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More Millennials Are Hiring Home Cleaners—Here’s Why

More Millennials Are Hiring Home Cleaners—Here’s Why
July 6, 2020

How do you clean your home? For many people, routine house cleaning—like light dusting, sweeping, or mopping—is part of their weekend ritual. It’s especially therapeutic after a long week at work, and necessary when you’re expecting guests or simply want to keep your surroundings clean for good health. The reality is that not everyone has the time to keep up with basic home upkeep, and it’s not a bad thing.

Why are millennials hiring home cleaners?

Today, millennials make up a huge chunk of homeowners and renters who want better, more refreshing homes, which only a professional deep cleaning can achieve. Rather than carve out time in their weekend schedules to do a deep clean, millennials are choosing to budget their time and money more wisely by hiring home cleaning services to restore their living spaces and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. But why are they trusting professional cleaners more to get the job done, and what are they getting out of the extra cash they pay?

Millennials are Busy

It’s a fact: millennials are time-poor and struggle to keep up with the changing demands of their jobs, such as having to stay online 24/7 and even taking on side hustles for extra cash. But with the rise of their favourite apps and the gig economy, it’s become so much easier to keep track of busy schedules and neverending to-do lists, including cleaning their homes.

Millennials value their quality of life, and hiring home cleaning services to offload the occasional deep clean helps them achieve a much-needed work/life balance. As a result, millennials come home to cleaner houses and apartments and earn back the additional expense in refreshing living spaces and the time spent catching up with loved ones or their favourite hobbies.

A Professional, Deep Clean

Many millennials also benefit from a professional deep clean rather than the light dusting and wiping they know how to do and have time for. While most of us have basic cleaning supplies stashed under the kitchen sink, professional cleaners have all the right and more powerful tools for dealing with tough stains.

When was the last time you moved around your furniture to clear out dust bunnies and grime from tight spaces and crevices? Millennials trust professional home cleaning services to get the job done every time. That means reaching in between tight corners and scrubbing off stubborn stains effectively. No more fighting with their partner or roommates about dirty dishes and toilets, because professional cleaners are equipped to handle the mess that’s been getting on everyone’s nerves, especially in small living spaces, like shared apartments and condos.

Professional Home Cleaning Services isn’t a Luxury

How rich do you have to be to afford a cleaner? Today, the answer is not at all. Previously, these domestic services were exclusive to upper-class families who are used to being waited on and taken care of, or older folk who require assistance for daily activities. That left everyone else doing their own household chores – but not anymore.

Cleaning your home isn’t as demanding as it once was. Modern families live in smaller homes, rather than large properties that cost a lot in upkeep. But with longer working hours and busier social calendars, it makes more sense to book a home cleaning service to do a routine deep clean of your home and restore its comforting vibe at a steep discount.

As home cleaning services are more available and affordable than the large overhead cost of a full-sized domestic staff from decades ago, millennials can now do it all: keep their homes clean, and keep up with their even busier lives.

Sharing Economy and Smartphone Apps

How easy is it to book a home cleaner you can trust? The answer is simple: a quick swipe and tap. Today, most millennials rely on their smartphones to keep up with their jobs and personal lives, and even manage their homes; hiring a home cleaning service is no exception.

As the sharing economy grows, so do online marketplaces for accessing lifestyle essentials, such as finding a professional cleaner. This convenience comes at a discount, too, as many home cleaning services can be found through smartphone apps and dozens of websites advertising locally. This means millennials can easily book a cleaning service with a few quick taps on the screen.

Modern Women and Changing Gender Roles

We’re no longer living in the 1950s, and that means women are no longer expected to stay at home and do everything on their own to keep the peace. Now, most families rely on two incomes to afford lifestyle essentials and save up for their future.

Millennials aren’t just working far more demanding jobs; they’re also a progressive generation that doesn’t believe in women or a single partner staying home and playing superhero to complete all the household chores while their other half is at work.

With both spouses working demanding 9 to 5 jobs, it makes sense to offload some tasks, like deep cleaning their homes to professionals, rather than constantly bickering about whose turn it is to do the dishes or scrub the toilet. In turn, they recoup the money spent on home cleaning services by making up for lost time at work, and other more abstract benefits, like spending quality time with family and friends, or taking up weekend hobbies they would otherwise be too time-poor to afford.

What’s up with your roommate? Shared Living Spaces

Here’s a little known fact: a smaller home, like a condo or townhouse, is easier to clean and maintain, but it’s also easier to mess up. That’s because these compact living spaces are typically built with less storage space, so homeowners are constantly dealing with a spillover of many small items like glassware, books, old accents and decor, and even clothing essentials that don’t fit in tiny closets.

With the rising cost of homes in real estate hotspots, like Toronto and the GTA, many millennials just starting to live on their own also often find themselves sharing these living spaces with their partners, friends, and even strangers-turned-unlikely-roommates. All these cohabitants also have their own demanding jobs and busy schedules, making it easy for their collective mess to pile up, or start up again after one roommate takes a stab at the chore wheel.

Home cleaning services make a huge difference in making these shared dwellings more livable and comfortable. Because more of you split up the cost, hiring a professional cleaner becomes even more affordable and convenient.

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