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How to Conduct a Thorough Bathroom Cleaning

How to Conduct a Thorough Bathroom Cleaning
February 7, 2022

It’s no secret the bathroom is a stinky, germy room. There are just too many things going on in your bathroom every day that leave behind germs and odours. It’s probably the reason it is also the room in the home that most of us dread cleaning.

How to clean your bathroom thoroughly

However, because it is the stinkiest and germiest, it is important to keep your bathroom clean. Here, we offer our professional deep cleaning services tips on how to conduct a thorough bathroom cleaning, starting with handy tips to make the job less icky.

Use a Proactive Approach

This is our most important tip for bathroom cleaning. If you use a proactive approach to keeping your bathroom clean, it makes your cleaning day much easier. Here’s what we suggest you do to reduce the bathroom cleaning “ick” factor:

  • Bathroom wipes: Keep bathroom wipes in the bathroom and clean the sink, faucet, and counter after each use. It takes a few seconds and keeps the sink germ-free and clean.
  • Toilet flush cleaners: Use a toilet flush cleaner in your toilets to help reduce odours and also keep the bowl sparkling clean.
  • Clean after “messy” toilet use: If you have a particularly “messy” moment using the toilet, keep your toilet brush and cleaner handy so you can do a quick cleaning of the toilet rim and under the seat. It’s also the polite thing to do if you don’t live alone!
  • Use a shower squeegee: This is a tip everyone needs to adopt because it makes a big difference. Hang a shower squeegee in your shower and use it on the tiles or glass walls after each shower. It takes a few swipes and removes soap scum and water that leaves marks and contributes to mildew.
  • Use a scrubless spray: After you use the squeegee, spritz the tub with a scrubless bathroom cleaning spray to help reduce bathtub rim dirt buildup and prevent grout discolouration.

This might sound like a lot of work, but it literally takes less than a minute to complete these tasks. Even if you don’t do it every day, you’ll notice a big decrease in the ick factor when using and thoroughly cleaning your bathroom.

Make Room for Cleaning

Bathrooms are notorious for storing tons of products in the shower, bathtub area, counters, and even on top of the toilet tank. This makes it close to impossible to thoroughly clean surfaces. You also have dirty towels, a shower curtain, and, in some cases, a rug that all get in the way. Before you begin cleaning, remove all of these items, tossing the shower curtain, rug, and towels in the laundry if they are washer safe. Also, remove the trash can so you can get at every corner of the floor.

Dust Surfaces

We don’t often think of dusting in bathrooms, but it is an important first step. If you don’t remove the dust first, you’ll just be moving it around and make it hard to clean with your wet cleaning products.

Sweep the Floor

Dusting first helps, as a lot of the debris will land on the floor that you can then sweep up. This makes it easier to clean the floor thoroughly with a wet mop.

Spritz the Shower and Tub With a Bathroom Cleaner

Use a good bathroom-cleaning product, and spray your entire tub and shower area. Let the cleaner do its job while you move on to the next step.

Wipe Surfaces Clean

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down all the surfaces in your bathroom using a multi-purpose cleaner, preferably with germ-fighting power. This includes the top of the toilet, any shelves you might have, baseboards, etc.

Wipe Down the Shower and Tub

Your cleaner will have loosened up the gunk in the tub and shower, thus making it easier to wipe away the remaining mess. If you find some stubborn dirt, then use a brush to scrub it away. Then, do a thorough rinse of the walls and tub.

Put Your Product Away

Now that the tub and shower area is clean, you can put away all your products and rehang your fresh, clean shower curtain.

Tackle the Glass and Mirrors

If you have a glass shower door, use a glass cleaner to wipe it. If you have been using a squeegee, as we recommended, this will be an easier job. Then, do your mirror.

Clean the Sink and/or Counter

Use a bathroom all-purpose cleaner to clean your sink, faucets, and countertops. If you have a soap dish or pump at the sink, wipe it down thoroughly to remove soapy buildup. You can also wipe down your vanity cabinets to remove any spray or mess that might have dripped down as you clean. Replace all the products you removed.

Tackle the Toilet

This should be an easier job if you use the flush cleaner and take care of the dirty work at the time it occurs! Your thorough toilet clean requires a toilet cleaner and brush to remove stains and buildup. Flush once and look for anything you missed and repeat if necessary. Be sure to lift the toilet seat and use the brush to get the mess. The worst part of this step is you should then wipe down the seat, sides, and toilet rim to make sure you remove the drips.

Use a germ-fighting cleaner with a disposable cloth, and don’t flush the cloth. Instead, toss it in the garbage or you’ll clog your toilet. Don’t forget the base of the toilet, as this tends to get pretty stinky, especially if there are men in the household.

Clean the Floor

It’s always best to leave the floors until last, as you can clean away all the drips from cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Use a mop or disposable cleaning product like a Swiffer. Mops do a more thorough job, as they allow you to get into every corner and in and around the toilet. Work your way back towards the door. Let the floor dry, and then you can put your garbage and rug back.

If this sounds like way too much work, at Maid4Condos, we offer deep cleaning services that are ideal for a thorough bathroom cleaning. Give us a call today at 647-822-0601.

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