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It’s Not Clutter, it’s #Maximalism.

Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s #Maximalism
October 16, 2017

It’s Not Clutter, it’s #Maximalism


Your minimalist friends might have a heart attack when they walk into your apartment- but there’s good news, it’s not clutter, it’s #maximalism! That’s right, if you find pleasure in bold colours, clashing patterns and textures, and lots-o-stuff, you might be a maximalist! Read on as we explain what #maximalism is, why it’s been trending so hard, and the steps you need to take to curate your clutter into a clean maximalist space!


Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Living Room
Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Living Room


We all know what minimalism is, right? From magazines to movies to iPhones, the minimalist design surrounds us everyday. With that said, it’s no shock that minimalism, with all of its sharp lines and muted colours, has taken over western décor. Ironically, it’s popularity may be the reason it’s on the way out! Turns out, there really can be too much of a good thing. However, it’s natural for trends to be replaced by its opposite. So, say bye-bye to minimalism and hello #maximalism!


Define it, Please (Maximalism)


In terms of aesthetic, maximalism can be defined complete opposite of minimalism. For example, the “more is more” style employs designs that are visually stimulating and emotionally evocative. Whereas minimalism is all about “more is less”. However, #maximalism isn’t 100% different from it’s minimalist sibling. In fact, the awesomeness of maximalism lies in its contradiction.  For instance, on one hand maximalist living involves a lot of ‘stuff’- collections, art work, furniture, objects, etc. And according to maximalist theory, these beloved objects will make your home more inspiring if they are chosen based on functionality and beauty.


Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Blue Room
Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Blue Room


On the other hand, maximalism is not an excuse to keep your home in disarray. In fact, an equally essential component of #maximalism is how you organize and present your belongings within your home. At the end of the day, when done correctly a maximalist space can actually be calming. Lastly, it’s important to note that a maximalist home will be ever-changing and evolving. For example, a maximalist would have a wonderful time decorating their condo for fall!


But is it Clean?


It’s easy to assume that calling a home ‘maximalist’ is simply an excuse for clutter and kitschy excess. However, there is a difference between being a maximalist and a slob. On that note, if maximalist decor is not curated with thoughtful precision, you could end up making a big mess! With that said, though home-cleaning in a maximalist space may not necessarily be easier, you probably won’t have to clean as often. For instance, just think about how easy it is to muck up a white shoe vs. a pair with a busy design! Exactly.


Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Messy Room
Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Messy Room


However, don’t be fooled – keeping a maximalist home tidy is extremely important. For example, think about all the stuff sitting around collecting dust! At the end of the day, you don’t need a deep clean every month- but you do need to be dusting regularly. In addition, you could add some indoor air-purifying plants to your home to ensure you’re breathing in quality air. But be careful, practising regular home-cleaning can have some serious moral side-effects! However, there are still times when a hiring a home-cleaning service is essential. Check out Maid4Condosservices to see if anything catches your eye!


Are You a Maximalist?


For most people, maintaining a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t feel natural. Not mention the constant home-cleaning, which only becomes amplified when you have pets or children. However, if you’re still not sure where you stand on the mini-maxi spectrum, check out this article to see if you are truly a maximalist.


Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Kitchen
Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Kitchen


However, if you find that you’re neither a hard-core minimalist or maximalist- you’re probably somewhere in-between! And that’s just fine. In fact, it’s healthy. Ultimately, when minimalist values are blended with a maximalist style, you can have the best of both worlds! Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Living between two extremes will not only help you relax, but will make you more comfortable in your home. Plus, you’ll feel more inspired. Because, aren’t you tired of coming home to a boring, empty, minimalist apartment?


Before You Go…


However, we need to give you a heads up. As previously mentioned, the maximalist lifestyle is trending. So much so, that some are connecting it to the lifestyle of Donald Trump, a famous maximalist. However, maximalism is not just about showing off one’s wealth. In fact, for us ‘normies’, it’s a way to express our artistic taste, and be surrounded by things that inspire us.


Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Gaudy Room
Clean T.O: It’s Not Clutter, it’s Maximalism Gaudy Room


In any event, after you’ve got you’ve curated your small space, try diffusing some aromatherapy to really get all your senses tingling! Definitely check out tips the web can give you, like ideas for how to make your small space maximalist and the rules of a maximalist home!



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