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How to Keep Your Patio Furniture Clean

How to Keep Your Patio Furniture Clean
June 6, 2022

Torontonians love patio weather. We like to get out there and enjoy cocktails, watching people and traffic, lounge in backyards, or enjoy the view from condo balconies all summer long. However, when it comes to your own patio, it can be hard to keep it looking like a comfortable place where you can simply relax. Here, we offer our Toronto cleaning tips to keep your patio furniture clean until summer ends.

Patio furniture cleaning tips

Wood Patio Furniture Cleaning and Care Tips

Wood furniture tends to require higher maintenance, depending on the type of wood, age, and finish. For example, teak has become quite popular thanks to its dense oiliness, which protects against dampness and bugs. To keep your wood patio furniture looking its best, follow these tips:

  • Regularly wipe away dirt with a damp non-abrasive cloth whenever you can.
  • To help avoid rainwater from penetrating the wood, dry the furniture following a heavy rainfall.
  • Remove dirt spots with a clean, soft cloth dipped in Castile soap and warm water.
  • Dry the area with a clean dry cloth or let it air dry in the sun.  
  • If your furniture is near a pool, wipe it down at least once a week to remove chlorine accumulation that will erode the finish.

Avoiding Cracking for Wood Patio Furniture

Water causes wood to swell and shrink, which leads to cracking. The best way to avoid cracking is to keep your wood patio furniture either in a sheltered area like a gazebo, or to cover it when not in use to protect it from rain and sun. As mentioned above, you can also wipe down wood furniture after it rains.  

Cleaning Mildew on Wood Patio Furniture

Mildew is caused by moisture. The best way to keep wood patio furniture mildew-free is to keep it dry and covered when not in use. Even water spills can add to moisture, so wipe up spills quickly. Remove things like leaves and pinecones from your furniture on a regular basis, as they can also make wood soggy. If you still find you have mildew, you can use Castile soap and warm water with a soft bristle brush to remove the mildew. Remove excess damp, and then let it dry in the sun.   

Metal Patio Furniture Cleaning and Care Tips

Metal furniture is not as popular as it once was thanks to new resins and woods. However, if you love the modern look of metal, you certainly won’t love the rust! As with wood, the best way to avoid issues like rust is to keep your metal patio furniture protected from the elements. If you can’t keep it under a shelter, cover it when you aren’t using it. You can use these cleaning tips for metal furniture: 

  • Use a clean cloth with warm, mild soapy water.
  • Lightly wipe the metal and pat it dry.
  • Be sure to rinse away all traces of the soap, as even mild cleaning agents can cause erosion.
  • Thoroughly dry the furniture, as excess water can rust or cause stains.

Plastic Patio Furniture Cleaning and Care Tips  

Plastic patio furniture is an affordable option that also comes in a wide variety of styles and colours. Although it can be quite durable, lower quality plastics will fade and crack when exposed to direct sunlight over time. Because it is lighter in weight, you can consider storing it when not in use in order to protect it from the sun. You can also cover it. 

The good news is that it’s easy to clean using a pH-neutral soap with warm water and a clean damp cloth. Avoid bleaches and strong household cleaners that can damage the finish. As well, never ever use a pressure washer on plastic patio furniture. It will completely ruin the finish and even change the colour.  

Resin “Wicker” Patio Furniture Cleaning and Care Tips  

This is by far the most popular look for patio furniture today. Although rattan furniture is very pretty, it really isn’t intended for outdoor use. Therefore, if you love rattan, opt for resin wicker instead. It has the same classy look, but will withstand the Toronto weather. Follow the same instructions as plastic furniture and avoid scrubbing even stubborn stains.

Composite Stone Patio Furniture Cleaning and Care Tips

If you have some ultra-modern composite stone pieces, they require special care. First, you should be applying a cement sealer every three to six months to protect it from moisture. As well, if we get some of that chilly summer weather, this type of furniture should actually come inside, or it can crack. It is definitely higher maintenance, which is maybe why it’s not as popular.

Cleaning Composite Stone Furniture

For cleaning, you might find that you need a soft-bristled brush because dust and dirt can cling to the textured stone. Used with a pH-neutral soap and warm water, the brush makes short work of dirt and grime. The piece can then air dry as long as it’s not too cold out!  

Outdoor Fabric Cleaning and Care Tips

Outdoor fabrics come in a wide variety of patterns and colours with a protective UV coating to protect against fading. The coating is also pretty good at protecting against stains. That said, your outdoor upholstered furniture and pillows need some TLC to keep them looking their best. Follow these tips:  

Shake it Out

If you keep your pillows and seat cushions out all the time, be sure to shake them out every day. This removes things like bugs, as well as debris from surrounding trees. Some trees drop sticky buds, leaves, and branches that can stain the fabric, so you want to get rid of them before they cause damage. Using your vacuum’s soft brush attachment works great to remove debris. You can even just use a leaf blower every day!

Spilled Drinks

If someone spills wine or bright coloured cocktails (not to mention kids with juice boxes), first dab at it with a clean, dry cloth. If anything is left behind, use a liquid dish detergent and warm water to spray the stain. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then wipe it away with a clean cloth. Rinse away the soap and then try to dry it as best you can. The sun will do the rest.

Food Spills

Greasy foods can make a real mess on outdoor fabric. First, use a clean cloth or paper towel to dab away as much of the mess as possible. Then, use a pH-neutral soap with warm water and spray it on the stain. Let it sit and then wipe away the mess. Let it air dry. You can follow the same instructions for sunscreen drips.

If these cleaning tips seem like too much work, then let our team of professional Toronto cleaning experts at Maid4Condos do the work for you. Call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

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