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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Homes for Sale: How Professional Cleaning Can Boost Property Value

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Homes for Sale: How Professional Cleaning Can Boost Property Value
January 29, 2024

You put a lot of effort into listing a home, knowing your clients depend on you to present their homes in the most positive light. Of course, that includes ensuring the residence is spotless. Maid4Condos offers stellar home cleaning services in North York and understands what it means to have an ultimate clean when preparing homes for sale. 

The ultimate guide to preparing homes for sale: How professional cleaning can boost property value

In this article, we will share how professional cleaning can boost property value to attract top dollar for your real estate clients.

Appeal to the Senses

The moment a buyer walks into a home, their senses go into overdrive. They take in the look of the home, perk up their ears if they hear street sounds, and also breathe in the air to detect the slightest odours that can turn them off from wanting to buy the home. This calls for an aggressive approach that appeals to buyer senses, including their sense of smell.

Although the old real estate trick of baking a batch of cookies helps trigger an emotional response, professional home cleaning services in North York ensure every ounce of the home is odour-free. A floor-to-ceiling clean eliminates any trace of debris that contributes to unpleasant, stale, or unclean smells that turn off buyers. That translates into cash in your pocket.

Make a Good First Impression

You know that cleanliness is a big selling feature for home buyers, and when buyers enter a home, you can be sure they’re going to snoop. That includes inspecting kitchen drawers and cupboards, looking up close and personal at the kitchen backsplash, opening appliances, and pulling back shower curtains to make sure everything is clean and sanitary.

Therefore, it’s not enough to bake some cookies and call it a day. The sniff test is always followed by a white glove test, where every surface is inspected to make sure there are no signs of grime, mould, mildew, or debris.

Home cleaning services in North York tackle every surface to pass inspection by the most fussy buyer, keeping your listings in the running when it comes time to make an offer.

Stand Out as the Clean House

You need your listings to stand out from the rest. It helps to be remembered as a clean house, where buyers felt completely at ease knowing the home was sparkling clean, smelled fresh, and was move-in ready.

Allowing your listing to stand out from the rest as a well-maintained home with a fresh, clean scent isn’t a bad thing. You know all too well that there are far worse things to be remembered for! Cleanliness is a very positive identifier.

Open Up Space

A thorough cleaning begins with a complete decluttering. By removing clutter from the home, you open up space and highlight the function of each room. Home cleaning services in North York tackle cluttered spaces, helping to clear out unwanted items, making the most of storage areas, and showcasing the space you have instead of the space you don’t. Once the clutter is removed, the cleaning can begin, ensuring every surface sparkles. 

Your Clean Might Not Be “Buyer Clean”

You might think of yourself as a neat freak, but buyers might not agree. No matter how carefully you clean the home, there are always going to be some buyers who think that little speck of spilled spaghetti sauce on the kitchen cabinet makes the entire house filthy.

With home cleaning services in North York, you can feel confident that when the cleaners leave the home, they’ve met everyone’s cleaning standards, no matter how picky or unreasonable that clean might seem.

Highlight Your Listings’ Best Features

The brand-new backsplash, stunning shower, and beautiful hardwood will lose their appeal if they aren’t clean. It just takes a hint of mould, a few scratches, and a spot of yesterday’s ketchup to turn off a buyer who can’t see past the dirt and focus on a home’s best features.

Dirt makes even the newest features feel old and outdated. With a thorough professional house cleaning, you can highlight your listings’ best features and avoid the scrutiny of picky buyers who are looking for any excuse to make low-ball offers.

Create a Clean Slate to Appeal to Buyers’ Imaginations

No one knows better than you that you need to create a clean slate that allows buyers to imagine themselves living in a space. By eliminating all the personal touches, and staging homes with a neutral style, you appeal to a buyer’s imagination.

Part of that staging includes creating a clean backdrop where homes are free of clutter, mess, unfamiliar or unpleasant odours, and signs of someone living in the home. 

All these issues act as distractions that can take away from a buyer’s ability to picture themselves cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the tub, or watching their favourite movies in the living room.

Eliminate All Traces of Pets

We all love our pets. However, some buyers may not share your affection. A professional house cleaning in North York eliminates all traces of your clients’ pets, including odours, scratches, scuff marks, and hair.

As a result, buyers are unaware the house has pets and won’t worry about the messes, wear and tear, and general, smelly issues that tend to go hand in hand with pet ownership.

Draw Attention to New Appliances

Buyers love the idea of new stainless steel appliances, as long as they appear new. Stainless steel appliances are only a buying feature when they feel new. That means you need to eliminate telltale signs of yesterday’s dinner or traces of that cucumber forgotten at the back of the crisper drawer.

A thorough cleaning of appliances inside and out makes them feel new and modern and free of streaks, odours, and food debris that are red flags to buyers.

Call the Home Cleaning Experts

Home cleaning services in North York are essential to help create a clean residence where buyers feel comfortable and can picture themselves moving in their belongings and settling into a life of home ownership.

This translates into a higher perceived value of the home, leading to increased offers. Click here for a free quote from the home cleaning professionals at Maid4Condos. You can also call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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