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How to Be Certain Your Current Cleaners Are Doing a Good Job

How to Be Certain Your Current Cleaners Are Doing a Good Job
August 23, 2022

If you’ve been using a reputable cleaner that Toronto homeowners hire to keep your home presentable, it should offer peace of mind. 

How can you tell if your current cleaners are working flawlessly?

This way, you have more time to do the things you love and also enjoy living in a germ-free, tidy home where you can relax. 

However, unfortunately, it can sometimes turn out that your cleaner isn’t doing as good a job as you think. That means you’re not getting your money’s worth. 

In this article, we look at signs that your current cleaners are actually doing a good job.

Their Checklist is Always Complete

A good house cleaning company will provide a checklist of services, so you know what you are paying for. 

If you sense that your home doesn’t feel as clean as you’d expect after a professional house cleaning, refer to their checklist and ensure everything appears to be done to your satisfaction. 

If the service doesn’t list what is included with the cleaning, they’re probably not the greatest cleaners you can find. 

For example, at Maid4Condos we use a detailed 30-plus point checklist for a simple yet thorough clean with our Basic Cleaning Service

Our team checks it twice (just like Santa) to ensure everything is done right. 

Without a checklist of services, you cannot know what you’re paying for, and the cleaners also don’t have clear instructions on what they are expected to clean.

They Have the Right Tools and Cleaning Products

A professional cleaning service should arrive at your home with an organized caddy of cleaners and equipment for each job. 

This tells you they know what they are doing and have accounted for the cleaning services they are expected to provide. 

Smart cleaners have a process, as well, and will tackle cleaning in an organized fashion instead of going about things willy-nilly. 

If you feel your home is less than perfectly clean after they leave, consider staying home one day to see if they show up with the equipment and cleaning solutions you’d expect they’d need to complete the work correctly.

You Can See and Smell the Clean

A clean home is easy to spot; if you find that your home smells lovely and every surface sparkles, it’s a good indication your cleaners are doing their job well. 

However, if you notice that your home doesn’t smell any different and that there are things like dust bunnies, dust, or streaks on surfaces, then you’re not getting the level of clean a professional cleaner should provide.

You can get a little picky and try swiping less obvious surfaces for dust, or checking under chairs for dust bunnies to feel satisfied they are getting every nook and cranny to remove dirt and debris.

They Take Their Time

One of the reasons you hired a cleaner that Toronto trusts to work on your home is that cleaning is so time-consuming. 

Although professional cleaners are efficient, they shouldn’t clean an entire home in just 20 minutes. Good cleaners take their time and make sure the job is done right. 

When you pay a flat rate for cleaning services, it is very tempting for a cleaning company to increase its profits by cramming in as many jobs as possible in a day. 

A good cleaning company knows their business depends on satisfied customers and will ensure they don’t rush through jobs. Instead, they focus on quality work and schedule that work to be completed accordingly. 

Keep in mind that if your home is cleaner than usual before they start, it will take less time, so don’t judge them too harshly!

Consistently High-Quality Work  

Many cleaning companies focus on providing exceptional work for the first few appointments to gain the trust of new customers. 

Once that trust is established, and they feel you’re not going to be scrutinizing every detail, they tend to slack off a little. 

If you find that your home feels less clean as time goes by, the cleaners just don’t have high enough standards to ensure their level of work is consistently first class. It goes back to that checklist and using the right tools and cleaners at every job to ensure 100% clean homes and customer satisfaction.

They Recommend Additional Services

Although this can sometimes feel more like a sales pitch than helpful, good cleaning companies often recommend additional services to help keep your home cleaner

They might notice something like carpets that could use a steam cleaning or pet odours and stains that can be managed to keep you healthy. 

This is well-intended advice meant to help keep your home clean and safe. If they don’t make recommendations, this doesn’t mean they’re a bad cleaner. 

You just might not need additional services. It’s just that when they do, they should have your best interests at heart.

Your Home is Secure

Cleaners often work when you’re not home, so they have to be trusted with your alarm codes and a key. 

If you have ever come home even once to find your door unlocked, or your alarm not reset, this is a sign your cleaners are careless and could put your home at risk.

They are Always Reliable

Although cleaning companies can run into situations that might make them late, a good cleaner always makes sure they arrive within an agreed-upon window of time. 

They also always show up, no matter what. If they can’t show up, it should be rare and be with good reason. 

They should also provide a makeup cleaning as soon as possible. If you can’t depend on your cleaner to show up, then you can’t rely on them to do a thorough job.

They Make Good on Misses

If you have encountered issues in the early days where you mention something they should or shouldn’t do, and they fail to follow instructions, this is a sign they really don’t care. 

A good cleaner is also a good communicator and ensures expectations are met. If your request is unreasonable or something is not included in the fees, they should explain this to you to manage expectations.

If it sounds like your cleaner is missing the mark, let Maid4Condos take care of your house cleaning for a fresh, clean home that you’ll love. Click here for an instant online quote, or call us today at (647) 822-0601 or contact us here.

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