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The Importance of Move-in Move-out Cleaning

The Importance of Move-in Move-out Cleaning
May 23, 2019

If you’re moving into a new home in the future, one of the most challenging elements of the move is knowing that you have a lot of cleaning to do when you arrive at the property. In some cases, the walls and the floors will require comprehensive cleaning that you might not have the energy for while working a full-time job during your home move.

The Importance of Move-in Move-out Cleaning

Move-in and move-out cleaning is helping homeowners across the country streamline their moves and ensure a clean property is ready for them. In this post, we’ll explain the value of move-in and move-out cleaning services.

Move-out Cleaning for Apartment Renters

When you’re renting an apartment or a commercial office space, you will often require move-out cleaning services to ensure that you get your deposit back from the landlord. Often these rental contracts require that you leave the property in ideal condition, ready for the new renters to move-in. If you’re in the process of moving, you might not have the time to dedicate several days to cleaning. Using a move-out cleaning company can ensure that you abide by the terms of your lease.

Move-in Cleaning Offers a Clean Start

When you’re looking to transition to life in a new property, you might be looking forward to meeting the neighbours and exploring the local area to find your new favourite restaurants and bars. But if you’re stuck cleaning the home for the first weeks after your move, you won’t get this opportunity.

Working with a move-in cleaning company allows you to sit back and enjoy your new property and the surroundings of the area without having to focus on the cleaning and maintenance work in the first few weeks. You’ll be able to relax a little more knowing professionals are taking over the cleaning process.

Move-In Cleaning a Great Option for Comprehensive Cleaning

If you’re a landlord and you’re looking to impress potential new tenants with the cleanliness of your apartment units, you can use a move-in cleaning service to ensure the property is ready for presentation. The move-in cleaning team can help to remove the dirt and grime that past tenants have left behind and can help to ensure that you rent the property out to new tenants within a consolidated timeframe.

Ensure that you review the move-in cleaning company’s credentials and select a company known for top quality work within the industry, as this will provide you with the best value for money and will help ensure you don’t have to search for a new cleaning firm to take on additional tasks. ,/p>

What Does Move-in/Move-Out Cleaning Involve?

If you’re considering move-in and move-out cleaning services, you might want to take the time to become acquainted with what the process involves and the type of work the cleaning company will complete around the property. The basic move-in and move-out cleaning service involves the following elements:

General Cleaning Work

The basic service will include some form of general cleaning work. This general cleaning work will involve the cleaning of one bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallways and the stairs within the home. Cleaning these areas will include sorting any loose items, and removing any dust or dirt in the area. It will also include vacuuming the space to remove all contaminants. The general cleaning service will involve the wiping down of all surfaces in the bathroom and the removal of any grime and buildup on the sinks and bathtubs. This approach ensures that the bathroom looks its peak best ready for others to move-in.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

The move-in/move-out cleaning service will involve some form of kitchen cleaning. At the basic level, all countertops will be cleaned and all surfaces will be wiped down to remove any stains. In addition, the flooring will be mopped and cleaned so that the space looks its best to the new owners.

Companies may offer additional kitchen cleaning services, such as the cleaning of the inside of fridges and cupboards. This can be important for those moving in, as it means they can immediately begin using the storage spaces and don’t have to take on these additional cleaning duties themselves after the move.

Cleaning of Windows

A key consideration for many homeowners is whether to include the cleaning of windows in their move-in or move-out cleaning service. Some companies include this service as standard, but it may be an add-on depending on the company you choose. The cleaning of windows can be an important maintenance element to consider as it will mean the new renter/owner is able to see the exterior of their space clearly and will immediately get the full benefit of living in the property immediately after moving in. Make sure you consider the value of the window cleaning service and whether the company is able to complete the work at an affordable price-point.

Cleaning Appliances

Another important consideration is the cleaning of appliances. Most companies will include some form of appliance cleaning as standard within their regular cleaning service contract. But additional appliance cleaning might be required depending on the level of dirt within the home after the past owner or tenant moves out. For example, many landlords find that the ovens and cooking equipment within their properties require deep cleaning after the tenant leaves. Look for a company with experience cleaning the interior of ovens and microwaves to ensure they are equipped to handle the level of cleaning required.

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