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Smelly Pets? 11 Ways to Deodorize Your Home

Smelly Pets? 11 Ways to Deodorize Your Home
January 25, 2021

You love your pet, but not their smell. Pets make perfect companions. They don’t talk back and are often up for some affection when you could use some cuddles.  However, they also can make your home smell less than fresh. 

Smelly Pets? 11 Ways to Deodorize Your Home

You might not even notice the smell because you become accustomed to it over time. If you have a dog or cat, chances are you also have odours. Use these tips from our home cleaning services experts to deodorize your home and keep things smelling fresh.

1. Use a doggy blanket

Most dogs find a favourite spot to hunker down and nap. Unfortunately, this is the spot most likely to contribute to pet odours. Your dog leaves behind pet oils and fur wherever they lie. If your dog is a little stinky, that stink is also left behind. Dog odours cling to soft surfaces like crazy, including your furniture. So, if you spot the areas your chum likes to chill, these are the spots you should cover with a doggy blanket. You can then throw the blankets or towels in the laundry often to keep the smells down to a minimum.

2. Use a doggy bed

Another option is to use a doggy bed. This helps provide a safe, comfy spot for your dog, so they are less likely to jump up on furniture or your bed. Most come with removable covers so you can wash them often.

3. Use fabric sprays

Just like in the commercials, a good spritz of fabric spray on carpets and other soft surfaces frequented by your four legged pal can make a difference. Because dogs can be sensitive to some chemicals, you can also consider creating your own natural spray using essential oils. 

A good choice is lavender as it smells delightful and is also pet friendly. You can add five drops of lavender oil to 1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle and then give it a shake before spraying it. Use this on your doggy blankets and bed, but be careful if you want to use it on other things like your couch, as it might stain. Test a small area first before you use it.

4. Shampoo carpets

Stink clings to carpets like white on rice, so you need to shampoo your carpets often. A professional carpet cleaner is better than renting a rug cleaner from a store as you can end up with a machine that doesn’t work so well, and your carpets end up soaked.

5. Doggy spa days

While some dog breeds smell more than others, the odours mostly come from dog oils. Therefore if you don’t clean your dog often enough, they are going to smell. As mentioned, each breed is different, so coat care varies from dog to dog. 

Start with a doggy spa day with a trusted dog groomer salon and get a good base clean to keep smells at bay. The salon can then offer tips to keep your dog clean based on their coat. You can then stick to their recommendations, throwing in a few spa days in here and there as well for a fresher smelling doggy. Keep some dog grooming wipes on hand for particularly wet or muddy days to help keep your buddy clean. 

6. Lint rollers

Because dog oils cling to their hair and fur, using a lint roller to remove hair often can also help reduce odours. Do the same with things like sofa cushions and their doggy bed and blanket, so smells are removed.

7. Vacuum

Vacuuming at least once a week also keeps the amount of odour, causing hair to a minimum. This is especially important if you have wall to wall carpets. Make sure you empty the canister or change the vacuum bag often as well. HEPA filter vacuums work best, but they tend to be more expensive.

8. Attend to accidents immediately

As soon as your pet has an accident, clean it up right away. If your pet is prone to messes, always do a quick check around the house for the areas they tend to target so you can clean it up before the stain and odours set in. Using an enzymatic cleaner works best to break down stains and remove smells. Keep a pet stain remover on hand to make the job easier.

9. Simmer yummy spices

We’ve mentioned the spritzer idea to help combat odours. However, if you’re expecting guests or just want to make your home smell nicer, you can simmer a pot of water and your favourite spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice gently for an hour or so to help bring a pleasant smell into the home. 

Simmering citrus fruit slices like lemon and orange also smell great when combined with cloves. You can also choose non-toxic natural scented candles such as eucalyptus and lavender. Both of these stink busting tips require monitoring to avoid fire hazards!  

10. Cat Odours

We don’t want to specifically just call dogs out as little stinkers. Cats create their own fair share of smells as well. In most cases, this results from cat urine that smells very strong and can be overpowering if you don’t clean their litter or pee stains properly. The uric acid in cat urine makes it potent, and it lasts not only on soft surfaces but even on wood. The only way to attack this smelly pee is to use an enzyme cleaner. 

While other cleaners might work for the moment, this potent pee can recrystallize due to humidity. The enzyme cleaner breaks down the uric acid creating a gas that evaporates as the cleaner dries. Of course, keeping their kitty litter fresh is the number one way to combat cat pee smells. 

11. Cleaning cat pee

When you find a cat pee stain, use these tips to clean it up and get those odours:

  • Blot up the urine using an old towel.
  • Spread some vinegar over the stain.
  • Apply the enzyme cleaner to the stain and let it do its thing while it dries. This can take several hours.
  • Cover the area with a basket, so your kitty is not tempted to return to the scene of the crime.
  • Open the windows, or if the room has a fan, use it to keep the airflow moving to help remove odour residues in the air.
  • DO NOT use a steam cleaner on fresh cat urine as this can make the odours set into the carpet faster, and it will be harder to get the smell away.

If your cat is not one for making messes, consider taking them to the vet, as accidents can indicate health issues. 

These tips are sure to keep your four-legged related stinks to a minimum. If cleaning isn’t your thing, hiring Maid 4 Condos home cleaning services can reduce pet-related odours without you lifting a finger. Include our GermBlasters disinfecting spray as an add-on to your cleaning service for the most effective method in preventing germs and bacteria from spreading in your home.

To learn more about how to deodorize your home from your smelly pets, call Maid4Condos at (647) 822-0601 or contact us here.

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