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How to Remove Wine Stains

How to Remove Wine Stains
December 8, 2021

Those red wine stains are the worst. Your pristine white carpet or trendy white shirt is a prime target for that tipsy loved one, wine glass in hand, gesturing madly as they tell her story about her idiot boss. While the story might get a happy ending, the stain they leave behind never does. So, what do you do when that red wine sloshes onto the floor or couch? In this article, we offer our professional cleaning tips to get those stains out quickly.

Tips for getting rid of wine stains

Act Fast

As soon as the deed is done, you need to act fast. The red from the grapes is just as bad as pouring red dye on your rug. You can’t give it a chance to sink in.

Never Scrub, Just “Dab”

First, never scrub a wine stain; all you’re doing is spreading it around. Instead, you want to dab at the stain with no pressure, so the rag in your hand absorbs the excess and doesn’t press it deeper into the fabric or carpet.

Use a Clean Dry Cloth

A clean dry cloth dabbed on the stain will be the quickest way to absorb the wine up and away from the fibers of your carpet or couch.

Apply Powder

You can also apply various types of powder to the stain to absorb the wine, including table salt, baking soda, dry soap powder, talcum powder, or kitty litter. The only downside with this method is that it makes more of a mess. So, sprinkle the powder on, let it absorb the wine, and then blot at the spot after a few minutes to lift the powder and stain from the surface.

Don’t Use White Wine

This is actually an old wives’ tale. Somehow, people got the notion that using white wine will clean away red wine stains. All this will do is spread the red colour around more. Plus, you’re also wasting perfectly good wine.

Boiling Water

While applying boiling water might scare you a bit at first sight because it will spread the stain out, fear not. It is actually diluting the deep colour and helping the wine lose its cohesion. The water makes it easier to blot up the mess with a dry clean cloth. However, don’t soak the stain too much. Use a small amount to avoid soaking the absorbent under padding that will retain all that wetness, which can lead to mould and mildew.

Got milk?

Unlike the white wine that spreads the stain around, this white liquid actually helps to absorb the wine. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then blot it with a dry cloth or sponge. Make sure you clean it up well or you’ll have a rancid milk smell.

Club Soda and White Vinegar

This provides a one-two punch to the stain. First, the minerals help break up the molecules of the wine. Second, the white vinegar helps to clean. Apply the mix, and then blot the area with a clean cloth to absorb the mess.

Good Old OxiClean

This is a tried and true product that gets stains out of anything. This is your go-to solution if the stain goes unnoticed and has time to set in. Just follow the instructions, and let the sodium percarbonate mix with water to create a powerful hydrogen peroxide cleanser.

Dishwashing Liquid and Hydrogen Peroxide

No OxiClean? No worries. Use 1 part dishwashing liquid with 3 parts hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, and then blot it away.

If you don’t have OxiClean or hydrogen peroxide, head to the store and buy an Oxi product. Since the stain is already dry, you’ve got the time!

For Clothes

If the oopsy hits your clothes, you need to act fast as well. Blot it with a clean white cloth, and never rub it or the stain will spread and sink in further. Never go further than the blotting stage without checking the washing instructions on the label, as dry-clean only items can be ruined if you try to apply some kind of cleaning product. You can then try any of the above methods to get the stain out completely. Of course, your Oxi laundry cleaner always does the job quickly as long as the instructions say you can use it on your particular type of fabric.

If you’ve got stains in your carpeting or furniture, then leave it up to the professionals at Maid4Condos to remove them for good. Speak to our team today about the cleaning services that Toronto residents love. Call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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