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How To Keep Your Carpet and Rugs Clean

How To Keep Your Carpet and Rugs Clean
October 17, 2019

Rugs and carpets serve a useful function in terms of flooring and keeping outside dirt outside, and it doesn’t hurt that these come in handy for any chic and cozy interior feel. That is, at least until someone spills a glass of juice or wine, or the dust accumulates in the fibres over time, causing allergies to act up, or a persistent stench sweeping through the entire house.

Tips to keep your carpet and rugs clean

Everyone knows about the benefits of regular vacuuming and avoiding pesky stains altogether — but is your regular cleaning routine up to par? There could still be allergens like pet dander, pollen, and accumulated dust lying around, especially in busy cities like Toronto where it’s not uncommon to constantly track in lots of outside dirt and pollutants.

That’s why you’re still sneezing and constantly feeling like you’re coming down with something no matter how much vitamins you take, or how clean the house looks.

Do you know how to do a deep clean of your rugs and carpets? Use this professional cleaning service guide to find out — and pick up some useful tips:

1. Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming is the most basic way to clean rugs and carpets, but you’ll be surprised to find out that proper vacuuming is also often overlooked. Even a once-a-week sweep through the entire carpeted area can already do a lot to prevent dirt build-up. If you have kids and pets, weekly might not be enough, so consider upping this frequency for better results.

When you’re vacuuming, don’t just stand there. A thorough pass means going through corners, sides, and entire rooms a few times. This helps guarantee an effective, longer-lasting clean. If it’s been a while since you last vacuumed, or you don’t have enough time to do a weekly clean, consider hiring a cleaning service to maintain optimal upkeep of your entire home in Toronto.

2. No shoes indoors

If you don’t have a no-shoes policy in your house, this new habit might take a while to get used to, but the benefits are priceless. By removing shoes at the front door, you track less dirt inside your house and keep rugs and carpets clean for longer.

If you think that dirt and icy slush are already visible on hardwood or linoleum flooring, think how much more carpet fibres absorb. Just ditch the shoes — and enjoy the feeling of plush carpet rubbing against tired soles.

3. Freshen-up rugs

Just like their humans, rugs and carpets need freshening up, too — and the best thing about this is, you can use the spices already in your kitchen cupboard. Spices are great for a natural boost of freshness and eliminate the need for artificial — and sometimes toxic — chemicals in deodorizers and fragrances.

Use generous sprinklings of cinnamon, cloves, dried thyme, nutmeg, lavender, or rosemary on the carpet; for stubborn odours, add a little baking soda or borax to the mix. Wait a few minutes to let the scent soak in, then vacuum up the spices to complete the clean.

4. Beat carpets

That’s right — for small, easily portable rugs, take them outside and give them a nice beating to loosen dirt particles and gravel lodged in the fibres. Just give it a nice toss, or use a bat, mop handle or broom to pound the dirt and dust out.

5. Remove stains right away

The number one rule of removing stains is not to let them sit. For big spills, pour cornmeal right away, wait up to 15 minutes to soak, and vacuum right after. As for coffee, wine, and juice spills, these acidic beverages will respond to club soda, which works like magic.

For juice and berry, try white vinegar. And if the stain is from greasy foods, blot it first using isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, then deep clean using liquid soap or laundry detergent mixed with ⅓ cup of water whirred in the blender, and scrub away with a brush or clean rag.

The downside of these tried and tested stain removal methods is that these are only great for immediate cleaning; set-in stains don’t always respond to scrubbing — and your knees and hands pay the ultimate price for it. Instead, use an iron.

That’s right — preheat your iron and set it to work just like a professional cleaner’s steamer. To prepare, spray ¾ water mixed with ¼ white vinegar and let it soak overnight. Then, place a terry-cloth towel over the top and iron it out at the highest steam level. You’ll see the stain evaporate right before your eyes! The real magic here comes from using vinegar, as it prevents the carpet from bleaching and destroying the interiors.

Book a Home Cleaning Service

All these methods are great for routine cleaning and removing stains overnight, but let’s face it — do you really have the time (and probably the patience) to work your way around wall-to-wall carpeting? A professional home cleaning service can provide a much-needed deep cleaning for fully carpeted homes, effectively removing dust, pollen, and pet dander, as well as stubborn, set-in stains.

Home cleaning service providers also tackle the job with all the right tools and equipment — like professional-grade steam cleaners and cleaning agents — so no stain or amount of built-up dirt is too big or too much to clean.

With regular home cleaning, you won’t have to worry about expensive wall-to-wall carpet replacement, and instead extend the useful life of your plush flooring. There’s no stain too big for a professional home cleaner to handle, so don’t give up on the plush softness of carpeted floors just yet. Trust a home cleaning service to get rid of dirt and allergens lodged in rugs and carpets, and relax in a clean and safe environment.

To learn more about how to keep rugs and carpets clean, call Maid4Condos at (647) 822-0601 or contact us here.

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