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Why You Need to Deep Clean Your Home

Why You Need to Deep Clean Your Home
August 9, 2021

Even if you are a thorough cleaner and clean your home on a regular basis, there are certain aspects of cleaning that require more attention. Most of us have our own cleaning routines that range from hardly ever, to daily. Also, depending on the task, you can get away doing some things monthly while other areas of the home need attention a few times a day.

Benefits of deep cleaning your home

Through it all, however, there are germs, dirt, bacteria and all kinds of nasties building up in the less obvious areas of the home. So even the most dedicated home cleaner needs a little help now and then with the professional deep cleaning services that reach every inch of your home. Here’s why.

Deep Cleaning Reaches Every Corner

Deep cleaning is the nitty gritty of cleanings. It looks at every corner of the home that tends to go untouched for years. We’re talking behind the fridge and stove, the base boards and crusty areas of your window frames, dusty blinds and the tops of your ceiling fans. While most of us go about our daily business without giving much thought to these hard-to-reach spots, they continue to build up with tons of dust bunnies, dust, tiny particles of who knows what and germs. This makes for a less than healthy environment.

Tackling the Invisible and Hidden Dirt

Most of us clean our homes by taking care of the messes and dirt we see. However, as mentioned, our homes are filled with areas we can’t see, and these are the areas targeted by a deep clean. Having areas in the kitchen, for example, where you have a buildup of grease and grime can attract pests. Areas of the bathroom that go untouched become more and more unhygienic and unsanitary.

All those hidden dust bunnies contribute to fine particles in the air we breathe in day after day and night after night. When you have a deep cleaning, all of these issues disappear. It just takes two deep cleans a year to help reduce the presence of germs and other nasties in the home that contribute to poor air quality which in turn can lead to allergies and worsening symptoms of asthma.

Discourage Mould and Mildew Growth

Deep cleanings spot issues such as mould and mildew growth in areas such as the bathroom or under the kitchen sink. A good wipe down with disinfecting cleaners in trouble areas helps kill mould and mildew so you avoid costly damage and worsening health issues.

A Check List of Cleanliness

A condo deep cleaning checks all the boxes to leave your home gleaming and spotless. It addresses every inch of your home. Deep cleaning also prepares your home so that your regular cleaning maintains your home in pristine condition for the next six months or so. Our deep cleaning checklist includes:

  • Bathtub and shower enclosure
  • Inside, out and behind the toilet
  • Bathroom lights, mirrors, sink, countertops
  • Vacuum all ceiling fan covers
  • Wipe all light switches, doorknobs
  • Empty all garbage bins
  • Vacuum/mop all floors
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Make bed
  • Tidy any clothing
  • Dust counters, tabletops, picture frames
  • Clean mirrors and polish ornaments
  • Wipe window ledges
  • If dishwasher empty, start new load
  • If dishwasher full, put away clean dishes
  • Microwave inside
  • Stove top
  • Fridge front polished
  • Backsplash, counter tops, cupboard fronts
  • Clean kitchen sink
  • Replace garbage and recycling liners
  • General tidying
  • Tidy sofa seating
  • Tabletops, picture frames, window ledges
  • Clean mirrors and dust ornaments
  • Wipe telephones, switches, doorknobs
  • Clean under/ behind furniture
  • Vacuum sofa seating
  • Clear air vent and lint trap in laundry room
  • Wipe washer/ dryer

We assess your home and take over with a team of expert cleaners. You can also request our Germ Blasters service for complete disinfection of your home. We use the latest technology and safety methods to treat, prevent and protect living environments without risk of harm to you, your children or pets. Germ Blasters Solution also rids your home of foul odours and reduces airborne pathogens including COVID.

Healthier Environment

As mentioned, a thorough deep cleaning rids your home of a long list of unhealthy elements including mould spores, bacteria, grime and allergens. Although you can wash the surfaces in your home with a strong disinfecting cleaner you don’t have time to tackle the unseen areas which leave your home open to health risks.

Less Stress

Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day at work to a messy home. If you feel your home is unsanitary it adds to your stress and makes you feel uncomfortable so you can’t relax. The stress of not having time to clean can also make being at home unpleasant. When you know your home has been deep cleaned you can relax knowing a good weekly cleaning either by you or our team will keep your home germ-free and healthy.

How often should you clean deep?

It just takes a deep cleaning twice a year to set the foundation for your weekly cleaning routine. We take care of the serious cleaning, and you contribute with weekly upkeep. If you don’t have time, we can do it for you. We always suggest a spring and fall schedule to tackle the deep cleaning. It prepares your home for the new season ahead by removing the last six months of dirt and grime accumulation.

Maid4Condos works with you to come up with a custom deep cleaning that’s best for you. Book a deep cleaning for your condo based on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage, then receive a great quote on the best condo cleaning you will ever have!

If you want to find out more about deep cleaning your home, call Call Maid4Condos today at (647) 822-0601 or contact us here.

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