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Frequency Cleaning Services

Maid4Condos provides the best home cleaning service in Toronto — that is tough on dirt and easy on your wallet!


Your home is your place to relax after a long day, so trust your regular cleaning to us. Why feel guilty about having a little downtime? Maid4Condos provides the ideal service for busy people that would rather trust their home and condo cleaning to the professionals. Once we’re done, you can expect a home that looks organized and ready for company!


Dust, dirt, and grime accumulate in your home over time that regular tidying won’t pick up. A professional household cleaning team will tackle the job in no time and come prepared with the all the biodegradable products needed.


Our team will clean your home top to bottom and have your home looking like new. Not only will your home look great, but also an investment in your health. Scheduling regular cleanings keeps you and your family healthy by ensuring your home is free of bacteria and allergens.


Did you know regularly cleaning your home can also save you money? Over time, dust, food particles, and dirt accumulates in your appliances.


Maid4Condos offers frequency cleaning so you always have your home looking its best. And if you’re busy, our team is flexible and able to work around your schedule.



Frequency cleaning available:


Weekly home cleaning service


Bi-weekly cleaning service


Monthly cleaning service



If you prefer customized occasional visits, Maid4Condos is happy to cater to your needs! Have a closer look at the deep cleaning service or the moving in or moving out cleaning package.


The more frequently you schedule our cleaning service, the less it will cost you per visit.  Notwithstanding the frequency of visits (unless you require specific products due to health-related issues or allergies), Maid4Condos will come prepared with the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to freshen up your home.


A routine cleaning of your home is not only more cost-effective, but you’re sure to have a clean home even when you get behind on your chores. When you receive a deep clean, you will get one of the best cleanings you’ve ever seen!


Our service is customizable so you always receive exactly the level of cleaning you expect. Regardless of the service you choose, our team will clean your home or condo thoroughly by following our comprehensive 30+ point checklist:



Cleaning Checklist



  • Bathtub and shower enclosure
  • Inside, out, and behind toilet
  • Lights, mirrors, sink, and countertops
  • Vacuum ceiling fan cover
  • Light switches and door knobs
  • Empty garbage bin
  • Vacuum/mop floors



  • Make beds
  • Tidy any clothing
  • Dust counters, table tops, and picture frames
  • Clean mirrors and polish ornaments
  • Wipe switches and door knobs
  • vacuum/mop floors



  • If dishwasher is empty, start new load
  • If dishwasher is full, put away clean dishes
  • Inside microwave
  • Stove top
  • Polish front of fridge
  • Backsplash, countertops, cupboard fronts
  • Sink
  • Wipe light switches and door knobs
  • Replace garbage and recycling liners
  • Vacuum/mop floors


Living/Dining Room

  • General tidying
  • Tidy sofa seating
  • Table tops, picture frames, and window ledges
  • Clean mirrors and polish ornaments
  • Wipe telephones, switches, and door knobs
  • Vacuum/mop floors


Laundry Room

  • Clear air vent
  • Clear lint trap



  • Sweep floors
  • Wipe railings
  • Clean accessible windows



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Maid4Condos provides top-quality service at a price you will like and a leader in the cleaning industry thanks to our many years of experience. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to book an appointment, we would love to hear from you. Call Maid4Condos today at 647.822.0601 or contact us here.