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How to Vet Different Apartment Cleaning Services

How to Vet Different Apartment Cleaning Services
February 14, 2022

If you’ve decided that keeping your apartment clean has become too much trouble, it’s time to consider hiring an apartment cleaning service. However, this can be a tricky proposition if you don’t have a cleaning company in mind. Cleaning companies are a dime a dozen in the GTA, which can make it difficult to know who to trust. When it’s time to finally call in the pros, though, use the following tips to vet different apartment cleaning services to find the right team for the job.

How to choose a cleaning service for your apartment?

Start With Referrals or Reviews

Asking around is the best place to start. This way, you’ll hear from people you trust and can narrow down your search. If you don’t find any referrals, you can turn to olnine reviews.

Keep in mind that it’s impossible to please everyone, so even if you read a few bad reviews, but the majority are positive and the star rating is high, you can feel pretty confident the company can be trusted. A company with solid positive reviews might seem like the best choice, but it often could mean something is amok. Since no one is perfect, it may be that the reviews are not honest, which could mean the company can’t be trusted.

Check Credentials

Only consider apartment cleaning services with fully bonded and insured workers. If something is broken or goes missing, or someone is injured while cleaning your apartment, you limit your losses. If you don’t see anything about bonding, certifications, or insurance on their website, then make sure you ask for proof. If they don’t have it, they aren’t the company for you.

Experience and Testimonials

While it’s always a nice thought to give the little guy a chance, when it comes to cleaning services, experience counts. Check for things like accreditations, awards, and testimonials that support the story the cleaning company’s website tells. Reputation is a big part of a cleaning company’s abilities, and testimonials and awards speak volumes about their capabilities. As well, memberships with creditable associations show the company is committed to excellence, and view their role as a cleaning company as a professional service they take seriously.

The Right Services

Make sure the cleaning company offers the right types of services for your needs. In some cases, they might be offering too many things you don’t want to have to pay for, while in others they don’t do enough. You can also look for companies that can customize their services to meet your needs if their packages don’t quite line up with your expectations.

Standing Behind Their Work

This is very important. While insurance takes care of things like breakage or damage, a guarantee that stands behind the cleaning services provided ensures the cleaning is handled to your satisfaction.

What process does the company offer to manage issues when you aren’t happy, or something is missed? How quickly will they respond and make things right?

You don’t want to deal with a company that doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means they don’t stand behind their work and don’t feel they need to make amends if customers aren’t happy.

The Cleaning Team

You might be surprised to find that many cleaning companies actually contract their work out to other cleaning companies. You, however, want a cleaning company with their own cleaning team. This is very important because it means they take the time to vet their hires, train them, and know who they are sending into your home. If you don’t see anything on their website about their team, then make sure to ask.

You want to make sure they have their own full-time cleaners with experience and training to provide a thorough cleaning that is supervised and standardized to a high level of service. A good cleaning company is very careful with their hiring process, and ensures every reference is checked, a background check is run, and that each person receives the same training.

The Right Tools and Cleaning Products

Smaller cleaning companies often require you to provide cleaning supplies and tools. This is never a good idea, as you want to know the right tools and products are being used to get a professional level of cleanliness. You also want to understand the types of cleaning solutions used.

Are they safe for pets and kids? Do they leave behind a residue or odour? Are they toxic if not rinsed properly? Do they use different cleaners in the kitchen (where food is prepared) than they do in the bathroom?

Make sure you ask these questions before hiring a cleaning service. Also, you might actually prefer them to use your own mops or cleaning solutions. Some people feel this is safer. Speak to your cleaner about this if it is important, and see if they are willing to work with you on your terms.

Cancellation Fees

Keeping in mind that the time scheduled for your cleaning services is how the cleaning company makes a living, be sure to ask if they charge a cancellation fee. If you cancel at the last minute, this leaves the team without work for that time period, as well as without pay. Some companies might charge a fee for last-minute cancellations to cover their costs. If you tend to have a less-than-reliable schedule, this becomes more of an issue.

Consider the First Cleaning Job

One of the things many people forget to do when vetting a cleaning service is to consider the first cleaning job. Once you schedule a cleaner, don’t just settle on them as the right company for the job. Look at their work and make sure it meets or exceeds your expectations. There is no point in paying a company to perform a service that doesn’t provide what you need.

If things aren’t up to your standards, contact them right away and let them know. A good cleaning service will be quick to make things right, and will know what to do the next time they come into your home. Consider all aspects of the job, including if they show up at the scheduled time, that they are courteous, and that you know right away your apartment has been cleaned as soon as you walk in the door.

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