T.O. Guide: August’s End - Take Advantage Of Last Days Of Summer

T.O. Guide: August’s End

T.O. Guide: August’s End – Take Advantage Of Last Days Of Summer
August 24, 2017

T.O. Guide: August’s End

Save the Best for Last!

T.O. Guide: August’s End - Toronton Skyline

If you thought summer was over, think again! There’s plenty of festivities to keep summer fun going in T.O ‘till labour day! Take advantage of all the things that are happening this August and keep the good vibes going. Let us guide to towards some of the best events T.O. has to offer this August’s end. Don’t forget to mark them in your calendar. You wouldn’t want to miss the CNE, Toronto Cider Festival or the Coconut Festival would you? Check out the bottom of the page for some links that will help you on your mission of appreciating August!


T.O. Guide – Aug 26th: For the Love of Beer, or Coconuts?

August 26, 2017 poses a tough decision for the people of Toronto. Believe it or not, the Toronto Cider Festival and Canada’s 4th Annual Coconut Festival fall on the exact same day. But that’s okay! if you’re determined to attend both both you could hit up one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They’re only ten-minutes apart and open all day long.

1. The Toronto Cider Festival


T.O. Guide: August’s End - Beers from Pexels
T.O. Guide: August’s End – Beers from Pexels


The Toronto Cider Festival is back! Head over to the Sherbourne Common near Sugar Beach to try deliciously brewed Canadian cider in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday! You will feel that summer vibe one last time when you’re sipping one of the 60 varieties of cider at this outdoor festival! You can find a full list of participating ciders here. Hungry? Food vendors like Mustache Burger, Pappas Greek, Smoke’s Poutinerie, Buster’s Sea Cove, Los Vietnamita and Holy Cannoli will be there to sort you out. Hint: try pairing a cider with a yummy creation! Enjoy food and drink while watching a live concert or while participating in a contest or competition. Alternatively, you can opt to chill in some of the quieter areas. Find tickets for the cider festival here. Date: Aug. 26th, 2017

2. The Coconut Festival


T.O. Guide: August’s End - Coconut Butter from Pexels
T.O. Guide: August’s End – Coconut Butter from Pexels


Coconut oil has been all the craze lately, making the market demand for coconuts skyrocket. See what the buzz is about and head over to David Pecaut Square to check out the 4th Annual Coconut Festival in T.O.! Connect with all different kinds of communities and learn about the different recipes and home uses and health benefits of coconut. Indulge in coconut inspired meals from a variety of different cuisines including the Philippines, Caribbean, Thailand and Hawaii! But it’s not all coconuts. There will also be sixty vendors showcasing cleaning, cosmetic, wellness and fashion products from Asia and Pan America. Did I mention that attendance is free? Oh, and the first 500 people through the door get complimentary ‘swag bags’. Date: Aug 26th, 2017

3.CNE “The Canadian National Exhibition”


T.O. Guide: August’s End - Ferris Wheel from Pexels
T.O. Guide: August’s End – Ferris Wheel from Pexels


Like clockwork, the iconic Canadian National Exhibition (a.k.a ‘the Ex’) opened on August 18th at the Exhibition Place and will keep the fun going until September 4th. Scour the pavilions and make your way through all of the eclectic market places and show cases. Craving something deliciously strange? Head over to the famous Food Building, or check out the long anticipated Food Truck Frenzy! Hint: new food trucks include, Beavertails, Delight Bit and Mustache Burger. Want to see a terrific air show or go on a roller coaster? No problem! It’s all there. If you’re prepared to spend a little money and enjoy the energy from large crowds, then you’re bound to have a great time. Read on to out which crazy food items will be back on the menu this year! Date: Aug. 19th – Sept 5th 2017


Back By Popular Demand: Ex Food ‘17!

It’s well known that the Ex is the place to go to try something outrageous. Take a look and see which food items are coming back by popular demand the the Ex 2017. Get your tastebuds ready, it’s going to be a wild ride! For photos of these items, and more check out this link. Do you remember any of these?

T.O. Guide: August’s End - Crazy Burger from Pexels
T.O. Guide: August’s End – Crazy Burger from Pexels


1. The Bug Dog

Yep, you read that right. Haven’t you heard the craze? Insects have protein in them! The Bug Bistro and a handful of other Toronto establishments have taken charge of introducing insects into the Toronto food culture. What’s a Bug Dog you ask? This speciality hot-dog is topped with coleslaw- and crispy mustard crickets! Can you get on board? Check out one brave person’s experience here. Test your stomach and will power in the Food Building!


2. The Big Pickle Dog

Imagine a hotdog encased in the centre of a hollowed out pickle. Imagine that pickle deep fried in corn-dog batter. In case you were wondering, it tastes like a symphony of flavours and textures. Pickle Pete’s can be held responsible for this insanity, and again when you start salivating like a dog. If you’re into salt and crunch, you’ll be into this. Hint: they also have deep-fried cheesecake. Try the amazingness for yourself in the Midway!


3. Fried Pig Ear Sandwich

Vegans, beware! A crispy pig ear is the main item inside a sandwich by the popular CNE eatery Farm to Fryer. This sandwich also includes maple bacon, coleslaw, cheddar cheese- and is topped irresistibly with chipotle. Enjoy a contradiction of crunchy textures and complimentary tastes, brought back by popular demand by the Farm to Fryer. Note: if you don’t enjoy chewing on… ears-  this may not be for you.


4. Philly Steaklair

The impossible has been done, folks! Philthy Philly’s put the question of combining dinner and dessert to rest when they created the Philthy Steaklair! The daring creation  puts steak inside of an éclair bun- and not just any steak, a steak topped with bacon, cheese, whip cream and chocolate. Open your mind and confuse your taste buds. Find this masterpiece inside of the Food Building.


5. Rose Apple Dumpling

Looking for something a little more, normal? One Sweet Mama has got you covered, bringing back their specially baked, dough-wrapped apples just for your sweet tooth! Imagine, vanilla ice cream and butterscotch drizzled over apples wrapped in dough and baked to a golden crisp. Don’t miss out on these tasty delights this year! Indulge in this apple absurdity in the Food Building.


Can You Handle More?

Curious to see what these wacky creations look like? Check out this list that Toronto.com put together of foods that will be at the CNE 2017. Find photos of these mouth-watering foods and more here, before you go. Not what you’re looking for? Check out Blog TO’s August Calendar to see what else is going on! However, if you are looking to have a more relaxing and low-key August, check out our other article “All About August” where we’ll share some ideas!

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