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New Years Resolution: How to Clean More

New Years Resolution: How to Clean More
January 2, 2020

2020 is here, but have you planned those New Year’s resolutions? We all make them; but how often keep them? Especially when it comes to cleaning the house.

Maid4Condos understands how tough it is to get motivated when a mess feels like, “too much to handle”. To help you stay on track this year, we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your clean New Year’s resolution one step at a time.

New Years Resolution: How to Clean More

Get Rid of Your Clutter First

The biggest problem condo owners face is space. The less space you have, the bigger the mess appears. By decluttering your condo, you maximize space and minimize the appearance of unmanageable clutter.

This may seem like another overwhelming process but it doesn’t need to be. By managing the declutter process by room, you break things down into easier tasks. Starting with the smallest rooms in your home gives you a sense of accomplishment and jump-starts your decluttering. A few key areas to focus on here are:

1. Clothing

Clothing is something we accumulate steadily over the course of life. Unfortunately, not every style is timeless. This results in a closet full of unworn clothing taking up space you could use for more important items. Go through each article of clothing and think about the last time you wore it. If it’s been longer than a year, you probably don’t need it anymore.

2. Toys

Children and pet toys build up quickly, especially if you’ve got more than one child or pet. While some older toys hold sentimental value, others are simply forgotten about and wind up sitting in the back of closets, toy boxes, and playrooms. Sort through toys to determine which are still age-appropriate and in good working condition. Anything that isn’t sentimental can be donated or sold at a garage sale.

3. Documents

Paperwork is something we humans collect in piles and boxes. Despite the rise of digital documents, homes across Toronto are still filled with tax receipts, school projects, and old reports. If you don’t already have one, a filing cabinet takes the mess out of your document storage. Another way to minimize is by scanning and uploading anything that you don’t require the original for. Keep digital documents safe on an external hard drive.

4. Storage

Storage spaces like closets, attics, basements, and garages wind up with the worst of what we collect over the years. This is where decluttering will really earn you some extra room. Using a similar practice, pick away box by box determining what can be parted with and what hasn’t been used in more than a year. Sometimes things get stored simply because we’ve forgotten what’s inside a box and have no time to check.

5. Knickknacks

Odds and ends pile up in junk drawers, side tables, and bedroom bookshelves without us really noticing. Knickknacks, ornaments, and bits and pieces from this and that never seem to have a space of their own. With “homeless” items, the best practice is to determine what the item is used for, if you still have a use for it, and where it would fit best in your home.

You might be surprised by the number of items you’re happy to part with once the process gets going. Many people don’t like the idea of change, but a fresh start as your clean New Year’s resolution will have you feeling renewed and excited for what’s to come.

Organize Your Cleaning by Day

Trying to tackle an entire apartment in one go feels impossible. Breaking each task down by date and time provides a clear schedule which outlines your pathway toward success. Rather than starting down the barrel of a never-ending chore, you know that Monday is only one hour of cleaning, while Tuesday is two and a half. By Friday you’ll be finished with the upper level and come next Wednesday, your entire New Year’s cleaning schedule will be complete.

Having a visual aid to guide your progress offers motivation and reward. Checking off each step as you complete it encourages you to stick to your clean New Year’s resolution and earn yourself the organized condo you deserve.

Consider Hiring a Maid Service

There are some cleaning tasks which are easy and others which seem downright unmanageable. Don’t stress! This is where companies like ours step in to do the heavy lifting and give you peace of mind and shiny new living quarters. Professional maid services know all the tricks of the trade. From clearing hard to reach spaces to removing ground-in stains.

In a fast-paced world where many of us are holding down full-time jobs, raising families, nurturing relationships, trying to maintain social engagements, and meeting extracurricular expectations, there’s no time to clean.

Once you’ve decluttered and organized your belongings, a maid service will sweep in and scrub your home from top to bottom. This is the perfect way to start the year clean and leave your condo feeling lemony fresh.

For more tips on keeping your new year’s resolution to clean more, call Maid4Condos at 1-647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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