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Why You Should Choose a Professional Cleaning Company For Your Rental Property

Why You Should Choose a Professional Cleaning Company For Your Rental Property
April 25, 2023

Managing rental properties is a time-consuming job requiring a team of professionals to keep things running smoothly. You have a responsibility to maintain the building to meet the needs of your tenants, whether it is a three-story “walk-up” or a high-rise building with over 100 units. 

Why you should choose a professional cleaning company for your rental property

Building a relationship with a professional cleaning company can help streamline cleaning processes and maintain a high standard of cleanliness to attract and retain tenants. Cleaning companies make your job easier, taking over the daunting task of cleaning all apartment units as tenants come and go. 

Here we look at the benefits of cleaning companies and why you should use one to help manage one, especially during the busy apartment turnover process at month’s end. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring Cleaning Companies for Rental Properties?

The more units you manage, the more difficult it becomes to keep your property presentable. There are several benefits to working with a cleaning company to help maintain your property, including:

Reduced Tenant Complaints

Clean apartments provide the living standards all tenants deserve. When you keep the units in your building well-maintained, tenants are kept happy, which helps to reduce complaints. 

You can also do a better job because you’re not dodging bullets from angry tenants who expect their units to feel safe and sanitary.

Attract Tenants

First impressions matter when prospective tenants arrive at an apartment or condo they hope to call home. Part of your job is to ensure the unit makes an excellent first impression to attract tenants. 

Tenants are also more likely to stay longer if satisfied with the building and feel confident you are meeting their needs. Professional cleaners provide superior move-in/move-out cleaning services, so tenants are always happy with their new homes. 

There are no delays on moving day because your move-out cleanings are prearranged with your professional cleaning partners. Your team has time to do a quick inspection feeling confident the cleaning will be up to snuff. 

The work involved in the move-in/move-out cleaning process is challenging to manage when you are dealing with multiple moves each month. Working with a cleaning partner specializing in the apartment turnover process helps streamline move-out cleanings, so property management and superintendent aren’t forced to manage these cleanings alone. 

Hiring a specialist is essential as they provide a deep cleaning that sanitizes the entire space from top to bottom and room to room, including the bathrooms and kitchen area. As a result, tenants feel safe and comfortable in their new home. 

Higher Tenant Retention

High tenant turnover costs property owners money. The more empty units you have, the less rent is collected and the less income the property generates. As a property manager, your job is to ensure that the property retains its value and that tenants are happy. 

Cleaners provide first-class move-in cleaning services so the unit meets tenant expectations. Your tenants will never feel they made a mistake signing their lease. 

An excellent first impression from day one helps set the tone for the relationship, improving tenant retention.

Improved Property Management

When you no longer worry about apartment turnover cleaning, you can focus on higher-value tasks. As a result, the property has improved levels of property management with increased efficiency. 

You can manage tenants effectively and reduce operational costs through your new efficiencies. You can enhance property management productivity, including:

  • Ease of use to arranging for cleanings with a cleaning company on board
  • Improved optics for corporate social responsibility
  • Simplified, affordable true billing and invoicing
  • Time and cost savings through monthly volume discounts
  • Master class trained and certified cleaners with a proven move-out cleaning technique

Your cleaning partners “own” the apartment turnover process. As a result, your team is free of cleaning tasks and related administrative tasks, such as:

  • Managing cleaning teams
  • Coordinating work orders for move-out cleaning
  • Ensuring every apartment is move-in ready by the first of each month, aka – moving day 

Safe, Hygienic Cleaning

Professional cleaners follow industry best practices to maintain a consistent, high level of cleanliness to meet the expectations of tenants and property owners. They help keep your building safe and hygienic, removing bacteria and germs that make people ill. Not only are tenants healthier, but you also reduce sick days for your property management team.

Condo cleaners specifically specialize in condo unit cleaning, including rental units, making indvidual owners’ lives easier as landlords. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the unit yourself and can rest assured that your new tenants won’t call with complaints because the unit is not up to their standards.

Demonstrate Your Competence

A building with clean, welcoming units reflects well on you, and everyone involved in the management of the buility. Whether you’re an owner or property manager, your ability to delegate and call in the pros to manage tasks effectively speaks to your understanding of your role. 

As mentioned above, you also free up more time to focus on critical tasks, making you more strategic, saving time and money. Whether you work directly for the building owner or with a property management company, the ability to deliver top-notch service helps you maintain a reputation of excellence. 

What to Look for in Rental Property Cleaning Companies

Before committing to a cleaning service, you want to ensure they offer the following:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: This is a must as it shows the company stands behind its work.
  • Experience: A company that has only been operating for a few years will need more expertise to manage the cleaning needs of a large rental property.
  • Customization: No two properties are alike, and customization ensures you meet the specifics of your building’s needs.
  • Timely and Flexible Service: Your cleaners should accommodate your schedule with flexible availability.
  • Training Process: Professional cleaning services have a robust training process that ensures each cleaner that enters your building is master class trained and certified.
  • Supervision: Ask how cleaning crews are supervised, and if so, how. Supervision improves quality control and reduces the risk of poor quality.  
  • Insurance: Your professional cleaning company should be fully insured with at least $5,000,000 in liability.
  • Cleaning Staff: All staff should be bonded, covered by WSIB, and undergo a thorough background check.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods: Today, tenants worry more about the environment and their health. Your cleaners should use professional-grade, biodegradable products free of harsh chemicals that are safe for the environment.
  • Excellent Communication and Responsiveness: Your cleaning company should have a contact you deal with, so you can discuss changing needs. They should also be open to feedback and willing to accommodate your needs.

Cleaning companies that meet the requirements of this checklist are sure to provide the level of cleaning you expect. In addition, hiring a professional cleaning company reflects well on the building and your ability to do your job.

Looking for a professional cleaning company?

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