Parenting Just Got Easier - Maid Service In Toronto, Ontario

Parenting Just Got Easier

Parenting Just Got Easier – Maid Service In Toronto
October 25, 2017

Parenting Just Got Easier – Maid Service In Toronto


Raising a child is no joke, however we believe that parenting (and home cleaning) just got easier. The truth is, western culture dictates that adults clean up after kids. Which consequently, produces lazy teenagers and adults. By changing your home cleaning practises, not only you could help instill important life-skills in your child, but you could make your own life easier! Just check out our other article to learn how children benefit from cleaning up after themselves!


Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Family
Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Family


However, it’s going to be tricky to change the ingrained behavior of your family. But it’s far from impossible. So, whether you have a few teetering tots or elementary aged kids, consider these tips on how to reprogram your family when it comes to home cleaning!


Parenting Just Got Easier With These Tips


1. Change the Rules


Ultimately, it’s easier for children to learn things when they’re young. In other words, it’s harder to reprogram a child’s behavior than it is to teach a toddler from the get go. At the end of the day, older children will simply take more patience and discipline. First, sit down with them and explain that there will be some changes in the house. For example, “you can only start playing with a new toy after the old one has been put away” & “everyone needs to rinse their dishes and put them in the dishwasher after dinner”.


Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Toys
Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier toys


In addition, be sure to create consequences for breaking the new rules. For instance, perhaps your child will lose access to the specific toy they left out, or not receive dessert or a treat in their lunch the next day. However, only create punishments you will follow through with. For this to work, they need to take you seriously.


2. Be a Role Model


Adults can be pretty jaded when it comes to house home cleaning. However, be careful about how much you complain in front of your kids! Ultimately, the more you vocalize your cleaning frustrations, the more you kids will come to associate cleaning with negativity. Instead, paste on a cheery face while you’re doing your own home cleaning! Eventually, your kids will have positive associations with cleaning.


Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Smile
Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Smile


3. Make Clean-Up Fun!


Similar to modelling a happy attitude, there are ways to make clean-up more exciting for children. For instance, you could play a game like: how many blocks can you organize in 2 minutes? Furthermore, try playing fun & energizing music to keep their spirits up! Additionally, you can try diffusing some aromatherapy to create a fun, magical atmosphere that will help their little minds click in action!


Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Happy Kids
Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Happy Kids


4. Break Down the Clean-Up


Cleaning up after a whole afternoon of play time is overwhelming for anyone, let alone a small child. Remember, your child doesn’t have the all problem solving skills required to break down the job into tasks. However, you can help stoke their problem solving skills by suggesting different ways to go about clean up. For example, when cleaning up a game like monopoly, suggest that they sort all the money into piles first.


Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Monopoly
Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Monopoly


Furthermore, there is no harm in helping them clean! In fact, home cleaning with your kids will be much more fun and will make them feel less overwhelmed. Plus, they love spending the time with you. At the end of the day you’re not forcing your children to clean because you’re ‘mean’, you’re doing it for their development (and your sanity).




At the end of the day, wouldn’t you prefer to spend time with your kids vs. cleaning up after them? Though it may feel daunting to change the way your house operates, you’ll thank yourself in the long-run and so will your children.


Clean T.O Parenting Just Got Easier Flying Baby



However, it’s difficult to determine which home cleaning tasks are age-appropriate. Like anything, some kids will be ready for larger tasks before others- regardless of age. Don’t worry, there are no with rules. Ultimately, as long as your children are making some kind of progress, it’s safe to say they’re learning. Finally, you can stop worrying about how your kid will fare in college, you know you’ve taught them the right skills! And remember, Maid4Condos will be there  when the clean up is just too overwhelming.


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