The Dishwashing Machine vs Hand Washing Debate | Toronto Maid Service

The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand-Washing Debate

The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand-Washing Debate | Toronto Maid Service
November 23, 2017

The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand-Washing Debate | Toronto Maid Service 


Ah, the dishwashing machine vs. hand-washing debate… Maybe you’ve argued with your college roommates, perhaps it was your mother or brother. Whoever you’ve had the pleasure of debating with, you’ve been on one side and they’ve been on the other. But you’re not alone. In fact, since dishwashers were invented, people have been wondering which is cheaper, which is more water-efficient, and which is more green.


The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand Washing Debate Dishes
The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand Washing Debate Dishes


And these questions are not unfounded. Apparently, kitchen faucets and dishwasher machines account for eight to fourteen percent of all water that gets used in a home! Especially if you don’t have an aerator on your tap. But the arguments get even more complex, with some saying how washing dishes used to be constitute family bonding time. Yet others are adamant that dishwashers help mothers and single parents with the disproportionate amount of household work they face. So what’s cleaner, what’s more green- and most importantly…who’s right?


Hand washing vs. Machine: What’s Cleaner?


You might have heard that for dishes to really get clean, they have to be exposed to hot water. So it would be easy to think that with the heat dishwashing machines produce, they kill more bacteria. Ultimately leaving you with cleaner dishes. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong… but there’s more to the story than that.


The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand Washing Debate Glasses
The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand Washing Debate Glasses


Apparently, all the bacteria that the heat kills may not be bad. In fact, there are potential health benefits that come from some microbes. For example, how some exposure to bacteria is a good allergy prevention technique. When it comes to hand-washing, some say that it’s actually much more effective than we give it credit for. In fact, hand-washing may allow you to get your dishes even cleaner than the machine.


Hand vs. Machine: What’s More Green?


When it comes to green cleaning, there are some clear cut benefits to hand washing. For instance, you control the water- so you know exactly how much you’re using. However, if you’re not careful you could actually end up being less efficient in terms of water and energy than a dishwashing machine! For example, a European study found that hand-washers use on average 27 gallons of water to wash 12 place settings. While hyper-efficient, modern dishwashing machines only use 4 gallons. Crazy, right?!


The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand Washing Debate Washing
The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand Washing Debate Washing


Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that using a dishwashing machine can save 5,000 gallons of water per home, annually. However, like anything else the efficiency of a dishwasher is determined by how you use it. For instance, running a cleaning cycle when you only have 5 dishes in in it is pointless. Similarly, running a more water-intensive cycle than is necessary will also decrease your efficiency. Plus, you should also know that older dishwashers are not as efficient as new, Energy-Star rated replacements.


End of the Debate?


Ultimately, dishwashing machines have a lot of benefits, like making parenting easier. However, there are many people who argue that handwashing is an important life-skill for children to learn. And perhaps even more importantly, a time for family bonding. However, if you’re having the debate with someone and they bring up the harmful phosphates in cleaning detergents… you may think they’ve got you. But did you know that the Canadian government banned phosphates in 2011? Though this may mean streakier dishes, it lessens the environmental impact from your dishwashing machine.


The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand Washing Debate Sink
The Dishwashing Machine vs. Hand Washing Debate Sink


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference- but also how conscientious you are. If you are a diligent hand-washer, in terms of both clean and green, you have nothing to worry about. Similarly, if you prefer the hum of the dishwashing machine doing your chores – you can sit happy knowing you’re not killing the environment. However, you may want to find out the dirty truth about your dishwasher.


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