Create Holiday Care Packages for the Homeless! | Maid4Condos Toronto

Create Holiday Care Packages for the Homeless!

Create Holiday Care Packages for the Homeless! | Maid4Condos Toronto
November 28, 2017

Create Holiday Care Packages for the Homeless! | Maid4Condos Toronto


As you go about your winter festivities, why not create holiday care packages for the homeless? Just take a stroll in downtown Toronto and you’ll see that homelessness is abundant. Plus, “winter is coming”- and it’s getting cold. We share lists of needed items from the City Of Toronto and message from our Mayor John Tory to give you inspiration to give back this Holiday Season.


Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Ice
Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Ice


Fortunately, the holiday season is around the corner, which has prompted the City of Toronto to create a holiday wish list based on what homeless agencies and shelters say these people actually need.  So, if you want to incorporate helping people into your holiday to-do list, put your cell phone down & read on! Because, you’re obviously amazing.


Do Care Packages Really Help?


Care packages are a great way to help a stranger, because they can incorporate many different essentials. For instance, including personal hygiene items. The City of Toronto’s holiday wish list reflects this, with one of the most requested items on the list being toiletries. Other popular items include winter clothing, gift cards, baby products and non-perishable food. As Toronto Mayor John Tory has said, “These small, everyday items can make a big difference to a person or family in need”.


Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Woman
Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Woman


But we’re not just talking about baby wipes. Did you know that menstrual products like pads and tampons are considered a luxury for homeless and low-income women? Fortunately, many of us don’t need to choose between eating and buying tampons. But unfortunately, many women in the world do, including homeless and low-income women in Canada and city of Toronto. This leaves them to resort to using toilet paper, cotton balls and even newspaper as makeshift pads or tampons. Ultimately, care packages can be a great tool to help these women facilitate a clean and healthy menstruation. Need some inspiration? Check out this amazing woman handing out ‘period purses to homeless women in Toronto!


Care Package Do’s and Don’ts


As we mentioned earlier, the City of Toronto has surveyed agencies and shelters that run homeless drop-ins. The question the City asked them: what gifts would bring joy to your clients over the holidays? The result of the survey is the 2017 Holiday Wish List! Now, you don’t have to second guess whether your good deed will be appreciated. Just browse the list by agency to see how you can help someone have a cleaner, warmer and more satisfying holiday season!


Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Toiletries
Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Toiletries


If you’re planning to make your own care package at home and hand-deliver with a group, that’s great. Just make sure you do a little research about the actual items how you’re going to pack them. For instance, a common mistake people make is to put scented soaps or lotions in the same container as food. However, that just makes everything taste and smell like soap. Instead of soap, include items like baby wipes, lip balm, lotion and sunscreen. While you’re at it, lose the soap, hand sanitizer and mouthwash altogether! This is because you should include items that are more versatile when it comes to cleaning. For example, baby wipes can be used to clean the body, the face, and just about anything else!


How Else Can I Care?


Even if you don’t give a homeless person some change when you get off the TTC, the least you can give is a smile. This wisdom carries through when you’re giving out care packages. For example, if you intend on giving people these packages in person, pause to have a conversation with them. Not only will they appreciate your attention, but you might gain a new perspective. Sometimes, respect and attention can be more valuable than material things.


Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Volunteering
Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Volunteering


If care packages aren’t “you”, and you’d rather donate your time, many agencies have plenty of volunteer opportunities in Toronto! Especially around the holiday season. As so many donations are coming in, these places need your help to sort through donations, wrap gifts and prepare and serve food. In addition to the list of requested items, the City of Toronto has also listed which agencies are accepting volunteers. Just scroll to the bottom of the page!


Caring is Caring!


Not only is getting your family out and helping those less fortunate great parenting, but it will also help someone have a clean and warm holiday season! As Mayor John Tory says, “If you’re looking to give back to your community this season, the Holiday Wish List is a good place to start.” We couldn’t agree more!


Create Holiday Care Packages For The Homeless! Caring


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