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Condo Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Walls

Condo Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Walls
September 17, 2018

Next up in our condo cleaning survival guide series is how to clean your walls until they shine like new. Condo walls don’t get much attention since they typically don’t get as dirty as floors, linen and appliances. When they do get dirty, however, they greatly affect how the condo looks as a whole. Dirty walls give away an occupant’s lack of attention to detail and suggest some pretty unhygienic habits. Cleaning walls can be a hassle since using the wrong cleaning products can leave telltale streaks, exacerbating the problem rather than fixing it.

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If you’re looking to spruce up your condo before selling, or you just want that fresh and new feeling to enjoy yourself, learning how to clean the walls is a great skill that will make your home look and feel a thousand times better. Here are some tips on how to remove splatter, fingerprints and scuff marks from your wall so nobody’s the wiser:

  • Wall washing can help extend the life of your paint job, so make sure to wash them regularly. Twice a year is perfect, preferably in the spring and fall to coincide with routine seasonal cleaning.

  • Crack a window open to speed the drying process. It will also help dispel the smell of cleaners and chemicals from your condo.

  • Remove all art from your walls, and anything else hanging on them. Having an empty canvas to wash is important so you’re not breaking up your workflow by constantly taking items down and replacing them.

  • Lay a blanket or drop cloth on the floor to catch any dirty, debris and water that rolls off your walls. This will make cleanup way easier.

  • Dust your walls and baseboards. Cover a broom with a towel and use the extended reach to wipe down every nook and cranny, getting into hard to reach areas that tend to collect cobwebs. You can attach a vacuum hose to a broomstick to tackle especially dusty spots.

  • Fill a bucket with warm water and soap. Avoid using dyed soaps that will stain your walls. If possible, opt for natural soaps without harmful chemicals that will strain the environment. These soaps will also be safer for you to inhale as you work.

  • Wash your walls with the warm soapy water using a lint free washcloth or a plain sponge. Sea foam sponges are a great option. They’re not dyed so they won’t leave any tint on your walls, and they’re soft and gentle on hands (although it’s a good idea to wear rubber gloves if you’ll be repeatedly dipping your hands into hot water).

  • Empty out your bucket and fill it with clean water. Either wring out your cloth thoroughly or grab an unused one. Use the new cloth and water to give your walls another wipe down, removing all traces of soap and dirt.

  • Allow your walls to dry. An open window will help speed the drying process and help soap smells dissipate faster.

  • Gather your drop cloth and launder it.

  • Rehang art on the walls and put furniture back in their original positions.

You’re all done! You have bright, clean, scuff-free walls to last you until your next cleaning session.

You can keep maintain your cleaning job throughout the year by dusting your walls every so often using a lint-free rag. Swiffer dusters also work well, and clearly show you just how much dirt has been collected on it’s light-coloured material.

If you live in an older condo with textured walls, use an old sock to clean them instead of a rag. The fabric is softer and forgiving, and moulds itself more naturally to the crevices of the wall than a standard rag.

Remember to be careful of your paintings, furniture and electronics while you’re cleaning. In a small space, wielding a broom can be dangerous if you’re not spatially aware of how long it extends forwards and backwards. Don’t accidentally take your television out with some overzealous cleaning.

Cleaning your condo walls is a great way to breathe new life into your home and make it look like you just moved in. Grease spots, dirty fingerprints and an amassment of dust make walls look dingy and ages your space drastically. Not only do dirty walls look bad, they can exacerbate allergies if you’re sensitive to dust and spores. Incorporate wall washing into your seasonal cleaning regimen and you’ll see the amazing difference in the look and feel of your condo. Clean walls are a satisfying reward for a slight bit of elbow grease that takes only a few tools to complete.

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