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Post-Summer Vacation Deep Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Post-Summer Vacation Deep Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents
July 11, 2022

With summer over and the kids headed back to school, you might find that your home is a bit of a disaster area. 

Advice for busy parents on post-summer vacation cleaning

Trying to keep the kids occupied when you’re busy can lead to messy projects and “independent” play that contributes to major messes over a summer staycation. 

You might also have decided against a staycation this year and headed out for a few weeks to visit a favourite vacation spot. Both scenarios can lead to a mess that could use a post-summer deep cleaning. 

However, fear not, busy parents—you don’t have to live with that clutter until winter vacation! Instead, use our post-summer vacation deep cleaning tips to get your home feeling a little less hectic.

Share the Chores  

Since the kids made all that mess, let them help with all the cleaning. This is a logical way to help kids learn more responsibility while reducing the cleaning burden from your weary shoulders. 

A great approach is to set up a chore schedule, making sure kids have age-appropriate tasks that they can manage. 

Post the schedule where everyone can see it, and have a family meeting to discuss the process. Some of the tasks to assign the kids might include:

  • Picking up their own toys from common areas or out of the car.
  • Cleaning their own rooms post-vacation.
  • Unpacking and putting dirty clothes in the laundry.
  • Helping with folding their own clothes after you finish your family vacation laundry load.

These tasks are more relatable because it involves their own belongings. For fun, have the kids check off the tasks they complete or put a sticker on the jobs they would like to help with.  

Make a Checklist

Some of the things you might have to worry about after summer vacation that you wouldn’t consider the rest of the year might include:

  • Securing bikes, scooters, etc. in your condo locker or house garage
  • Storing away pool toys
  • Storing away summer clothes
  • Cleaning and covering the barbecue
  • Organizing and putting away camping gear

These are all summer-related tasks to complete once the sunny months are coming to a close.

Have an Unpacking “Party”  

Add the word “party” to the sentence, and kids’ ears will perk up. When you return from vacation, whether it was a stay at a resort, a visit with family, or something more adventurous like camping, you’ll have plenty to unpack. 

An unpacking party sounds fun and involves the whole family. 

Everyone pitches in so the car is unloaded quickly, dirty clothes are put in the laundry, and any items you need to store away are put back where they belong. 

Finish the work with a pizza to add the party element to the activity. You can also vacuum the car to rid it of things like sand from the beach, so it doesn’t get tracked into the house. 

Tackle the Laundry

If the laundry has piled up during the summer vacation, try to put a load on in the morning so you can tackle other projects as it runs their course. 

Because laundry is done in steps, it makes it a lot easier to multitask. Once it’s dry, enlist the kids to fold their own clothes and put them away.

Have a “No Mess” Policy

With the kids getting back into school mode, it makes sense to introduce or remind them of some school day rules. 

This will help establish a routine to make your life easier. Having a “no mess” policy helps avoid clutter and disorganization. Some good rules to introduce might include:

  • Putting away coats and shoes in a designated place
  • Placing dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher
  • Throwing out uneaten snacks from day trips
  • Putting things back where they belong (such as toys)
  • Putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket

You’ll have to follow the rules to help set a good example and avoid contributing to the mess.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Use your checklist to guide you on what needs to get done now and what can wait. You don’t want to become too overwhelmed trying to do everything at once. 

Quick little jobs can be done first, then you can ask for help or break down more daunting tasks into more manageable bites. 

And remember, no one person should be stuck with all the work. Get back to that chore list if you find that not everyone is carrying their weight.

Reward Hard Work

If you find your kids work really hard and make a sincere effort to help with the cleaning, consider rewarding their hard work. It’s probably not great to use rewards as an incentive for cleaning, but you know better than anyone that it’s nice to feel appreciated. 

If the kids really pitch in and do their best to help, offering them a little surprise after the fact shows them that hard work does pay off.

Deep Cleaning to Reduce Germs and Bacteria

After your vacation, you might have tracked germs and bacteria into the home. Bare feet, pets, and even beach toys can all have germs that can make you sick. 

Making sure you clean the floors and surfaces of the home after a trip will keep everyone healthier so they can help fight off germs when the school year begins. 

Consider Hiring Help

If you find that you’re just too busy to put our tips into action, it might make more sense to consider hiring professional help. 

A deep cleaning post-summer vacation is a great way to face the school year with a clean slate. It also makes it easier to keep things clean and tidy before the crazy season starts and everyone in the house is strapped for time. To learn more about Maid4Condos’ deep cleaning services in Toronto, click here. You can call us at 647-822-0601, or contact us online.

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