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Six Secrets to an Effective, Germ-Defying Move-In Clean

Six Secrets to an Effective, Germ-Defying Move-In Clean
October 3, 2019

Got the keys to your new house in Toronto? Move-in day is incredibly exciting; the bare walls, high ceilings, and lack of clutter present so many possibilities for designing trendy interiors and a personalized space that’s every inch yours.

Tips for move-in cleaning

That is, until you get to unpacking loads of boxes only to discover that a deep clean might be in order before even setting down the couch and hanging picture frames on the walls.

Moving into a new space calls for a deep move-in clean for a fresh start. More than light dusting and wiping down countertops, you’ll need to scrub away built-up grime and dirt that could have remained after the previous owners moved out — and worse, hardened as you were still packing up your old house.

Whether you’re the proud owners of a new build or a well-loved abode, a deep clean is in order upon move-in. Even better, if you can carve out some time before the big day, a pre-move in clean can greatly ease the transition, since you won’t have to stack boxes and move them around in order to get to every square inch of the place. All you need is an organized system — and maybe some helping hands — to clean as you go from one room to another.

High to Low Cleaning

Ever feel like no matter how much you clean, there’s always a new layer of dust that settles or stubborn grime that won’t go away? That’s because you may not be cleaning as efficiently as you could be.

Think about where you start and how you move around as you clean. For example, while the countertops and floors are easy — and part of the usual routine — to clean, starting with them might not be the best idea. Instead, think of a top-down approach, such as starting with shelving units and overhead lighting fixtures.

You might not realize it, but these hard-to-reach areas are just as prone to grime and dirt build-up, especially that they might not be cleaned routinely. As you clean these areas, dirt will inevitably work its way down, which can be mopped off the floors or wiped down along with surfaces (but we’ll get to that later after the rest of the house — and you’ll see why).

Kitchen Solutions: Start with the Fridge

If you’re moving homes just two blocks over or across Toronto, it’s inevitable to take with you the contents of your fridge. Besides, with all the chaos of moving, do you really have time to step out for groceries, let alone whip up a hearty meal? Even squeezing in the logistics of getting takeout can be challenging on move-in day and even for the next few days as you unpack.

Since raw meat and produce, dairy products, and even leftovers are all perishable, it’s important to store them correctly as soon as you move in. This is why the move-in cleaning of your new kitchen should start with the fridge. Sanitizing the fridge properly ensures clean and safe storage for food — and it’ll take just 20 minutes or less to do.

Start by removing the shelves and drawers for individual cleaning using soap and water. And because it’s hard to avoid lingering smells inside the fridge, whip up a water and vinegar solution for scrubbing down all the surfaces. For stubborn, sticky gunk, let the solution sit and soak for a while.

Next up in the Kitchen

Just as in other rooms, you will want to work your way down to the floors when cleaning the kitchen. Start with the overhead lighting fixtures, ceiling, and shelves. Once the basics are done, it’s time to work on the kitchen fixtures.

Scrub the stovetop and oven using a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution for getting rid of stubborn stains, then work your way to the rest of the appliances like the microwave, dishwasher, and coffee-maker. Afterwards, you can clean the sink and countertops, as well as clean the inside of the cupboards and drawers before bringing out the china and silverware.

Whatever you do, though, make sure to save the floors for last, because all the filth and dust unearthed from your move-in clean will definitely end up there. Think of it this way — how many times do you want to mop the floor on such a busy day? The answer is once.

Freshen Up in Spotless Bathrooms

If there’s one place in your house that makes feeling fresh and relaxed possible, it’s the bathroom. Whether it’s a quick touch-up, seven-step skincare routine, or a nice, relaxing bath after a long week, there’s a lot that goes on in the bathroom — and a lot of waste, dirt, and grime that build-up, too.

At the end of a long move-in day, you’ll want — and need — to experience the refreshing and healing powers of a nice shower. But you can’t exactly pamper yourself after a long day of hauling boxes and figuring out where what went if you don’t do a thorough move-in clean of your bathroom.

All you need is dish soap and a sponge for the initial scrub, followed by an antibacterial spray to get rid of germs. If you have extra time and some helping hands, use a bathroom cleaner for a more thorough clean.

Also, if you find that the toilet seats are extra hard to scrub and rid of stains, just replace them. This small investment is the best way to guarantee a clean and safe bathroom for the entire family. Before you go, don’t forget the little and often overlooked parts, such as the light switches, faucets, toilet paper holders, and door handles.

Pay Attention to Fixtures

Once you’ve finished the move-in deep clean of these major areas, it’s time to get the rest of the place ready. Move around and pay attention to often overlooked surfaces like windows and window treatments. Don’t do this when the sun is up, as you will be hard-pressed to see the grime and streaks. Check the closet interiors, tops of doors, door handles, and light switches. Start by dusting using a trusty vacuum attachment, followed by clean, damp rags to wipe down these surfaces.

Save the Floors for Last

We’ve been saying this since the beginning — work your way down from the top, such as the ceiling, tops of shelves, cabinets, lighting fixtures, and yes, the ceiling. All the dirt, grime, and cobwebs gathered from these places will land on the floor, so once you’re done with them, it’s time to finish cleaning up the floors.

Depending on the interior design of your new home, you will find different types of flooring, such as wood, linoleum, or carpeted floors for the main rooms, and tiles in the bathroom. While routine upkeep may vary depending on the material, the good news, a basic move-in clean only requires a trusty vacuum and some light mopping. Just make sure to use a cleaning agent that’s safe — and optimized — for the flooring in your new home.

For carpeted floors, you will want to do a more thorough cleaning with the help of a steam cleaner because although vacuuming makes the carpet appear cleaner, it actually does very little to remove pesky allergens. You wouldn’t want to celebrate move-in day by getting sick, or be welcomed to your dream home by an allergy attack, right?

If you don’t own a steam cleaner, don’t fret — that’s what the professionals are for. You can also book a professional pre-move-in deep clean in Toronto to get your new house ready in no time, without adding to the stress of hauling boxes.

Ready for that change of address? Get your new house ready in no time with an effective deep cleaning. Scrub away stubborn dirt and grime, and welcome clean, refreshing energy into your new home.

For more tips and tricks to help with your move-in clean, call Maid4Condos at (647) 822-0601 or contact us here.

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