Tricks to Prevent a Soggy Doggy - Residential Cleaning Tip

Tricks to Prevent a Soggy Doggy

Tricks to Prevent a Soggy Doggy
November 16, 2017

Tricks to Prevent a Soggy Doggy – Residential Cleaning Tip


Your dog hates going out in the rain as much as you hate them getting wet- which is why we’re here to provide you with 3 tricks to prevent a soggy doggy! Because, rain isn’t going anywhere- especially not in the months leading up to winter. As humans, we have the luxury of thumbs and a wealth of manufactured gear to protect us from the rain. However, the same can’t be said of our furry friends.


3 Tricks To Prevent A Soggy Doggy! Wet Long Hair Spaniel
3 Tricks To Prevent A Soggy Doggy! Wet Long Hair Spaniel


Don’t you hate when you’re walking, it starts raining, and the drops splash right in your eye? Now try being a dog. Yea, it’s not fun. On the other side of things, cleaning up after a wet dog, and smelling them- is no fun either. Especially if you’re a dog owner in a condo. If you’re sick of cleaning the stink and the mess, read on. Because we’re going to give you some tips that will make both you and your pup happy.


Here’s Our Tricks To Keep Your Puppy Clean



1. Doggy Rain Coats: Yay or Nay?


There’s tons of doggy rain coats online, but are they really worth the effort and money? Though a coat will definitely keep that furry body warm and dry, many don’t shelter the most important thing: their head. Ultimately, your dog cares most about their little head getting wet. Don’t get us wrong, a raincoat is great for helping reduce that fresh, wet dog smell. However, there is still wide debate about their effectiveness, and interesting observations made by a cognitive scientist about why you shouldn’t put a raincoat on your dog.


3 Tricks To Prevent A Soggy Doggy Rain Coat
3 Tricks To Prevent A Soggy Doggy Rain Coat


Enter: The Dog Umbrella. This ingenious device might be the answer to all your rainy day cleaning problems! Why should you be the only on the walk with dry eyes? For under ten dollars, you could own this fabulously simple mechanism that attaches right onto your leash! In the meantime, while you’re waiting for your dog’s new best friend to arrive- hold a large umbrella over your pup as you walk. Yep, rainy days are about to get a lot easier!


2. Soggy Paws


When it comes to soggy paws, you have two options: let them roam free and deal with the cleaning consequences later- or invest in some booties. Letting your dog squelch their way through the walk might seem enticing… it’s natural after all! But it’s going to be a whole lot of work for you after. However, there are always ways to deal. If this sounds like you, it’s time to get some pet wipes. Made by John Paul, these wipes are just the thing to clean those soggy, muddy paws. Pre-moistened and uber gentle, these wipes are made to get into their paws and even wipe down their cute tummy!


3 Tricks To Prevent A Soggy Doggy Paws
3 Tricks To Prevent A Soggy Doggy Paws


If you want to avoid the paw-scenario all together (nature be damned) it’s time to get some booties! And yes, they are just as cute as they sound. If you’ve ever seen a cute pup walking around in balloon-like booties– they’re probably made by Pawz. To be honest, it’s pretty crazy how well these work. With these booties, you and your dog could be on the wettest walk of your life- and still come home with dry paws! That’s right, you could have a completely wet dog yet all paws remain fluffy and dry. And you know what that means…no extra cleaning for you!


3. The Soggy Doggy Smell


You can try to cover your dog from the rain as much as you want- and you’ll probably cover a lot. But there’s no way to get around the wet dog smell! Yet somehow…just as quickly as it came, the smell can go away. However, that going away will take time you might not have. Which is why you should get a cordless hair dryer. In fact, you may already use a hair dryer to quicken up the process, so why go cordless?


3 Tricks To Prevent A Soggy Doggy Fluff Ball
3 Tricks To Prevent A Soggy Doggy Fluff Ball


Well, going cordless means that you can leave it right by your door- drying your dog before bring their unique smell into the rest of your home. Plus, cordless means you don’t have to worry a plug being nearby. Additionally, a cordless dryer is key when your dog tries to run away from the loud and windy, alien machine! Furthermore, if the wet dog smell really bothers you, try getting your aromatherapy on by lighting some incense or a candle when you return from your walk!



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