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Do You Need Move-out Cleaning?

Do You Need Move-out Cleaning?
May 15, 2019

Move-out cleaning is a great option for those moving home. While you might take on some of the cleaning yourself, you are likely to be busy during the move and may require professional assistance to help get your home ready for new buyers to move-in. In this new post, we’ll explore the value of move-out cleaning and what move-out cleaners can bring to your move.

Do You Need Move-out Cleaning?

Attract Buyers

If you’re in the process of staging your home to invite new buyers, you’ll need to work with a move-out cleaning company to create the ideal home staging environment. Professional cleaning firms can ensure upholstery on furniture is at its cleanest and can remove the dirt and dust from floors and walls so that potential buyers can easily imagine themselves moving in. Cleaners will also help to deodorize carpeting so that the home smells fresh and appealing as soon as potential buyers enter the property.

A Courtesy to the New Homeowners

When you’re moving to a new property, you will need to work with the new homeowners of your old home to ensure that the transition is completed effectively. Working with move-out cleaners is a great way to show the new homeowners that you respect them and that you wish to welcome them to their new home. The move-out cleaners will make sure that all elements of the property are in optimal condition. They will ensure that floors and walls are thoroughly cleaned and will help remove the dirt from any furniture and appliances that will remain in the home. And they will ensure the home smells fresh and clean ready for the new homeowners.

Allows You to Focus on Packing

While you might want to leave the home in the best possible condition for the new owners, you likely won’t have the time or the energy to tackle this during the busy home move. Working with a home cleaning company to allow you to focus on packing your belongings. Home move-out cleaning service providers can reduce your stress during this critical time and provide you with a clear cleaning schedule that suits your move-out timeframe.

Ensures You Meet Contingencies of the Home Sale

When selling your home, the buyer will often put in place several contingencies that must take place for the sale to go through. Committing to a move-out cleaning process helps you meet your obligations to the homeowner and minimizes the chance that there will be any issues when you sign the sale contract.

How to Choose the Home Cleaning Company

While it’s clear that move-out cleaning has a number of benefits for the homeowner, it’s important that you select the right cleaning company for the task-at-hand. Our team at Maid4Condos has many years’ experience in the home cleaning industry and below we’re highlighting several tips for choosing a home cleaning firm:

Make Sure They Have Experience

Consider the experience of the cleaning company and whether this experience meets your requirements. The company should have at least a decade-long background within the home cleaning industry and this background should include cleaning for both residential and commercial clientele. Find out more about the unique levels of experience of those within the company and discuss past projects with them before hiring their team.

Find Out About Their Hiring Process

What type of background checks does the company implement during their hiring process? Are they able to review their employees’ past working history and ensure that employees are suitable for working in their clients’ homes? It’s important that you discuss their hiring process with the company in great detail and find out whether their process meets the standards required.

Discuss Your Cleaning Requirements

What is the extent of your move-out cleaning requirements and can the company meet them? It’s important that you discuss these requirements in detail before moving forward, as you may find that the company doesn’t have the equipment or the expertise to handle the tasks required of them. For example, does the company offer specialty cleaning services for delicate carpet materials? Find out more about their work and whether they can respond to your full range of cleaning needs.

Review the Total Costs

One area that many homeowners often don’t give their full consideration is the total cost for the cleaning service. This cost can be increased by having a greater number of cleaners required for the project or by having a project take a longer amount of time. If you have a special move-out cleaning project requirement, it’s imperative you take into consideration the total costs for the service before you move forward. Ensure the company provides you with all pricing details in writing before they work on cleaning your property, and ask questions if you find any element of their pricing details confusing.

Analyze the Company’s Warranty

Ensure that your move-out cleaning company provides you with a warranty for the cleaning service. They should be able to provide you with a document that shows they will complete the work to your satisfaction and that any changes you require will be completed once you’ve had a chance to review their cleaning work. Ask that the company provides you with a copy of their warranty before moving forward with the service.

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