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Kitchen Cleaning 101: 10 Useful Hacks That Save Time

Kitchen Cleaning 101: 10 Useful Hacks That Save Time
June 5, 2023

We could all use a little help to save time on our cleaning duties. Since the kitchen is prone to messes and has germs that can make you sick, it can be the most time-consuming room to clean. 

Kitchen cleaning 101: 10 useful hacks that save time

However, fear not! In this article, we will look at 10 useful hacks and kitchen cleaning supplies that save time in the kitchen so you can get on with your life. 

1. Keep on top of cleaning

A rookie cleaning mistake is only cleaning the kitchen on “cleaning days.” This allows dirt and grime to build. As a result, once cleaning day rolls around, the kitchen is filthy and needs some serious elbow grease to tackle the mess. Instead, keep on top of cleaning with these hacks:

  • If you spill something, wipe it up right away. 
  • Clean the counters after food preparation.
  • Sweep the kitchen floor at least once a day.
  • Add kitchen wipes or paper towels to your kitchen cleaning supplies so they are handy for quick cleanup.
  • Clean the microwave after explosions and boilovers. 
  • Do the same for the oven and stovetop. 

2. Use the right tools and kitchen cleaning supplies

You wouldn’t use a pot to fry pancakes—or would you? No judgment here! We can at least agree that you’d get very odd results if you did because using the right tools makes a big difference. Make sure you have a good assortment of kitchen cleaning supplies to make quick work of your cleaning tasks, including:

  • A gentle scrub brush to get rid of cooked-on or stuck-on grunge.
  • Dishcloths or wipes for washing everyday messes on surfaces.
  • Paper towels to catch those big spills. 
  • Plastic scraper for ceramic/glass stove tops, especially things like burnt cheese, milk, and sugar.
  • Multi-purpose kitchen cleaner to tackle the grease.
  • Broom and dustpan to keep the floors crumb-free.
  • Oven cleaner. 
  • Kitchen-safe abrasive cleaner.

If you prefer natural cleansers, here are some kitchen cleaning BFFs:

  • Lemon or vinegar and baking soda for scrubbing. 
  • Lemon and salt to scrub cutting boards.
  • Some lemons to run through the garbage disposal to eliminate odours.
  • Vinegar to clean glass surfaces.

3. Have a schedule

It helps to know how often you need to clean different things in your kitchen. Although the basic rule of “cleaning it when it looks dirty” works, this tends to allow dirt and grime to build up. Instead, use this schedule for kitchen cleaning tasks:

Every day:

  • Kitchen surfaces and floors
  • Dishes (seriously, do it every day!)
  • Kitchen sink
  • Loading, running, and emptying the dishwasher


  • Wash the floors

Every three months:

  • Inside your fridge

Twice a year:

  • Kitchen hood
  • Cupboards, drawers, and pantry
  • Oven cleaning using a cleaner or your automatic oven cleaner

4. Pay attention when cooking

This might seem like it comes out of the left field, but messy cooks tend to be the ones not paying attention to their work. Keep organized and put things away as you follow each recipe step. 

Pay attention to things cooking on the stove or in the microwave to avoid messy boilovers. Don’t let things burn in the oven, as that can also cause boilovers and smoke. All of these little details keep things neater in the long run. 

5. Get organized

An organized kitchen keeps things within reach so you can find them when needed. For example, having your cleaning items stored in a hall closet means you’re less likely to sweep up every day or try to remove a stain on the counter when you spill your wine. Staying organized keeps the cleaning items you need handy, so you have fewer excuses not to clean. 

6. Do double duty 

When you can, do double duty on your cleaning tasks to get more done yet take less time overall. If you happen to be vacuuming, give the kitchen floor a quick run. When dusting, do the top of the fridge and microwave while you’re at it. If you’re washing the bathroom floor, you might as well do the kitchen floor too. 

7. Use a vacuum as part of your kitchen cleaning supplies

Vacuums aren’t just for carpets. If you have a vacuum with attachments, use it to speed up messy kitchen cleaning tasks like:

  • Clearing away crumbs
  • Cleaning inside drawers and utensil trays
  • Cleaning shelves
  • Sucking up things like onion skins in your fridge drawers

It’s a handy tool with a lot of uses, so make the most of it. Just keep in mind that it’s not for wet work like spilled milk!

8. Pay attention to details—use a toothbrush

Your kitchen can look dirtier if you tend to miss the same spots repeatedly. For example, you might scrub your sink but never do the drain area because it’s too hard to tackle with your sponge.

Use a toothbrush to get those hard-to-reach areas for a quick and easy scrubbing solution for finicky little areas. A few more examples of toothbrush cleaning include:

  • Removing grime from detailed kitchen knobs
  • Cleaning tile grout
  • Scrubbing electric stove elements (with the element off, of course)
  • Removing grime from panelled kitchen cupboard surfaces

Your kitchen will always feel cleaner when you reach the tiny areas commonly missed. You’ll also do it quickly with the scrubbing power of a toothbrush. 

9. Clean your dishwasher with Tang

These retro drink crystals are still sold in stores and can go a long way in creating a sparkling clean dishwasher. Tang targets those hard water deposits that build up in your dishwasher, causing it to become less effective at keeping dishes and glasses sparkling clean. Just pour the tang crystals into the dishwasher and let it run through an empty cycle to create a cleaner cycle for your next load! 

10. Let it soak!

There is so much unnecessary scrubbing involved in kitchen cleaning. You can avoid some of the scrubbing by letting certain things soak, such as:

  • Oven racks: Soak them in the bathtub with powdered laundry detergent for about four hours, rinse them, and admire the sparkle.
  • Range hood filter: Grab a pot wide enough to fit the filter. Fill it with water and a ½ cup of baking soda. Bring it to a boil, and then take it off the burner. Then, soak your range hood filter for about 30 minutes to remove the gunk. You’ll have to flip it to clean both sides.  

Contact the Cleaning Experts

These hacks and kitchen cleaning supplies tips will keep you out of the kitchen so you can do what you love. If it still sounds like too much work, let the Maid4Condos pros clean your kitchen for you!

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