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How Often Should You Clean if You Have Pets?

How Often Should You Clean if You Have Pets?
December 2, 2021

Let’s face it, many of us love our pets more than we love our partners! However, those little critters can really add a lot of mess to your home. If your pet is allowed to roam outside, they can especially carry a lot of dirt and germs on their paws and fur. Add to that the constant shedding and that kitty or pup makes it hard to keep your home clean.

How often do you need to clean if you have pets?

In this article, we look at how often you should clean your home if you have pets. Hold onto your leashes, though, because it’s much more often than you might think.

Accidents: Every Time

Even the most disciplined pet can have an accident now and then. Unfortunately, when this happens, the frequency for cleaning is every time they make a mess. The longer you wait to clean pee, poop, or dirt from your floors and furniture, the worse the smell and the deeper the stain can set in. Keep a good pet-cleaning product on hand to handle these situations, and use them as soon as you spot (or smell) the mess.

Floors for Shedding Management: Daily

Sigh, yep, it’s lots of work, but cats and dogs that shed frequently are spreading a mess about the house that can be really hard on your health. Even if you don’t have allergies, or think you don’t, all that fur and dander gets in everywhere and makes it hard to breathe. So, although it might be unrealistic for most people, we advise that you sweep or vacuum daily if possible. Otherwise, stick to a strict weekly regime.

An excellent tip for getting fur off carpets and rugs is to use the rubber side of a squeegee. Just drag it across the carpet and watch it work its magic. If your home is carpet-free, then use an electrostatic dust mop to pick up the fur every day or so.

Pet Hang Outs: Every Few Days or More

One of the important things to note about shedding is that the spots your pets favour will have a way worse buildup of fur and hair. You really want to keep on top of that, especially if your pet happens to be the opposite shade of your furniture or carpet. For example, a black dog or cat who likes to hang out on your white sofa is going to demand much more work than a white cat on a white sofa. If your pet is the same shade as your furniture, it’s not as bad. Just remember, though, if it’s where other people sit, they’re going to be carrying half a dog’s coat with them when they stand up!

If you just can’t clean that often, try laying down a towel or cozy blanket in the spots your pet likes to frequent, and then just wash the cover once a week. Also, if you have guests, you can just remove it and not worry about struggling to get all that hair off the furniture. A quick clean method to get hair and fur off of furniture is to put on a rubber glove and wet it a bit, and then wipe across the surface. It acts like a magnet to make the job a little easier.

Pet Bowls: Daily

If you want to avoid germs in your pet’s water and food, their bowls should be washed every day. You don’t eat off the same plate or drink out of the same cup everyday without washing it (we hope!), so you shouldn’t expect your pet to either.

After Walks: Every Time

To maintain messes in the home to a minimum, keep a pet-friendly wipe by the door so you can wipe down their paws and fur to remove dirt after walks. This will keep your floors cleaner and also remove any debris they might shed along with their fur.

Deep Cleaning: Seasonally

A nice deep cleaning of your carpets and soft furniture like sofas and chairs should be done with the change of the seasons. Steam cleaning removes all the germs and deep down dirt that tends to be worse in homes with pets. Your furniture and carpets will look nicer and last longer as well.

If this seems like too much work, at Maid4Condos we can keep your pet-friendly home neat and tidy for you. Speak to our team today about our basic cleaning services. Call us at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

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