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Selling Your Home? Why You Should Prepare With a Deep Clean

Selling Your Home? Why You Should Prepare With a Deep Clean
March 2, 2020

Spring brings with it the real estate listing season in the GTA. As the last traces of the winter melts into city lawns, real estate agents are meeting with clients who are intent on selling their homes.

Regardless of the market climate, one thing is always certain — people buy clean homes. If you’re selling your home this spring, you need to set your sights on prepping your home for viewings.

Homebuyers have trouble seeing past the dust bunnies, dirty bathroom grout and stained kitchen counters. The best way to help buyers focus on the positives of your home is a deep clean. Here’s why a deep clean is a must if you want to sell your home fast.

Importance of a deep clean while selling your home

You’re used to the Dirt and Mess

Right now, you’re likely living in your home every day, which means you aren’t really looking at it too closely. It’s not uncommon to overlook the condition of the floors, window ledges, grimy tiles and other areas of the home because you almost become desensitized to the details. After all, it’s easier to ignore them than to clean them.

When you hire our home cleaning services to do a deep clean of your home, we look at every detail with a fresh set of eyes and will target every nook and cranny you might miss. We make it appeal to potential new occupants who will be shopping for a clean home.

Deep Cleans help Disassociate You from Your Home

Thorough cleaning by a home cleaning service allows you time to disassociate yourself from the house emotionally. You will have to keep up the cleanliness once the cleaning takes place, to get rid of that “lived in” look. That means you almost have to start living in the home as if you have already left — like a guest who doesn’t want their hosts to think they are messy.

You can Depersonalize Your House

To allow for a deep clean to take place, you need to clear away the clutter so that the cleaners can get to the floors, closets, cupboards, and other areas that tend to fill up with personal items.

Remove clutter and do an inventory of your belongings. Sort what you want to keep available until moving day. Pack away or get rid of things to make way for not only our cleaners but the new owners.

To make the cleaning process easier, pack up all the dust collectors, such as your personal photographs, family heirlooms, and knick-knacks that not only add to clutter but also become a distraction to house hunters. This depersonalization makes it easier for buyers to see themselves in the home without focusing on your items.

Rethink the Layout

Deep cleaning doesn’t just go around furniture. It gets under furniture to remove all traces of dust bunnies and other issues that can make your home less appealing, including smells. You never know what lurks behind and beneath your furnishings, and when selling your home, it is a must to move things away from walls to get every inch of mess.

While you’re at it, you have the perfect opportunity to rethink your furniture layout and make the most of your space. You can also consider removing unnecessary furniture pieces that are making things appear crowded.

A neat layout includes the basics that define each room, such as a sofa or loveseat and a chair or two in the living room, an appropriately sized bed, bedside table and dresser in the bedroom and a desk, chair and seating for an office. The right amount of furniture sells spaces while offering a purpose for each room to help guide buyers through your home.

It Gets You Organized

We’ve already mentioned the importance of removing clutter. Deep cleans also allows you to get your home more organized. This is especially important in smaller homes — such as condos — as buyers are going to be looking at how much closet and storage space they’ll be getting.

Because you will want to clear up areas for major vacuuming and dusting, you can show off storage space. This sends a better message to potential buyers who will view the home as neat and tidy, but also spacious with ample storage.

From organized, cleared kitchen counters, to caddies and baskets to contain your personal items in the bathrooms, the cleaning process allows you to look at opportunities to keep things neat and tidy throughout the home. Removing items and wiping down shelves in every cupboard and closet keeps things not only organized but also looking spick and span.

Improve the Appearance of Flooring

A deep clean can breathe new life into your flooring. Homebuyers are floor obsessed, so if you don’t have gleaming hardwood, it can take away from your home’s appeal. Regardless of the type of flooring you have, a professional home cleaning service will keep your floors looking as new and attractive as possible.

Stained carpets are a big turn off, so a steam cleaning is always best for all rooms with carpeting. This will also eliminate odours you might have become immune to!

New Life for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you’ve given up on keeping your backsplashes, shower surrounds, and wall tiles clean in your kitchen and bathrooms, buyers will spot that right away. A professional deep clean will attack things like greasy build-up on tiles, discoloured grout, soap scum, and mildew by providing sparkling surfaces in the rooms where buyers can be the most discerning.

The kitchen and bathroom have a long list of cleaning tasks home cleaning services will tackle including:

  • Scrubbing tubs, showers, toilets and sinks
  • Cleaning shower curtains and bathmats
  • Washing all surfaces and mirrors
  • Cleaning window treatments
  • Scrubbing the tops and insides of kitchen cabinets and organizing the pantry
  • Vacuuming and washing behind the fridge and stove
  • Cleaning and organizing your refrigerator
  • Wiping down countertops, appliances and cabinet surfaces
  • Scrubbing sinks, the stovetop and oven

Once these tasks are complete, you can make a few touch ups to the caulking along the edges of counters, the bathtub, and in the shower to perfect the appearance of your tile.

Overall Sparkle

Our professional cleaning team will make every inch of your home sparkle, including your windows, door handles, faucets, mirrors, floorboards, furniture, light fixtures, and even your trash cans.

To learn more about why deep cleaning can help you sell your house, call Maid4Condos at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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