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Kick Clutter With 12 Shoe Organization Tips

Kick Clutter With 12 Shoe Organization Tips
August 16, 2019

Being a shoe maven isn’t easy. It costs money. It can backfire when you invest in a pair of killer boots that also kill your feet. It can be overwhelming deciding which shoes to wear. It can be impossible to find places to store them all. If you love shoes and are reading this, you are probably thinking, “If only I had those issues!” However, for most households short on space, that shoe pile-up is a bone of contention. If you are looking for ways to manage your shoe overload, here are 12 organization tips to keep everything contained (or at least neater).

Kick Clutter With 12 Shoe Organization Tips

1. Bench ‘em

In sports, sitting on the bench is a bad thing. For storage, sitting in, under, or on a bench is genius. Benches are a small space’s best friend. They provide a number of options that can help keep shoe clutter down to a loud roar. You can try a number of bench ideas, including:

  • Purchase an attractive storage trunk to place in your entryway. You can load it up with pillows to create an attractive bench, while using the inside to store the less used or off-season footwear.
  • Purchase a bench with legs and store shoes below, contained in a tray or on shoe shelves. The bench helps hide the clutter, while providing a place to sit and tie your laces.

2. Wick away mess with wicker

Baskets, baskets, and more baskets help you manage shoes, shoes, and more shoes. They are perfect to compartmentalize shoes neatly and with their respective other half. They are the perfect partner for low-lying shelves, but can also be used on wall shelves as well if space allows.

3. Hang ’em high

If you are a prima pump princess, a simple wire mesh wall organizer is a girl’s BFF. Your pointy heels are the ideal hook to hang up your shoes. If you love colourful shoes, you can even show them off as an edgy, fashionista art installation.

4. Curb ‘em in cubbies

If it’s more of a family affair, hence a greater scale of mess, cubbies do wonders. First, you can use them to add a little decorative detail on your wall. Second, the kids are kind of fanatical when you make cleaning a little more fun. You can assign everyone as many cubbies as they need, put their name on them, and even allow them to decorate their cubbies if they choose. This gives everyone their own space, so, a) they can find things more easily, and b) so you remain sane even at the peak of shoe changing season.

5. Creative stacked shelves

There are some interesting stacked shelf options that might work out fine for shoes instead of their intended use. For example, wooden mail wall mounts have a shape that works well for slipping in some shoes in pairs. Each family member can have their own pocket, or you can hog them all if you are a shoe-a-holic. This is also an excellent solution if you have limited space and almost no wall space for shelves, as these types of storage units tend to be tall and narrow.

6. Create a crate

You’d be amazed at how simply writing on something can inspire people to use it for its intended purpose. We are using a crate as an example here, but you can get creative with the container you use. Wooden crates, milk cartons, old toy boxes, etc. can all be painted and named to create a storage bin that is stylish, clever, and tucked under a bench or table in your hallway, mudroom, or entryway.

7. Tres chic trays

Get creative with trays to collect wet boots and keep shoes contained. You can always buy a real shoe tray, but what if you shopped around for some inspired ideas instead? For example, a large low-lying wicker basket, an extra-large designer serving tray, galvanized steel bins used in industry or gardening, or an old wooden anything. There is no end to how creative you can get. Also, fill your tray with pebbles, colourful glass beads, etc. for an added designer touch and to keep water away from your leather and suede.

8. Win with wine racks

Wine racks can be perfect for shoes. Not all will work, but with a little ingenuity, you can find the right size and shape for a wine lover’s solution for shoe organization.

9. Tap into PVC piping

PVC piping comes in all sizes. You can cut the piping to create individual shoe shelves and affix them to the wall in an interesting pattern. The piping can be painted, covered in wallpaper, or left as is. You can also add colourful paper or wallpaper on the inside of the tubes.

10. Shoe library

A bookshelf can make an excellent shoe storage option, as they are tall and narrow. They don’t take up much space, but can hold a heck of a lot of shoes. As long as you can keep them neat and with their mates, your shoes will stay organized. You can consider adding a pretty curtain across the front for a decorative touch and to also keep them hidden if they become unruly.

11. Step things up

This one requires a carpenter, but if the budget allows, it is ideal. Have drawers built into the risers of your stairs. You can keep things completely hidden yet readily available when it’s time to go out. You can just use the bottom two steps or so and either choose a tap drawer that you push to get open, or a unique little inconspicuous handle.

12. Visit a storage shop

There are plenty of retailers that have storage and organizing options you never knew existed. They can provide you with excellent ideas perfectly suited to your individual needs and clutter level. From closet door shoe hangers to very slim shoe cabinets (such as at IKEA), you are sure to find inspiration for your messy shoe shame.

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