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TIFF got your tongue? - Maid4Condos Promotion

TIFF got your tongue? – Maid4Condos Promotion
September 4, 2017

TIFF got your tongue? Maid4Condos Promotion


We love our city, and we want our clients to enjoy it! That’s why we’ve come up with an idea that you’re going to love.


It’s simple. By sharing this post and booking with Maid4Condos during September 2017- using coupon code TIFF2017 – not only will we discount your booking $17, but we’ll give you and a friend the chance to become TIFF Members! That means year-round benefits and early bird access and prices until the end of TIFF, 2018! That’s a whole lot of cool.


Ready to enter? It’s easy!


First, share this post. Then, go to our website to plug in your details and choose your clean. Next, add the promotional coupon code to your profile to enter, book your cleaning – and voila! There’s no catch. In fact, we encourage you to combine this with any of our other promotions! Unfortunately, those who cancel bookings using this promo code will no longer qualify to win the membership. Maid4Condos is all about keeping it simple every step of the way and making your home feel sparkling and new by the end of the day!

Two couples or four people will walk away with TIFF 365 Memberships. However, we will only be announcing the winners in October over our Maid4Condos Facebook page– so it’s very important that you like us ON FB and keep those eyes peeled! We don’t want you to miss out on your membership because you didn’t see the announcement.


Have friends or family who go gaga over TIFF?


Like and share this post so everyone can get excited! Plus, you won’t miss any more Maid4Condos news or promotions when you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+!

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