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How to Clean and Organize Your Home Office Space in Toronto

How to Clean and Organize Your Home Office Space in Toronto
January 15, 2024

If you are one of the millions who now work from home, you have a whole new area of your living space that requires cleaning now and then. In this article, we will share our professional Scarborough cleaning services tips on how to clean and organize your home office space to reduce stress and increase productivity.

How to clean and organize your home office space in Toronto

Carve Out Your Work Space

It all starts by finding the ideal workspace in your home. Ideally, you have a designated room where your office is out of sight and out of mind when you’re not working. However, living in a small space like a condo or apartment means you’ll need to carve out a multi-purpose area to serve as your home office.

Whether it’s a corner of your dining room or kitchen table, a small desk in your bedroom, or a shared space that serves as a yoga room, guest room, and office, having a designated work area keeps all your work supplies, equipment, and files organized. 

Get Everything Organized and Tidy

Once you find the ideal workspace, you need a clean slate to create an organized foundation that is easier to manage. Consider your workspace and the items you use daily, weekly, and occasionally to determine what things you need front and centre and what items you can store away in drawers or on shelves.

This will allow you to find a spot for everything so that, as you use the items, you have a spot to put them away. You also create a more organized workspace so you always have what you need nearby and can work more efficiently.

Go Paperless

If possible, consider keeping a paperless workspace/office to help reduce the mess and keep your workstation tidier. Paper is difficult to manage and can create chaos if you don’t keep on top of it. If you must use paper, make sure you have a system, such as paper trays, files, file boxes, drawers, etc. so you can keep paper messes to a minimum.

Organize Your Day

A lot of cleaning for your home office has to do with your ability to stay organized. By doing so, you can stay on top of messes by dealing with things like filing, accounting, answering emails, etc., at certain times. When you have an organized to-do list and a process to follow, you can keep things under control so your workspace is tidier. This also ensures nothing gets missed or lost.

Use Colour Coding

If you contend with a lot of paper and files, using a colour coding system can provide visual cues that also keep things neater. You can separate files based on things like urgent papers, projects, personal files, clients, etc. so you always know where everything goes, and can also find the files and papers you need easily.

Leverage Cute Containers

Get creative and add some personality to your home office. Shop for unique trays, drawer organizers, and file organizers that appeal to your sense of style so you can store your supplies out of sight in containers to reduce clutter and keep things feeling a little more “you.”

This ensures you have a clear area to work so your desk remains functional and your mind feels less stressed. By choosing items you love, you also create a more pleasant workspace where you’ll feel happier when you work. 

Take Advantage of Wall Space

If you have limited space in your work area, take advantage of wall space using shelves, bulletin boards, and hanging office organizers, for example. This helps keep your desk surface neat and tidy, and provides a visual reminder for things like your calendar, to-do list, urgent papers, and so on.

Have an End-of-Day Cleaning Process

All of the above tips contribute to an end-of-day cleaning process by providing space to keep work organized. Always make sure your workspace is clean at the end of the day, so you avoid feeling overwhelmed every time you walk past your desk.

File papers away in their folders, put office supplies away in their containers, make notes on your calendar/to-do list so you know what you need to tackle in the morning, take your coffee mug to the kitchen, etc. Your end-of-day cleaning process ensures your office is always organized and clutter-free.

Clean Your Desk

Your desk is going to get dusty, and also have things like coffee/tea stains that build up each week. At the end of the week, when you complete your end-of-day cleaning process, take the time to actually clean your desk.

Use a duster to clean your shelves, and then spritz a fresh-smelling, all-purpose cleaner on your desk to wipe away stains. You can also dust your keyboard, lamps, and anything else that might be crumby or dusty after a week of work.

If you have a severe dust allergy, you have no reason to worry. When you choose our superior cleaning services in Scarborough, our team will clean every single surface, ensuring your home office is dust-free and completely spotless. Let our experts do all the hard work, so that you can prioritize your health and make more time for yourself.


Keeping a shredder and recycling bin at your desk allows you to tackle things like junk mail, envelopes, flyers, etc. that might end up at your workspace. A daily mail sorting, paper purging, and shredding will keep control of paper, reduce clutter, and generally contribute to keeping your workspace organized.

Prioritize a Record-Keeping System

Based on your employer or own record-keeping requirements, you should prioritize your system to ensure you only hold onto papers you need. Although we keep harping on the whole paper thing, some industries and businesses do have requirements for record keeping, so paper is unavoidable. Having a system will ensure you maintain records, while purging the files you no longer need to reduce clutter. 

Consider Adding a Plant or Two

Plants help keep the mind calm while also contributing to cleaner indoor air. If you have the space, consider adding a plant or two to your home office or work area to create a more comfortable work environment that can help improve productivity and reduce stress.

Call the Cleaning Professionals

If all of these tips still feel overwhelming, Maid4Condos’ Scarborough cleaning services is the perfect answer for you. Our expert team is dedicated to keeping your home office clean. Click here for a free quote. You can also call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us online.

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