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Condo Cleaning Tips: How to Clear Clutter

Condo Cleaning Tips: How to Clear Clutter
September 10, 2018

Do you have several boxes of junk just sitting around your condo? Well, they won’t get rid of themselves and unless you want the Hoarders tv crew knocking on your door you’ll likely want to clear the clutter as soon as humanly possible. In fact, clutter can not only cost you money down the line but can also cause mental issues, such as stress and depression. The good news is that you can get rid of that pesky clutter in record time. Below are a few condo cleaning tips that are light on effort and easy on the wallet.

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Work Backwards

Assuming you have homeowners insurance, think of the first few items that you’d replace in the event that you lost everything in your condo due to a fire or a natural disaster. Perhaps you lived in a big home before and due to your children moving out you’ve decided to move to a smaller domicile, such as a small condo. In such an event, sacrifices have to be made and you can only fit so much into a smaller space. Also, avoid the mindset of trying to determine what to leave behind based on a what to keep/donate mindset.

Instead, create a blank slate, and do so away from your new condo, like at a library or cafe. Take the time to really contemplate and make an effective list on your laptop. Furthermore, try to avoid the pitfalls of being overwhelmed by specific items or model numbers. Instead, write down all of the products that you would go out and purchase for a second time in the event of a natural disaster. If you’re having trouble then there are a few apps that can help you out, such as Stuffsafe and Know your Stuff. Just remember that the items you jot down should be items that are truly valuable to you, either for their practical or sentimental value. Everything else is just extra—stuff you don’t truly need.

Its a Sprint, Not a Marathon

The first thing to realize is that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Trying to clean your entire condo in a day is not a realistic goal. Instead, take the time to devise an effective plan. Pinpoint the exact areas that you will declutter and organize over an extended period of time; keeping a list of items you can cross off may help with this task. The next step is to remain dedicated to the end goal, by sticking to the plan without exhausting yourself.

For instance, try, if you can, to take just half and hour out of your busy schedule to perform some much needed decluttering. Also, tackle just one room during that burst session in order to avoid overwhelming yourself. Perhaps to maximize time management you can use your weekends to get more work done. For instance, take a Sunday off and spend some time decluttering your home office, then take a break, work for another 30 minutes and take another break. In sum, by setting a timer and abiding to it, you should be able to avoid the unpleasant emotions and tension that are often involved in deciding what to throw away, keep, or give away to charity.

Utility First, Sentimental Second

We would be lying if we suggested that getting attached to things wasn’t a possibility. In reality, it can be quite easy to get attached to multiple things around your condo, either because of some sentimental value they possess, or because they remind you of the sweat, blood and tears that you had to expend in order to save up enough money to purchase them. Whatever the reason may be, the most effective way to declutter your condo is to try and set those feelings aside for a few moments.

Instead, focus on the pragmatic use of each item in order to decide what to keep and what to get rid of or donate. In other words, how useful is the item in the real world? Does it have a singular purpose or is it a multifaceted tool? What makes it stand out amongst your plethora of possessions? The next step is to compare it to other similar items you own. Do you have products that perform tasks just as well or better? In other words, pick the product that will add more real life value to your everyday life.

The final step is to determine if the item in question has any sentimental value to you. With gadgets, tools and appliances it it fairly easy to determine their worth based on their practical value or applications. However, when it comes to family photo albums, family heirlooms and other such items, their sentimental value will likely come to the forefront. Now, please note that we are not undercutting the sentimental value of your precious family items. Instead, we are merely suggesting that you avoid being overwhelmed by how an item makes you feel vis-a-vis how much space it occupies and its practical merits.

The Four Box MO

Don’t be intimidated by the fancy lingo. The four box method is just a modified version of the aforementioned cleaning trifecta of keep, donate and throw. Here, we make one addition: store.

The keep box will be used to house items that you use on a regular basis, assuming that you also have actual space for those useful items. The second box will be reserved for items that you plan on either selling at a garage sale or that you’ll be donating to goodwill. The third box is your trash box, essentially a box reserved for papers that need to be shredded or other items that you know you will never be able to fix. The final box is your storage box. This box is set aside for items that you don’t plan on using everyday, or every week but instead are seasonal (such as holiday decorations) or have sentimental value to you. This box should be used to only store items that you actually have sufficient space for storing. In sum, the four box method should help declutter your condo with minimal effort and cost.

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