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Social Distancing: How to Keep up With Chores

Social Distancing: How to Keep up With Chores
April 27, 2020

Being stuck inside can make you feel a little (or a lot) antsy. We think one of the best things to do with spare time is to clean. There are so many chores you can check off your to-do list when in self-isolation, and most of them will help reduce stress and keep your home nice and healthy. Since it’s not something you have time to do regularly, why not take advantage of all this downtime? To help get you started, here’s our list of chores to tackle when social distancing to help you avoid going stir crazy.

Tips to keep up with social distancing

Filter Switch-Ups

You’d be surprised at how many things in your home have filters you can change. Some examples include:

  • Water filters
  • Fridge water filters
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Vents
  • Microwave and range hoods
  • Air purifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • Vacuums

By changing or cleaning these filters, you can remove dirt that can collect germs.

De-Griming Kitchen Duties

This is a job that everyone puts off for as long as possible. However, you know there’s grime building up all over your kitchen. Some great places to de-grime include:

  • Small appliances inside and out
  • Overhead fans
  • Microwaves
  • Between your kitchen counter and oven
  • Between your kitchen counter and fridge
  • Underneath kitchen counters
  • Electric kettles
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Fridges and stoves, inside and out
  • Kitchen window screens

Just take a close look around your kitchen, and you’ll find even more places to clean.

Coffee Makers

This machine often gets a workout and, with your home, it’s probably working even harder. A thorough cleaning will not only make it look nicer but also improve the flavour of your coffee. Clear the tanks and tubes by running a mixture of white vinegar and water through the machine sans the coffee. Then, do a few runs with just water to remove the vinegar. Check the manual if you’ve still got it or look it up online to make sure you do things according to their recommendations.

Window Washing

Hey, since you’re stuck inside, you’re looking out those windows more now anyway, so you might as well make the most of your view. You’ll be surprised how much light you’ll let in and how much crisper your view will become with a good window washing. You can do it the easy way if you’ve got a window spray-cleaning product at home, or you can make your own using white vinegar wiped down with old newspapers, as you’re probably trying to save on using paper towels!

Organize Your Storage Space

Condos are notorious for their limited storage space. Take on the job of organizing what little you’ve got by looking for things you can toss out. This can be done in any of your closets using the tried and true method of sorting your stuff into four groups: sell, donate, trash, and keep. Once everything is sorted, start putting things away, while looking for ways to optimize the space. If you have baskets or storage bins, use them to keep things sorted into logical groups for smaller items. Look for safe ways to stack items and, if you’re really bored, colour code your clothes! Consider shopping online for shelves and other storage systems you can use in your storage space, so every inch is used wisely. The only thing is that you’ll have to find, is somewhere to put stuff you might want to donate or sell, as this will have to wait until your self-isolation is over.

Organize Your Kitchen

Condo kitchens are small! You can get things organized by going through all your cupboards and drawers, making sure that everything is stored in a logical manner. Look for better ways to sort everything based on a particular task, such as baking, stovetop cooking, roasting, food preparation, storage, and so on.

If an item is something you haven’t used in a long time or is broken, then consider tossing or donating it. If you have shelving paper, replace it as you go. You can also go through your pantry and sort your food into logical groups, such as different types of cuisine, condiments, soups, ready to eat foods, and baking products. And just for fun, you can do the same with your fridge!

Have a Daily Chore Routine

This is important if you’re home with the kids. A daily chore routine keeps things a little more scheduled, while also keeping the home clean. Some things on your list would include:

  • Making the beds
  • Doing the dishes after each meal
  • Setting the table before meals
  • Making meals together with cleaning duties following meal prep
  • Wiping down frequently-touched surfaces with disinfectant
  • Getting the mail
  • Cleaning toys and putting them away
  • Walking the dog (if you have one)
  • Feeding pets
  • Putting dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Removing garbage

Your household might have a list of chores that you can add to the mix.

Laundry and Ironing

Since you might be wearing the same pyjamas every day, make sure you are taking care of your clothes, so you’re ready to head back to work, or FaceTime with friends looking your best. Do your laundry regularly and be sure to fold and iron everything before putting it away. Don’t forget to clean towels and bed linens to keep things fresh and clean!

Make Some Food to Freeze

Another good idea is to make some food to freeze if you have anything that might be perishable. Good ways to use food wisely include creating soups and stews, kinds of pasta, cooked meats that can be defrosted and sliced, and baked goods such as cookies and loaves of bread. This way, nothing goes to waste when you might need food for a more severe lockdown. Remember, hoarding is not cool, so don’t run out to buy supplies. This is more to make sure that the food on hand doesn’t go to waste.

Manage Your Budget

This might not be cleaning per se, but it is an important chore to help you keep on top of your finances. With job uncertainty, now is a good time to consider your budget and look for ways to save. Set a budget for food, look at your expenses, and consider what you might want to do with the money saved from not going out so often! You might find you are ahead of things if you are now working and entertaining yourself at home.

At Maid4Condos, we are a responsible community business and want everyone to stay healthy. When you prepare a list of chores, you can keep your life and home organized to help reduce anxiety from being cooped up all day. Stay healthy, and we look forward to serving you soon.

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