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How to Find the Best Toronto Cleaning Service

How to Find the Best Toronto Cleaning Service
January 3, 2022

Finding a cleaning service for your home can be difficult. First, there are hundreds of cleaning services in the GTA, which means the list for your search is overwhelming right out of the gate. Second, there is a major trust element to finding a cleaning service because you are letting strangers into your home, so you need to make sure they are bonded. Last, you also need to feel confident the job will be done properly by experienced cleaners using the right cleaning solutions and tools.

How to find the best cleaning service in Toronto?

In this article, we offer tips on how to find the best Toronto cleaning service to make your search easier.

Ask for Referrals

Ask friends, family, and co-workers for referrals. This is always a good approach since there is a huge trust factor involved in finding a cleaner. If you don’t have luck here, try an online search.

Do Your Online Search Correctly

Start by doing your online search properly. Enter “condo cleaning Toronto” and avoid the cleaning companies at the very top of the list. These companies have paid for that position. Instead, scroll down just below the “more businesses” option and start your search there.

Check the Stars and Reviews

Make sure the websites you choose have a rating of 4 out of 5 stars or higher before you click. Check the reviews, and make sure customers seem very happy with the service. This helps you find the most trusted company, while also reducing how many websites you need to check.

Is their work guaranteed?

This is important because once your home is clean and the cleaners have left, they won’t be coming back any time soon if you complain. Make sure the cleaning service offers some form of guarantee for their work, so you’ll feel more confident that if something is missed, they’ll stand behind their work and make things right.

Know What You Want

Next, when you start checking out websites, make sure you know what you want. Different cleaners offer different services. There might be some specific tasks you want completed first such as a deep clean. You know the old saying, “I don’t do windows”, so be sure the cleaners offer what you need.

Some do laundry, some don’t. Some use eco-friendly cleaners, some don’t. Some might not even offer their services to condos or homes with pets.

Look at Pricing

Avoid companies that don’t make it easy to get a quote or see their prices. This can get tedious, as they likely want you to call. Good cleaning companies make everything easy for their customers from the start, and that means listing their prices, offering a quote calculator, or both.

Also, cleaning companies shouldn’t have a blanket cost for every home. They should be considering the square feet. You don’t want to pay the same price for your 500 square foot studio as someone with a multi-bedroom house.

Look for a Customization Option

Many cleaners have a strict list of the cleaning packages they offer. This could mean you are unknowingly getting upsold, so it costs you more. Look for a cleaning company that allows you to customize what you want. For example, you might just want your bathrooms cleaned, or you don’t want people in your bedroom. Also, for the packages, make sure they show a list of what is included, as it gives you a clear idea of what you get, and more importantly, what you won’t.

Consider Your Budget

Once you get an idea of pricing for the cleaning services you want, if it seems too high, don’t take this as a sign you can’t afford a cleaning company. First, cleaning services actually save you money in the long run. Consider your customization options, and see if there is a way to make it work.

If you are too busy to clean, or simply hate cleaning, the job will never get done and things will just get worse. This can make coming home feel icky and stressful. You might start by having them clean the bathroom(s) and kitchen as a base clean, for example, and then that makes it easier to keep those rooms clean for a month or two.

Spreading out your cleaning schedule is another option, as you can have a professional cleaner come in once a month or every six weeks to do a deep clean to keep things under control. You can also always just have a one-time cleaning to set the base for you to keep your home clean. Chances are, though, if you aren’t managing to keep up with the cleaning now, that won’t change. However, it actually costs you less to have your home cleaned more often, so keep that in mind when deciding what is best for your needs.

Look for Flexible Schedules

Your lifestyle will dictate how often and when you want to have your cleaners come in. This is important, as you’ll need a cleaning company that can accommodate your schedule. The busier your household, the messier it tends to be. For example, you might not have kids or pets, but maybe have friends over often. Or, you work from home, so it tends to be messier than someone who uses their home just to sleep and shower.

Understand What You’re Actually Getting

Back to packages. Packages make it easier to order a cleaning service, and it usually means you’re getting the highest demanding cleaning tasks completed all at once. However, you might be surprised at what you actually get with these types of packages if the website doesn’t provide a list. Therefore, always make sure the website shows a clear checklist of everything included in their packages so there are no surprises.

Be careful with what you ask for when discussing your cleaning job. For example, you might ask for a light cleaning and then say something like, “You do the dusting too right?” and they say, “Sure.” Unfortunately what you don’t realize is, yes, they do the dusting, but it’s not included in the price of the package you ordered. The next thing you know is that you’re paying for the package and there’s an additional $50 added to the bill for the dusting.

Check Their Work

Once you’ve hired the cleaning company, don’t assume your work is done and you can now depend on them to clean your home. Remember, you need to check their work to make sure they did everything on the list, and did it to your satisfaction. Print off their package list or the customized order, and go through each room to inspect their cleaning job. Your home should be noticeably cleaner and fresher. If they missed something, let them know right away and see if they come back to fix things.

Ideally, for the first cleaning appointment, you should be home so you can check their work while they’re still there. This can be a little awkward, but professionals know this is par for the course. If all is well, you will know that you’ve found your cleaners!

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