Keeping Your Car Clean 101 - House Cleaning Service In Toronto

Keeping Your Car Clean 101

Clean T.O: Keeping Your Car Clean 101 – House Cleaning Service In Toronto
November 1, 2017

Clean T.O: Keeping Your Car Clean 101 – House Cleaning Service In Toronto


The reality is, keeping your car clean is hard. With busy work mornings, spilled coffee, groceries, kids and bad uber customers will leave your car looking like a hell hole. As you know all too well, cars don’t clean themselves. Unfortunately, neither do we- at least not as much as we should. However, if you don’t clean your car’s interior on a regular basis, you’ll just end up with mess on top of mess on top of mess…You know how it goes. The good news is that keeping your car clean isn’t that difficult- once it’s already been cleaned.


clean t.o keeping your car clean 101 in car
clean t.o keeping your car clean 101 in car


Ultimately, the trick to keeping your car clean is to do one thorough clean first. In other words, you’ll be more inclined to take that garbage out of your car at the gas station, and those soccer balls that have been marinating in the trunk. Plus, when your passengers get into your clean car- they too will have more incentive to keep it clean. That’s right, say goodbye to the days of passengers leaving debris behind and say hello to clean!


Garbage In The Car


Everyone is guilty of using their car floor as a trash can, intentionally or otherwise. However, when it comes to cleaning up loose garbage, a simple solution is the ‘take-out’ method. No, not take-out food! Take-out your trash. Every time you get out of the car. Every. Time.


clean t.o keeping your car clean 101 - Garbage
clean t.o keeping your car clean 101 -Garbage


In addition to the ‘take-out’, the most obvious solution for keeping your car clean is to have a designated car trash bag in a convenient spot. Just remember to take out the trash when it gets full! However, if the bag solution doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of cool inventions to help you deal with your garbage. For instance, check out this cup holder trash can!


The Car Dirt


Though the exterior of your car probably needs a wipe down, your interior does too.  However, instead of going out to buy auto wipes, just use baby wipes! In fact, wiping the surfaces of your car with baby wipes will do a superb job of removing all the dust and dirt that’s accumulated, for a portion of the price.


clean t.o keeping your car clean 101 - Dirt
clean t.o keeping your car clean 101 – Dirt


In reality, cup holders can be tricky to clean- but they’re not impossible! In order to get in there, try the car cleaning hack of dipping a Q-tip in water or cleaning solution. Next, swirl it around those deep corners to get at the grime and crumbs you’ve been driving around with for months. Furthermore, consider buying some ceramic car coasters to make your next clean way easier!


All The Other Car Stuff


If you’re someone who likes to keep a lot of stuff in the car ‘just in case’- then it may be time to get a car organizer. For instance, you can keep tissues in one pocket, a flashlight in the other- and even have a place for your car snacks! Now that’s a nice way to keep your car clean and organized.


clean t.o keeping your car clean 101 Order
clean t.o keeping your car clean 101 Order


However, the most important rule for managing the clutter in your clean car is: whatever goes in, must come out. In other words, anything that you bring into the car at the beginning of the trip should be taken out at the end. It’s too easy to leave things in the car and say, “I’ll just bring it inside tomorrow”. Do yourself a favor, and take the clutter out before you wind up with a pile up. At the end of the day, only you can keep your car clean!


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