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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Tupperware Organized

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Tupperware Organized
February 15, 2021

You’ve seen those cheesy commercials where the woman opens her Tupperware cupboard, and everything comes tumbling out. While that might be an exaggeration, it probably rings true for most of us. All those lids and containers create a horrible, disorganized mess that makes it frustrating to match things up when you need them. However, don’t despair. The following kitchen organization tips can help you make the most of your space so you can easily find the perfect sized container without an avalanche of plastic.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Tupperware Organized


The first step is to declutter. Take everything out of the cupboard and match up the lids and containers. Anything left over should be tossed. Next, consider how many containers aren’t actually yours. We tend to start a collection of other people’s Tupperware from the food they’ve given us, which can really start to build up over time. Put those aside and give them back to the person who gave them to you. Then, try to figure out a realistic number and assortment of sizes you actually need. You don’t want to come up short, but it will make a big difference in how much space your Tupperware takes up. Last, anything that isn’t Tupperware will need a new home.

Organize Based on Use

Look at the containers you have and place anything you tend to use less frequently on the hardest to reach shelves (if they fit). Work your way down from least used to most used so that the most popular items are easiest to reach.

Choose a Sorting Method

There are a few ways you can choose to sort and organize your containers:

  • Stacking and “filing”. Because you more than likely have an assortment of sizes, stack the container bottoms inside each other from largest to smallest. Then, take the lids and “file” them on their sides in order from largest to smallest beside the bottoms. This helps take up less space, and will also make it easier to find the bottom and lid that goes together.
  • Like with like. You can choose to sort the containers with like sizes or shapes together on each shelf. This way, you don’t have to worry about any matchups. You stack the bottoms in each other and put the lids together to the side or beneath the bottoms.
  • Separate shelves for bottoms and lids. Another idea is to stack the bottoms inside each other on one shelf and then file the lids on the shelf above on their sides from largest to smallest. This takes a little more effort to keep in order, but works nicely.

Use Organizers

Don’t overlook the need for a little kitchen organization assistance with organizers you can place in cupboards, in drawers, or on shelves such as:

  • Boxes. If you have smaller Tupperware containers, place them in a box on the shelf so you can just take them out to find what you need and avoid them falling all over the place.
  • Use vertical plate racks. Lids can be easily stored in vertical plate racks so they can’t fall over as you put them away or pull them out.
  • Tension rods. Tension rods are great if you store Tupperware in deep drawers. They allow you to stand the lids upright and keep them stored vertically to stay in place.
  • Book bins. Book bins are another great organizer that can help keep different sizes of containers together, or to file your lids.
  • DIY cereal box. Cut off the top of a cereal box and place it on the counter or in the cupboard as a cheap and cheerful storage solution for lids.
  • Tupperware kitchen organizer kits. Believe it or not, this problem is common enough that you can actually buy Tupperware kitchen organizer kits and storage systems. While this is more of an investment, it adds value if you own your condo, as everyone loves custom storage solutions. You can find them online.

Use a Matching Set

Consider investing in a matching set or line like Tupperware to make it easier to sort. These sets are designed for nesting, so the ideas discussed above work better. As well, these sets are designed so you can mix and match lids to bottoms, so that even if the sizes are different, the tops are designed to fit the same lids. This means no more sorting through everything to find the right tops and bottoms. Heaven! If this idea isn’t in your budget, you can gradually build up your collection. As your old Tupperware ages, toss it and replace it with the line you want to collect. Soon, you will find you have a matching set.

Keep Things Going

No matter what kitchen organization method you choose for your Tupperware, the key is to keep things neat. You’ll be proud of your work at first, but it’s easy to start slacking when it comes to putting your clean Tupperware away. Some tips to help avoid letting things slide include:

  • When putting away your dishes, take the time to place the containers in their rightful place.
  • If more than one person does the dishes, make sure everyone understands the container organization setup and rules.
  • Investing in a nesting set will really make a big difference in how much effort is needed to keep things organized.

Throw Out Tops and Bottoms

Make sure you toss out both tops and bottoms if you find something damaged. It’s not uncommon for someone to notice a damaged lid or bottom and just throw away the one piece. This leads to kitchen organization issues when you have too many of one or the other! This might not seem eco-friendly, but your plastic food containers can be tossed in your recycle bin.

Take Good Care of Your Tupperware

Last but not least, make sure you follow these basic food container care rules so they last longer:

  • Make sure your containers are microwave safe before heating food in them.
  • Use non-stick spray lightly in the container before putting foods that can stain in them, such as tomato sauces and curry.
  • Consider handwashing your plastic containers instead of putting them in the dishwasher to avoid damage and discolouration.

If you need help with kitchen organization, let our condo-cleaning experts at Maid4Condos help! Reach out to us today.

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