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Nine Tips to Make Condo Cleaning Faster and Effective

Nine Tips to Make Condo Cleaning Faster and Effective
April 17, 2019

Other than Monica on Friends, most of us aren’t fans of cleaning. It takes away from our much-needed downtime and a lot of it is just plain icky (yes, bathrooms, we mean you). Condo cleaning can be cathartic if you set up some rules that can make things go more quickly. As well, a few in-between cleaning tips will make your actual cleaning day all the easier. Here are our pro cleaning tips to help make your condo cleaning faster and more effective.

 Nine Tips to Make Condo Cleaning Faster and Effective

1. Have an official cleaning day

Choose a day of the week for cleaning that suits your schedule. Use this as your go-to cleaning day and stick to it as religiously as possible. Of course, you aren’t going to turn down social events and job interviews because it’s cleaning day. But you do want to keep it aside, so you do have a day dedicated to cleaning.

2. Get motivated

Motivated to clean? Pshaw! The trick is not to necessarily focus on the cleaning itself, but something that will get you psyched to get started and that will keep you psyched until you are done. One of the best ways to do this is to ask Alexa to throw on your favourite playlist or put on your headphones with upbeat music to keep you moving. Another great idea is to have a binge-worthy show playing on your computer and/or TV so you can keep an eye on something while you work. The time will fly by and you’ll have a clean condo before you know it.

3. Get comfortable

Put on your most comfy clothes so you can move around without feeling restricted. If you have some down and dirty work, consider investing in knee pads so you don’t hurt yourself. You should also always use gloves, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you’re using things like bleach, make sure your comfy outfit does not include your favourite t-shirt or you could ruin it.

4. The right tool for the job

Work smart instead of hard by investing in some proper condo cleaning tools. Get the full gamut such as a vacuum, scrubbing brushes for the bathroom, and something for wet floor work such as a mop or Swiffer. A duster is a must as well, even if it is just an old but clean rag. If using a mop, you’ll also need a bucket. You can also simplify things by looking for cleaning products designed for specific tasks such as:

    • Powdered abrasive cleanser
    • Tile and bathroom cleaner
    • Heavy-duty degreasing cleaner
    • Glass cleaner
    • Disinfecting multi-surface cleaner

5. Keep what you need close

Look for a tote that will hold everything you need neatly with a spot for each item. This makes it easy to make your way around the condo, and also has everything nearby if you come across something unexpectedly sticky, if you are dusting for example. Keep a trash bag handy as well so you can empty all the little trash bins in your home such as the bathroom, bedroom, and living room while you work.

6. Conserve your energy

Keep your movement to a minimum by covering all required tasks as you make your way around the room. Don’t dust and then come back and polish the furniture. With your tote in tow, you can manage everything as you circle each room to avoid wasting time. Save your energy for the gym.

7. Tidy everyday

If you can keep on top of the mess daily, then once cleaning day rolls around, your job will be easier. Clutter can make cleaning a challenge, as you have to move and clean that mess before you can tackle things such as vacuuming or dusting. Keep things tidy throughout the week by being a neat freak. When you use something, don’t leave it lying around. Instead, put it away. If you are in the bathroom, wipe the sink clean and give the toilet a swish with the brush if it starts looking dingy. Always do a quick clean after using the kitchen to avoid grime and sticky build up. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket when you change. The neater you are, the easier your cleaning day becomes, and you will also avoid having to do major scrubbing in the bathroom and kitchen.

8. Enlist help

If you live alone, the pleasure of cleaning is all yours. However, whether it’s a roommate or a partner, cleaning chores are meant to be shared. Divvy up the work and make sure everyone living in the home is doing their fair share when it comes to keeping things neat. Clutter creators are a cleaner’s worst enemy, as they never learn and will continue to create messes. Making sure everyone pitches in can help people start to become a little neater. And don’t underestimate the kids. They tend to like helping until they get older. Have them pick up their own toys, put their laundry in the laundry basket, and help with tasks they might find fun, such as spraying and washing windows (use an eco-friendly product if kids are doing this), dusting, or sweeping. It can also teach them some neat freak habits they can carry for life. Their future partners will thank you.

9. Double duty

If you can find shortcuts, then use them. A perfect example is to overlap tasks to save time so you can get everything done sooner. Some examples would be:

      • Throw on a load of laundry while you clean.
      • Turn on the oven’s self-cleaning feature.
      • Toss a bowl of water with lemon slices in the microwave for a few minutes while you tackle the kitchen to loosen anything that might be stuck to the microwave surfaces.
      • Spray extra dirty tubs and showers with a heavy duty cleaner and let it stand while you do the floors, sink, and toilet to reduce scrubbing time.

A dedicated day, focus, and organization will make cleaning whiz by.

If you are too busy to worry about cleaning, give Maid4Condos a call for a professional clean you’ll love at 647-822-0601.

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