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Your Guide to Living Room Cleaning

Your Guide to Living Room Cleaning
November 9, 2020

Cleaning your living room is a pain, but it is a must if you want to maintain a Zen-like calm at home. Mess and even slight untidiness can dampen your mood. With a clean living room, you can enjoy your home and feel less stressed. 

Your Guide to Living Room Cleaning

Disorder and clutter in the home create disorder and clutter in your mind, making it difficult to concentrate or relax. However, with these living room cleaningtips, you can create a neat and tidy environment that keeps you happier. You will also find it easier to maintain the clean then once you get the intense clean out of the way!

What You’ll Need to Clean Your Living Room

Make sure you have the tools of the trade to make the job easier, including:

  • Dust mop 
  • Step-ladder to reach high places
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Small bucket 
  • Sponge
  • Vacuum preferably with attachments
  • Gentle cleanser products
  • Linen deodorizer
  • Furniture polish (optional)
  • Glass cleaner

Quickly Tidy

Clear up all the clutter, such as dirty dishes and coffee mugs, magazines, and paperwork to neaten things up. That leaves your surfaces clean, so you can start dusting.


Dust starts with the ceiling and makes its way down. Use a broom to reach cobwebs along the ceiling line, and don’t forget those high up vents. Make your way down to the baseboards, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes. You also want to lightly dust pictures hanging on the wall, knick-knack shelves, and all surfaces. Don’t forget light fixtures and ceiling fans. Remove books from shelves to get all the dust cleared.

Clean Glass

Glass furniture is popular in condos, and it can start to look dirty fast. Use a glass cleaner to remove dirt and dust for a sparkling clean you will appreciate.

Drapes and Blinds

These décor features are usually overlooked in the cleaning process. Most ready to hang drapes can be washed at home. Check tags and follow the instructions. If they need dry cleaning, take them down and give them a good shake to remove dust. Then decide if they look dirty or can be rehung. Use a rag to dust each slat of your blinds.


Vacuum every floor surface, including under the couch. If you have attachments put them to good use; vacuum the sofa and chairs, and remove the cushions to get all the crumbs that have fallen in the crevices. You can also use attachments to clean light shades and drapes.

Wash Floors

If you have hard surface floors, use a wet mop to do a once over and remove any dirt left behind after the vacuum. Just make sure you use a product that is not going to damage wood floors or laminate.

Shake-Out the Door Mat

Doormats are magnets for dirt. Shake them off, or give them a thorough vacuuming to get all the dirt and dust out of them. Be sure if you shake them out, you don’t do it on the balcony or inside your unit. You should take them downstairs and outside, so you don’t disturb your neighbours or send dust flying in your condo.

Flip Cushions

If your couch or chairs have removable cushions, always flip them when you clean. This helps keep wear and tear even and makes everything last longer.

Make it Fun

Turn on your favourite TV show, listen to music, choose an audiobook, or listen to a podcast while you clean. This makes it less tedious and allows you to multitask.

Clean Pet Areas

If you have a cat or dog, chances are they have a favourite spot in the living room where they like to chill. Give this area extra attention, vacuuming down their cushions or bed to get up pet dander, fur, and hair.

Freshen Soft Surfaces

Linen deodorizers work wonders to keep your home fresh. Use them on your furnishings as well as area rugs to help keep things odour free. Just make sure you do a test spray on a less noticeable area just in case the spray might cause discolouring.

Clean Windows

Cleaning windows, even just from the inside, can make a world of difference. They look less streaky, have less glare and let more natural light into your condo. Use a glass cleaner and a paper towel or newspaper for a streak-free sparkle.

Polish Wood Furniture

Give your wood furniture some TLC with lemon-scented wood furniture polish. Since condos can be dry, this can help avoid cracking.


As you clean, look for opportunities to declutter. Do you need those old magazines? Is there anything you haven’t used that seems to always be in the way? The less stuff you have, the easier it is to keep your home clean.

Leverage Storage

Look for places to stash things away to keep the area tidy. For example, do you have drawers in your side tables, a desk or your coffee table with enough space for more stuff? Do you have shelves with space for some baskets to store away pet or kid toys, books, magazines, etc.? Every little thing you keep out of sight makes your living room look neater and reduces clutter.

Cool Storage Ideas

Some ideas to help reduce clutter include:

  • Buy a bike hook and hang your bike in a corner from the ceiling.
  • Take advantage of the couch and store flat boxes beneath for magazines, paperwork, devices, etc.
  • Buy coffee and side tables with drawers.
  • Look for corner shelves to optimize space for things like books.
  • Use ties to keep home entertainment wires and plugs neat and out of the way.
  • Use baskets for everything!
  • See if you can store stuff behind your curtains.
  • Invest in some hanging door storage or wall hooks if your living room is right at your entry.
  • Take advantage of every inch by choosing shelving units with less width and optimum height.

The better your storage, the more organized you stay. That makes for a much more relaxing living space. 

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