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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean and Fresh Like a Pro

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean and Fresh Like a Pro
July 27, 2020

A clean home is a safe and happy home. When was the last time you cleaned, and not just the occasional pass over the kitchen counter, or a light dusting of shelves and tables? Many of us are probably guilty of this and can think of a friend or colleague who knows a thing or two about keeping their living spaces immaculate and refreshing 24/7.

How to keep your home clean and fresh?

Their secret? They don’t just clean frantically before you come over for dinner, or tire themselves out over the weekend to scrub and buff the floors. Instead, they follow the cardinal rule of home cleaning: keeping it simple and manageable every day, as they move around their homes to eat, lounge on the couch, and go to bed. Here’s how they do it:

Always Make the Bed

What’s the point of making the bed when you’re already running late in the morning after hitting snooze, and coming home to crash on it anyway? That’s a question many of us ask, but the truth is that a clean, well-made bed can do wonders for catching those much-needed zzz’s, and brightening up your bedroom. Since the bed is the focal point of bedrooms—and the most personal space—making it every day after you get up can instantly make the room cleaner.

Clean Up After Eating

Dirty dishes are the leading cause of sticky surfaces, lingering crumbs, and even pests and bugs inside your home, all because food scraps are attractive. And the more they pile up, the tougher it is to clean them and make room in the kitchen to try new recipes your friends are raving about.

Did you cook up a storm? Here’s a pro tip from professional cleaners to prevent the mess from getting out of hand: clean pots, pans, ladles, chopping boards, and other cooking ware as you go, so you only have the dishes and serving platters to worry about after dinner. Make sure to wipe down the counter and stove after use to clean up spills and crumbs and prevent them from turning into a sticky, icky mess.

Stay on Top of Laundry

Are you running out of clean clothes? Home cleaners recommend sticking to a laundry schedule to prevent dirty clothes from piling up and taking forever to finish washing. Depending on how often you cycle through clothes, you can wash them once a week, or set specific days to do one load each of whites, coloured clothing, and delicates.

Clean the Washroom

When was the last time you scrubbed the toilet or the tub and shower walls to remove grime from soap? Many of us dread cleaning the washroom because it’s tedious, and it produces a lot of waste. But what if we told you that cleaning the washroom doesn’t have to be such a chore?

Rather than waiting until the washroom is filthy, make it a habit to wipe down the sink, counter, and mirror, and rinse the walls after every shower to prevent soap gunk and grime from building up.

Clean as You Go

These days, a lot of us are lounging on the couch 24/7, and without having people over, it’s easy to forget to fluff and straighten throw pillows, or stashing away small trinkets, books, and other items littered around the room. But undoing this habit and cleaning up when you do get off the couch can do wonders in keeping your home clean and spotless.

Set a Long-Term Cleaning Checklist

Ready to tackle the bigger tasks you’ve been putting off? A busy weekend of cleaning can be overwhelming, and not everyone is up for it. To make it easier, think of it in smaller chunks.

What’s something you’ve been meaning to do to clean your home? Maybe it’s getting rid of junk in the garage, or clearing old clothes from your closet. Whatever it is, schedule one task a day or weekend to get through, so you can restore your home’s warmth and comfort one major clean at a time.

Hire Home Cleaning Services

When was the last time you truly deep cleaned your home? Many of us can follow these tips above, do some light dusting every week, and still notice some stubborn stains and grime sticking around. To complement your regular cleaning, you may want to book home cleaning services once in a while to take care of the big stuff, like stains and built-up dirt.

Professional home cleaners use a range of cleaning supplies to keep your home clean and healthy for longer, and make putting away the dishes or keeping away littered items easier as you move about.

Depending on your schedule and the size of your living space, you may opt for a weekly or monthly home cleaning to thoroughly disinfect your surroundings. To achieve this, home cleaners may add-on GermBlasters, a powerful and odourless disinfectant that can be sprayed on hard-to-reach areas and kill disease-causing germs and bacteria nesting in your home. The GermBlasters cleaning method is 100% safe across a range of surfaces, and won’t contaminate food, despite killing common food prep bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and listeria. With GermBusters, you can trust these home cleaning services to keep your living space safe 24/7.

Do you need help in restoring your living space to its perfect warmth and comforting atmosphere? Learn how professional home cleaning services help you achieve this. Call Maid4Condos at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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