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Keeping Your Apartment Clean During Winter: 11 Expert Tips

Keeping Your Apartment Clean During Winter: 11 Expert Tips
December 15, 2021

Most of us dread the arrival of winter. Cold days, long nights, and being stuck indoors all make for a boring existence. What can make things worse is living in a messy home. However, if you keep your home nice and cozy, then being indoors won’t be as bad. In this article, we offer 11 expert tips to keep your apartment clean this winter, so you can create a friendly environment during your hibernation.

Expert tips for keeping your apartment clean during the winter

1. Vacuum carpets often

Your carpets are home to a lot of deep down dirt that can get worse in the winter months. This is because your slushy wet boots and shoes have things like salt and dirt on them that get tracked into your home. Even if you take your boots off, as they dry, they can leave dirty and salt debris on the floor that gets on your socks or slippers.

This is the time of year to be more diligent about vacuuming, so you get rid of all the extra dirt, germs, dust, and bacteria. If you have a balcony, you can shake out your boot trays or hall carpets to remove the gritty mess left behind by slushy boots. If you’re a real clean nut, you can also rinse them in the sink.

2. Heating grates

Make sure when you have the vacuum out you give your heating grates a nice cleaning too. Since this is how the warm air is forced into your apartment, you want to reduce the dust and debris that gets circulated.

3. Open the windows

On milder days, open your windows and let in some fresh air. This helps circulate the stale air in your home, and can also reduce indoor air pollution such as dust mites, mould spores, or pet dander. Just a few minutes a day throughout the winter can make a big difference, even if the weather is a little chilly.

4. Keep your home smelling fresh

We tend to empty our trash cans and replace the bag, but do little to keep the actual trash bin itself clean. With the heat on and being trapped inside, you want to keep the garbage smells down to a minimum. A good way to do this is to disinfect your trash bins whenever you change the bag. A nice disinfectant aerosol spray cleaner does the trick, but you can also consider actually wiping the bin down with a clean cloth and disinfectant cleanser if they are looking a little crusty.

5. Clean your oven

Another thing that tends to get a little crustier in the winter is your oven. If you’re lucky, your apartment has a self-cleaning oven. Since the winter tends to be the time of year we do more roasting and baking, you want your oven to be nice and clean. You can turn on your self-cleaning setting every few weeks or when the oven starts to look greasy and crusty, and let it do its job while you sit and watch TV.

If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, spray it with water and sprinkle it with baking soda. Let it sit for a few hours, and then wipe it clean with a warm damp sponge. This is better than using the chemical oven cleaners, which give off dangerous fumes.

6. Get those windows sparkling

The dull gray days of winter can make your apartment feel dark and dingy. This is a great time of year to bring more sun and daylight into your home by washing your windows. A natural cleaning solution that makes your windows sparkle is 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of eco-friendly dish detergent, and 2 cups of water. Spritz it on the windows, and then wipe them down with a clean microfiber cloth.

7. Vacuum under the furniture

Take the time to get really serious about your vacuuming and go all out with moving the furniture away from the walls to vacuum. Get under the bed and couch and tackle those dust bunnies hiding away, as they make it harder to breathe. Also, remove your couch cushions and vacuum up all those crumbs.

8. Declutter

Use your boredom as motivation to do some decluttering. You can make the most of your apartment’s space by going through your closets, cupboards, and pantry to throw out the things you don’t need.

9. Get organized

Why wait until the spring to get more organized? As you declutter, arrange everything in your apartment so you can find items easily while helping to reduce the mess. When everything has a place, it makes it easier to keep your items neat and tidy, which in turn reduces stress when you are home.

10. Store away your summer wear

Move all your summer clothes to the harder-to-reach areas of your closets and drawers. Bring your winter clothes front and center so you can find everything more easily. If space allows, store your summer wear away, either under the bed in flat-lidded plastic bins or higher up on your closet shelves.

11. Organize your winter accessories

Climate change can make it difficult to know what to wear in the winter months. Organize your winter accessories and outerwear so it’s easy to adapt to the unpredictable weather when you head out in the morning. Get some cute little baskets to store smaller items like gloves and mittens, and some hooks for your scarves and jackets. This also keeps your apartment much neater, so you don’t feel so claustrophobic.

If the idea of winter cleaning makes you even more depressed, then leave it to the professionals at Maid4Condos. Speak to our team today about our condo cleaning services this winter. Call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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