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10 Reasons Why You Need to Get Professional Move Out Cleaning

10 Reasons Why You Need to Get Professional Move Out Cleaning
April 26, 2021

Whether you are moving in or out of a home, you want to know that it will be spic and span clean. First of all, often when moving out, a professional clean is part of the terms and conditions of leases and offers. Second, if you are moving into a home, you really have no idea of how clean the former owners or tenants left the place. Professional move out cleaning tackles both scenarios beautifully. Here are 10 reasons you need to get a professional move out cleaning:

10 reasons why you need to get professional move out cleaning

1. It’s the right thing to do

When moving out, simply put, it’s just the right thing to do. You wouldn’t want to move into a home that wasn’t clean, so using the whole “do unto others” idea here will make you feel better about yourself. Also, even if you never see the people moving in, it will feel horrible knowing they think you were disorganized and inconsiderate because you left a mess behind. It’s all about karma.

2. You’ll feel better

When moving in, you’ll feel better knowing you have that move out cleaning freshness; this means you can settle in comfortably. Every corner of the home will be scrubbed and sanitized so you can feel confident preparing food in the kitchen, or taking a shower without encountering germs.

3. You can’t do it yourself

Even if you are cleaning obsessed (like Monica Green-level obsessed on Friends), you just can’t get the same quality of clean as one from a professional service. Also, you might not have time, even if you have every intention of cleaning yourself. Moving is a big job with packing and hiring movers, or renting a van. What if you run out of time? Your best bet is to hire the pros so you can worry about other things.

4. Stress free

Both from a move in and move out position, hiring professional cleaning services is stress free. You have the team come in either after you move out or just before you move in, and it’s one less thing to worry about on moving day.

5. It’s more efficient

Professional cleaners have the process down pat. They send in a team of trained employees who have a checklist they use to complete the job quickly and efficiently. They have the tools they need in hand with the safe cleaning products to tackle all messes so you can be confident the job is done to meet even the most discerning resident’s expectations.

6. Sell your home faster

It makes even more sense to arrange for a move out cleaning when you put your home up for sale. This way, everything is presented in the best possible light. Floors shine, grout is pristine, kitchen grime is completely removed, old worn out carpeting is steam cleaned to look new again, and windows and appliances sparkle. Your home will never look as good, and buyers will see it. A thorough cleaning also makes your home feel fresh.

7. Nothing is missed

As mentioned, your cleaning company uses a checklist, so nothing gets missed. You don’t want to receive phone calls with complaints once you’ve moved out. This can even lead to additional costs if your landlord or new owners decide you didn’t comply with terms. A professional cleaning company will do the job right the first time, so you never have to worry about it. Your cleaning will include:

  • General cleaning. This includes every room in the home, including hallways. It is the best overall cleaning you’ll ever see with every surface addressed to remove dust and dirt, vacuuming and all the buildup of grime and germs in the bathroom, including and especially the sinks, toilets, and tubs. These are all the key areas people worry about when moving into a new home.
  • Kitchen. The kitchen needs its own level of cleaning, including wiping down and removing stains from all the surfaces such as backsplashes, counters, cupboards, and floors. Things that tend to build up grease and grime will receive special attention, so everything looks as clean as possible. Inside the cupboard shelves are also cleaned to remove particles of food and other debris so people feel safe storing all their dishes and other items. Floors will receive a thorough cleaning all the way up to the baseboards, and walls are also wiped down with the proper cleaners to attack bacteria and grime.
  • Windows. Smudgy windows are a real turn off and interfere with sunlight filtering into the home. While the old joke is that cleaning companies don’t do windows, this is a must when it comes to your move out cleaning services.
  • Appliances. Dirty appliances really raise the ick factor when someone moves into a new home. A thorough cleaning of appliances both inside and out keeps them user ready while also making them shine. This should include not only fridges and stoves, but also microwaves and hood fans over the oven. All of these items can be extremely difficult to clean and need special attention to ensure the surfaces are hygienic for the new residents.

8. Smoke smell

Smoke from tobacco and marijuana can last forever in a home if not properly cleaned. A professional move out clean wipes down all surfaces that smoke odours tend to cling to. This includes walls, floors, and especially carpeting.

9. Pet mess

Another thing that contributes to odours is past pet messes. This also leaves unsightly stains that might have been hidden by area rugs and furniture. A thorough cleaning will tackle stains and past pet messes to help reduce odours and provide a cleaner appearance to the home.

10. Hidden messes

As mentioned above, once furniture and areas rugs are packed up and moved out, suddenly all the hidden messes you didn’t know were there become obvious. Move out cleanings are done when the home is completely empty, so every little detail is addressed.

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