The Secret to Cleaning Less - Downtown Toronto Maid Service

The Secret to Cleaning Less

Clean T.O: The Secret to Cleaning Less – Downtown Toronto Maid Service
October 30, 2017

 Clean T.O: The Secret to Cleaning Less – Downtown Toronto Maid Service


Many people have yet to realize that the secret to cleaning less is a hot trend sitting right under their noses. That’s right, we’re talking about minimalism! It’s not hard to understand, less stuff’ means less home cleaning. However, you’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of going minimalist- especially if you’re a maximalist. But guess what? If you live in a condo or apartment, you’re already halfway there!


clean t.o the secret to cleaning less minimalism plants
clean t.o the secret to cleaning less minimalism plants


The truth is, we all identify as a minimalist in some way- we just go about it differently. For instance, some practise minimalist downsizing and may sell their car or move into an apartment. For others, it could simply mean consciously removing the ‘excess’ from their home. If you identify more with the latter, you’ll want to go through your clothes closet, your kitchen drawers and all that clutter you’ve been living with! Assuming you’re not looking for any major lifestyle changes, we’re going to walk you through how to downsize the basics, to make your home cleaning much easier!


Downsizing (a.k.a Minimalism)


Contrary to popular belief, minimalism doesn’t mean giving up all your prized possessions. Nor does it have to be extreme like moving into a tiny house or owning only one shirt. However, minimalism does require that you take a step back and ask, “do I really need this right now?” In essence, evaluating whether you need an item in the present moment, versus ‘potentially in the future’ will help relieve your space of useless clutter. Ultimately, leaving you with less housework and more time to do what you love.


clean t.o the secret to cleaning less organized
clean t.o the secret to cleaning less – Organized


Let’s Get Started


Talking about minimalism is great, but actions speak louder than words. We know that starting the minimalist purge can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips that will help ease you into minimalism and leave you with less home cleaning! Though the simple method of purging will be used throughout the process, it’s how you purge that’s important.


Less Laundry


Face it, when you have a closet full of clothes you’re more likely to throw that pair of jeans you wore once into the hamper. But guess what? Your jeans don’t need to be washed after one use. In order to ease your laundry load, try purging your closet once. Then, do it again and make sure you’ve removed all superfluous items from your wardrobe. In due time, you’ll start to become more conscious of what you’re putting in your hamper. Plus, the internet has a lot of tips to help you get rid of clothes clutter if you get stuck.


clean t.o the secret to cleaning less - Laundry
clean t.o the secret to cleaning less – Laundry


Indeed, this advice is all well and fine if you’re a single bachelor or bachelorette. However, what if you live with a spouse or children? The truth is, each person really only needs one towel and one set of sheets. Not only will having one of each lighten the laundry load, you’ll eliminate all the time spent folding and organizing the linen closet! Furthermore, you’ll have free up space in your linen closet. Because, no rational condo dweller would deny some extra space! However, if you have small children it’s smart to keep an extra set of sheets handy. Because, accidents happen.


Less Dishes


Just like your laundry, it’s easy to throw dishes and cups into the sink after only one use. However, that’s exactly how you get an overwhelming pile up by the end of the day! Instead, consider this minimalist idea: fewer dishes will make you more conscious and motivated about cleaning up in your kitchen.


clean t.o the secret to cleaning less - Dishes
clean t.o the secret to cleaning less – Dishes


Ultimately, if you only own enough plates, cups and silverware to get each person in your home through one day- there is zero chance of superfluous pile up. Not to mention, you’ll have more motivation to clean to those dishes that are dirty. After all, you want clean dishes for the morning, don’t you? However, there’s nothing worse than bare cupboards when you have guests. So for hosting purposes, you should keep some spares. Intrigued? Take a tour of this minimalist kitchen!


General Clutter


For many people, the most exhausting and time-consuming part of home cleaning is figuring out where to put the clutter that has no home. If you haven’t noticed this, start paying attention to how many things you own that don’t have a designated spot.


clean t.o the secret to cleaning less - Clutter
clean t.o the secret to cleaning less Clutter


Not only will having an assigned place result in less home cleaning, but will help you get into a clearer headspace. As minimalist theory tells us, clutter is not good for mental health! Ultimately, purging all your excess clothing, kitchen ware and clutter is the best way to start incorporating minimalism into your life and reaping the home cleaning rewards to come!


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