!

Ethan McCarthy

I love the modern approach to setting up and scheduling cleaning services and the customer service is great. Thanks to Karla for a great clean each time!

Anita Dhanrajani

I tried maid4condos for the first time last week. TBH I have never used a housecleaning service in Canada ever before. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality and thoroughness of the cleaning service. I went for the basic plan and the apartment looked spic and span after a mere 4 hours. Kimberly was very pleasant, independent and meticulous. She made sure everything was taken care of even though it meant she had to work about 20 min past her stipulated time. I will definitely use their services again and will recommend it to friends too.

Priyanka Chowdhury

Maid4Condos is amazing! I looked at the reviews and other places were charging double for a move in/out cleaning, but M4C was extremely reasonable and easy to book with. I am extremely impressed by the work done! Thanks to Luisana for a thorough cleaning and spotless shine. I would definitely recommend and hire again for myself!

Andrew Wallace

Maid4Condos service is extremely high quality--best cleaning service in the city (I've tried others). I love coming home to my apartment after my cleaner has been there. It's always fresh, spotless and perfect. Fiorella did a particularly fantastic job on Friday.

Dave H.
Booking was easy, the cleaning crew is very friendly. They took the time to clean the 2 bedroom unit really well. It was a vacant unit so I was expecting them to take maybe 2 hours max but they spent...
Amir Nedaei

Happy with the service we receive. We started with a deep clean for our first cleaning, and noticed some things were left undone. I called them the following day and their customer service was great. They more than resolved the issue.

Since then we've been getting the basic cleaning every other week, and are happy with the job the cleaner Fiorella does for us. With some minimal maintenance, our place stays fairly clean bettween Fiorella's visits.

Melizza Mendoza
Genesis and Luisana were amazing to work with. Very friendly, professional and got the job done! I would highly recommend using Maid4Condos... And if you get these lovely ladies, that would be a bonus! Thank you for your services!
C. Woodsford
It was the first time my boyfriend and I had booked a cleaner, and we were both apprehensive and a little nervous about what the outcome would be. The booking was super simple, and I even got a phone call...
Caitlin W.
It was the first time my boyfriend and I had booked a cleaner, and we were both apprehensive and a little nervous about what the outcome would be. The booking was super simple, and I even got a phone call...
Caitlin Woodsford

My boyfriend and I had Andrea Z in yesterday, and let me tell you - she did the most amazing job! Walking into our condo, it was cleaner than the day we moved in! Andrea was extremely pleasant, got along great with our cats, and even left us a reply to our note! Would definitely recommend this service :)

Swarnika R.
Andrea Z cleaned my house today. Excellent service, amazing cleaning. The service was on time.
Swarnika R.
Andrea Z cleaned my house today. She arrived on time, and the service was excellent.
Dan Labelle
M4C is by far the best cleaning service I've used in Toronto. Lusiana did an excellent job both times she cleaned my unit. I highly recommend giving them a try!
Dan L.
After trying 4 other cleaning services and being underwhelmed, I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised with the service from M4C. Lusiana has cleaned my unit 2x and each time did a great job. Highly recommend using this...
Adam K.
This was my second apartment cleaning with MAID4CONDOS and Andrea was great. Pantry was neatly organized, stainless sink and appliances looked brand new and the bathroom was flawless. I'll definitely hire her again.
Jordan K.
M4C is the best cleaning service we've used in the city. The rates are reasonable and the staff they send are professional and do a thorough job. Fiorella, our cleaning professional, is fantastic. Highly recommended.
Jordan Knoll
We've been using M4C since the summer and love the service. Fiorella, our cleaning professional, is fantastic and always does a thorough cleaning of our condo.
Emily Agard
had my first appointment today with maid4condos and I was very happy with the service. Luisana did an excellent job. I'd have her back and recommend her to others.
Emily A.
I had my first appointment today with maid4condos and I was very happy with the service. Luisana did an excellent job. I'd have her back and recommend her to others.
Emily Agard

I had my first appointment today with maid4condos and I was very happy with the service. Luisana did an excellent job. I'd have her back and recommend her to others.

Nicolette L.
I have been using Maid4Condos for 8 months and I can say that week after week they surprise me. This week Andrea serviced my apartment and the small little details of how she folds the towels, arranged the bits and...
Nicole B.
Had a very positive experience with Andrea Z. Hoping to continue this on a monthly basis :)
Nicole Borland
Had a very positive experience with Andrea Z. The place was spotless!
Samantha Wan
Fabiana is the best! She is so sweet and does an amazing job. The pricing is reasonable and a job done well. There is a two hour time window that is a bit large for when the person will arrive...
Hrishi Tiwari
Fiorella did a great job of cleaning the apartment. All the dishes were cleaned too, which is not something I have seen in other maid services.
Noah Mintz
Luisana was amazing. My floors have never looked better. I'll be booking again soon. It was so easy to book.
Guy Yarkoni
Just had my first cleaning with them. Fiorella was great and very polite. Went for a basic clean and it was good! You can book and pay for cleaning on their website!
Eva Chen
It took me a while to find a reliable cleaning company for our Air bnbs and I'm glad to have stumbled upon Maid4Condos. I have already used the service multiple times and the best part is that they bring their...
Richard/Antonia Reive
I booked Maid4Condos at the end of September because I had company for the weekend and didn’t have time to clean my condo. It was so easy to do! Just booked them online and left the key with my concierge....
Taylor Bateman
Did such an amazing job, honestly. Really impressed with the service and price and my condo looks F***ing brilliant.
Marie-Pier Leger
Awesome company! There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing your house look and smell so great. Maid4condos always do a terrific job and I am more than satisfied with their level of service and professionalism. I would...
Paul T.
Aaaaamazing !!!I truly was impressed with the cleaning job done by maid pro.They dont mind a little bit of dirt.I diddnt know that my kitchen floor is white until maid pro scrubbed it for me.I just came out of surgery...
Marie-Pier L.
Awesome company! There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing your house look and smell so great. Maid4condos always do a terrific job and I am more than satisfied with their level of service and professionalism. I would...
Carole C.
I absolutely love Maid4Condos and Swaara (the owner). I have 3 full time Airbnb's and until i found them I was doing all the cleaning myself because I couldn't trust or afford another cleaning service to be affordable and reliable....
The cleaning staff is very thorough and pleasant! The management staff is very helpful and responsive!
Christina S.
I have been a client with Maid4Condos and its founder for over 6 years. They have been extremely accommodating in matching us with cleaning staff to suit our needs and location (townhouse in Liberty Village, townhouse in Bloor West, and...
Christina H.
I have been using Maid4Condos for the past few months and the service is great. The cleaners are very respectful and put a lot of effort into cleaning so that even the little details are done. They are very flexible...
Jakie R.
I was able to book Maid4Condos online and leave the keys with my concierge. This was super convenient and easy for me.My place was thoroughly cleaned and smelled great and fresh afterwards. Dishwasher was loaded, some dishes were washed, trash...
Eva C.
I have been using the company for about 2 weeks. They have been excellent in accommodating last minute requests. The staff does a great job. Like a previous customer mentioned here, the two hour window is a big gap when...
Samantha W.
Service is flexible which is good as I have a schedule that can be all over the place. The cleaning job done by Luisana was great. Friendly and thorough. My only thing with this company is the cleaners may arrive...
Le J.
I have been using this company for both my rental and house and so far I am very pleased with their services. On many occasions they have been able to accommodate requests in a very short period of time, wich...
Yurina L.
I am pretty happy with the cleaning service provided by Maid4Condos. The first clean we had was basic plus and that was really well done. We now get basic clean biweekly. Are they perfect in their cleaning? No, not with...
Hans Wang

First time using Maid4Condos and the service was great. I like the fact it's not hourly based but on a checklist of tasks. I would recommend to show more clearly the different tasks between Basic and Basic+.

Catherine Matolcsy

This was my first time using Maid4Condos, the service was great and my apartment is sparking - I don't think my oven has even been this clean, even when I moved in. Heidi and Fiorella were very nice, only challenge was some miscommunication with what to do when they were finished cleaning, but overall a great experience - would definitely, and have, recommended to friends!

Jaclyne Reive

I used this service for the first time last month. I love the fact that you can book and pay online! My condo was thoroughly cleaned and straightened up while I was at work. Even the hard to reach areas were spotless. I came home to a clean, fresh smelling place!

Taylor Bateman

Honestly, so so so impressed. First time using Maid4Condos and they really made my condo look like no one had lived here, and that is saying something...! (I'm a slob, have pets, and I'm a guy who is terrible at cleaning, it's a little embarrassing.)

Thank you for all the hard work, it is extremely appreciated, and I'm so grateful. Best experience I've ever had with a cleaning service and the price is so reasonable. I'm looking forward to future regular cleanings and not having to stress about the mess ever again. THANK YOU.

Bonnie Tsui

We are extremely satisfied with our bi-weekly service that leaves our apartment truly sparkling clean. It's lovely to return from work after a long day to a spotless home. Thank you so much Fiorella Pistillo (from Venezuela)!

Bridget Irvin
We wanted to hire a biweekley cleaning service and did a large amount of research before deciding to bring Maids4condos in to service our unit. We had them do a deep clean the first time just to make sure all...
Bryan L.
Great service! Always on time and accommodating to my schedule. Detailed cleaning every time with attention to detail. A 2 hour job for my place is perfect value.
Sally Ferguson
I have used this cleaning service over the past year and am very impressed with the competence and reliability. With little formal direction, we achieved an acceptable understanding of what needed to be done. Now little more is required than...
Elizabeth Rogers

Maria did a great job cleaning our place. She was very thorough. I highly recommend her for your next cleaning.

Barbara Janicek

I booked Maid4Condos at the very last minute for a weekend cleaning, and they were able to make it work. They showed up on time and did just an excellent job of cleaning my condo, everything was fresh smelling and spotless. Thank you for your great work, I'll be back for sure!

Meagan Tanner

I searched for awhile to find someone to help with my 2 bdrm condo. After reading the great reviews on Maid 4 Condos online I decided to give them a call. Swaara and Belem have both been amazing and I have now scheduled regular service. Swaara is very quick to reply (by text) if I have any questions and it's so nice to come home to a spotless condo!

Amy G.
I have been using Maid4Condos on an occasional basis for the past four years, and recently committed to getting cleaning done by them on a bi-weekly basis. They are very responsive, and their rates are reasonable. I also really appreciate...
Lisa M.

I have been using Maid4Condo's for over 2 years now. I was one of their first customers in my downtown Toronto Condo and was impressed from the very beginning and am happy to see them grow and succeed. Through this growth the level of service has remained fantastic. They are always reliable, the cleaning is thorough, the staff are friendly and accommodate scheduling requests very quickly. Their pricing is also very reasonable for downtown Toronto. I would recommend them to any busy professional needing either a weekly cleaning, or a large job.

Darlene R.
If you run an Airbnb you must have their contact! Reliable great cleaning and wonderful results. I'm happy with my service and will be a continuing user.
Drew B.
Maid4Condos is truly the best cleaning service offered in the GTA! I had been looking for a reliable and reasonably priced cleaning service for a while & was lucky enough to stumble across Maid4Condos. After a couple bad experiences with...
Den R.
Tremendous professionalism and skill. We've been using these services for a fee months now, and been left fully satisfied with th level of service.
Aude C.
It was the first time i used this kind of services and i have no regret. It was very clean. I had an appointment very quicky I definitely recommend Maid4condos
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