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Seven Things to Clean Before Winter

Seven Things to Clean Before Winter
September 19, 2019

Why is it that everyone is more than happy to jump on the spring-cleaning express as a given in their cleaning regimes, but no plans are ever made for the rest of the seasons? Once summer winds down and winter is on its way, you should plan a good fall cleaning. The end of the seasons should always be viewed as an opportunity to do a thorough cleaning. It is the time to reorganize, declutter, and remove all signs of the dirt and accumulation of seasons past. You can nail your fall cleaning projects down using this handy list of things you need to clean before winter arrives.

Tips for winter cleaning

1. Stove and oven

The winter months call for more roasts, baking, casseroles, and comfort foods that require oven use. You might have been grilling meat all summer long and not given much thought to your oven. Now is the time to give it a thorough cleaning to avoid the smell and smoke of baked-on messes when you pop that lasagna in the oven. Just think Thanksgiving turkey and you’ll be looking forward to those home-baked winter meals. While you’re at it, you might as well give your stovetop a good cleaning as well. If you have electric burners, remove them and clean out the trays. Last but not least, take a look at your stove fan and replace or wash the filter. Grease buildup can get pretty gross up there!

2. Register vents

If you don’t have air conditioning and your vents have gone unused all summer long, you’ll want to take a look at your heating registers. These can get pretty dusty, which can actually affect your energy bills. You should remove the vents and give them a good washing, while also making sure they are working properly. Cracks, warping, and breaks can block heat from coming into your rooms properly. Make sure you allow the registers to dry before putting them back in place.

3. Carpets and area rugs

Carpets can hold a lot of dirt, not to mention allergens and dust mites. In the winter when more illnesses are going around, breathing in this dirt can weaken your immune system. ‌ ‌Deep professional cleaning for your carpets is a must when winter is just around the corner. You can also arrange to send out your area rugs for a professional cleaning. Your home will be looking even better when the holiday entertaining season arrives.

4. Ceiling fans

These babies probably got a good workout all summer long. They will be covered in dust, so a good cleaning is in order. First, wipe down the blades to remove all the dust and grease that might have built up. Then, as an added tip, reverse the settings for your fan and use them when the heat is on to help force the warm air that rises downwards. This keeps things toasty warm and allows you to save energy. Don’t forget to wash the lamp covers too, as this will keep them burning brighter during the shorter days of winter.

5. Eliminate clutter

Considering that you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors this winter, you’ll want your home to be cozy, not messy. You can do a fall decluttering to help get organized for the winter. Not only can you eliminate clutter, but also store away all your summer paraphernalia. From bike helmets in the hall, to all those extra flip flops and sandals in the closet, to the beach toys in the kids’ rooms, to the outdoor dinnerware in the kitchen, you can make room for winter by getting everything organized and stored. This is also the perfect time to switch out your summer clothes for your winter wear. Once all of this is done, do a thorough wipedown to remove dust from door trims, baseboards, floors, and other surfaces.

6. Disinfect garbage cans and wastebaskets

Your garbage cans, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, are harbingers of germs. During the summer months, germs like to build thanks to the warmer, damp, humid weather. You should take this time to do a very heavy-duty cleaning of your garbage cans, recycling bins, and wastebaskets. This will reduce germs and provide a fresh start for the winter.

This is no easy task. Your kitchen bins need to be hosed down and disinfected using a good strong cleaner or vinegar. You can use an environmentally friendly cleaner as a disinfectant with undiluted hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar mixed 50/50 with water. Use only one or the other because when hydrogen peroxide is mixed with vinegar, it can be very harmful to your eyes, skin, and lungs!

If you can’t use a hose, leave the disinfectant in the cans for an hour, before dumping the water and scrubbing it with a brush. This will get rid of any coated-on mess. If possible, allow the bins to dry in the sun, as it acts as a natural bacteria killer.

7. Winterize your entry/foyer

Get ready for the wet mess of slush and snow by winterizing your entryway or foyer. You’ll need a nice waterproof boot tray to store those slushy boots and other wet items. You can also add some extra hooks or storage, such as a bench for all of your winter mitts, hats, and scarves. A little outdoor mat comes in handy as well, so you track less wet mess into your home. You can also add a waterproof area rug if space allows.

Although many of these projects are the same as those you might tackle in the spring, keep in mind that you probably haven’t tackled them all summer long! These tips will have your home winter ready in no time.

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