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How to Put Together the Ultimate Cleaning Caddy

How to Put Together the Ultimate Cleaning Caddy
November 23, 2022

Cleaning takes tons of valuable time that’s better spent relaxing or doing the things you love. We find that the best way to reduce cleaning time is to, of course, first clean often so you don’t have to tackle major messes. 

How to put together the ultimate cleaning caddy

However, we also recommend that you get yourself organized.

A cleaning caddy is a professional cleaner’s BFF, as it holds all the cleaning supplies you need to clean quickly and efficiently. 

Here, we share our insider secrets on how to put together the ultimate cleaning caddy to become a lean, mean cleaning machine.

Why You Need a Cleaning Caddy

Your cleaning caddy saves time keeping everything you need within reach. It also offers an easier way to store all your cleaning supplies in one place. Thus, when you need anything, you know where it is. 

You can make your way from room to room with your caddy, so you aren’t constantly running to find specific cleaning tools or cleaners as you work. 

It makes it easier to carry everything because all your cleaning supplies are tucked neatly into the caddy. It even makes shopping easier, as you can quickly inventory all the cleaning supplies in one glance.

Start With a Cleaning Caddy

The cleaning caddy holds all of your cleaning solutions and tools. You can get creative with what you choose as a cleaning caddy, but make sure it has lots of space, so you have everything you need. 

You also want it to be practical, so it is easy to carry and store. Avoid using something like a cardboard box, as you’re likely to have leaks from your cleaning product, not to mention sloshes of water as you clean.

Find the Best All-Purpose Cleaner

If you use an all-purpose cleaner, you’ll take up less space with fewer bottles. A good all-purpose cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces, including:

  • Kitchen counters, including marble and granite
  • Appliances that aren’t stainless steel
  • Most wood furniture
  • Doors, door frames, and window frames
  • Plastics such as small kitchen appliances and light switches 
  • Door, drawer, and cabinet knobs and handles
  • Remotes and gaming controllers

Additionally, remember to choose a cleaner with a nice fresh fragrance, so your home smells great.

Consider a Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Although not everyone goes through the trouble of using a hardwood floor cleaner, it is worth it to keep them in good condition. They work on hardwood as well as laminate flooring with a gentle cleaning solution that won’t cause streaks or damage to the delicate finish.

Add a Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

This is a cleaning product, not a deodorizer. There’s a big difference, as deodorizers remove odours, whereas cleaners clean stains on fabrics and carpets. 

This is a must if you have pets or kids, or tend to entertain a lot with red wine. The cleaner does also remove odours, although you might still like spraying your soft surfaces with your favourite deodorizer now and then.

Choose a Disinfecting All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

This is a little different from your basic all-purpose cleaner. It is designed specifically for surfaces in bathrooms, such as ceramic tiles and grout. They also tend to have a disinfectant as well. 

They are safe for bath fixtures even if they are made of brass, as well as wood and natural stone. Just a quick note: we haven’t mentioned a toilet brush here because that should be kept by the toilet so you can “clean as you go.”

Add the Convenience of Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes

Look for multi-surface cleaning wipes safe for use on windows, mirrors, glass, electronics, and stainless steel appliances. They tend to be more expensive, so use them sparingly and wisely. 

If you can’t find wipes, look for a multi-surface spray. Again, this is different from an all-purpose cleaner, and won’t damage delicate surfaces or leave behind smudges on glass, mirrors, and stainless steel.

Make Life Easier With an Extendible Duster

Dusting is a pain. To do it right, you need to start at the top and work your way down. Choosing an extendible duster allows you to reach things like ceiling fans and light fixtures. 

They also come with a static duster that collects dust instead of just moving it around. You can use it on the entire room, making short work of this ghastly job.

Use a Lint Roller for Hair and Dust on Soft Surfaces

Okay, we did say you can use your duster on the entire room, but you can’t use it on upholstery or things like fabric blinds. That’s why a lint roller is an excellent addition to your caddy. 

Once you finish the rest of your dusting, the lint roller collects everything you stirred up and landed on things like couches, throw pillows, curtains, and lampshades. They can also tackle unexpected cleaning jobs like a glitter spill during arts and crafts hour.

Clean Any Surface With Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cloths are the ultimate home cleaning tool in our humble opinion. They are reusable, so they are eco-friendly, but they are also great at collecting hair and dust. 

Some people choose microfiber cloth over other tools, including dusters, rags, and sponges. They can be used on just about any surface other than the bathroom. 

Tackle Soapy Messes With a Trusty Sponge

Not everyone likes using a sponge, but they do tend to work best when you are using a lot of soapy water for things like the sink or bathtub. 

They absorb better than other tools, and also often come with an abrasive side to tackle things like bathtub rings.

Use Less Elbow Grease With a Sturdy Scrub Brush

A scrub brush might sound so 1950s, but it really is the best tool to tackle things like mildew, any kind of stubborn gunk, or hard water stains. 

Avoid using it on areas with caulking or older grout, as it can loosen or even remove it.

Keep Hands Soft and Pretty With Rubber Gloves

Most of the cleaning products in your cleaning caddy are going to be harsh on your skin. You’ll also be coming into contact with lots of germs and bacteria that can make you sick. 

Rubber gloves will protect your hands and skin from harsh chemicals and germy bacteria, keeping them soft and pretty.

As professional cleaners at Maid4Condos, we always have the right cleaning supplies and tools to get the job done right. Click here for a free quote. You can also call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

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