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Cleaning Tips to Give Your Condo New Life

Cleaning Tips to Give Your Condo New Life
May 1, 2019

It’s the ideal time to consider how you clean your condo. Working with qualified deep cleaning services companies can help ensure your home is in immaculate condition for the months ahead and help you enjoy your relaxation time. To maximize your efficiency when cleaning your condo, we’re providing our cleaning tips in our latest post.

Cleaning Tips to Give Your Condo New Life

Clean as You Go

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is simply avoiding cleaning for several days. This can allow dishes to pile up in the sink and can lead to dust gathering throughout the home. If you clean while you’re taking on your daily tasks, you can minimize the amount of work you face when you get around to the cleaning process. For example, instead of waiting for the oven to finish cooking by checking your phone, why not take the time to complete the dishes? You can save a significant amount of time completing your home chores while keeping the home in great condition when you clean as you go.

Be Proactive When Decluttering

Clutter is the number one cause of messy properties. Many of us simply have too many belongings throughout our home, and this means we have to reduce the clutter in order to get back to a clean and healthy condo space. Take the time to review your belongings and separate them into piles that you wish to keep and those that you can throw away. You might be surprised to find that there are so many items that you can throw away without thinking twice about them in the future.

Change the Air Filter in the Air Conditioner

It’s particularly important during the summer season to replace the air filter in your home’s air conditioning unit. Often homeowners find that their unit goes without a filter replacement for several years, causing the system to spread dust, pet dander, and other contaminants throughout the property. Take the time to check and change the air filter as recommended by the manufacturer. You’ll be surprised how much money you save on cooling the property when your conditioning unit doesn’t have to work too hard to complete its job.

Make Effective Use of Storage

When you live in a condo unit, the amount of storage space you have is limited, so it’s important that you use all areas of the property effectively in order to get value for money. Invest in under-bed storage boxes for example. These storage containers are great options for storing clothes and out-of-season items out of the way. You might also consider adding small storage boxes under tables and desks in order to capitalize on space that is not being used within your condo. It’s important to think creatively when you have little space to work with around the home.

Get the Family Involved

If you live with others, you can build a cleaning schedule that ensures the property is cleaned regularly without one person taking on the large majority of the workload. Invite everyone in the home to meet together to discuss the cleaning plan, and then take notes as you go so that everyone is involved in the final schedule.

Once your schedule is created, ensure that all members of the family have a copy of the schedule for their review. Then allocate specific tasks throughout the week so that each person knows their task on each day.

Vacuum After Pets

If you have cats or dogs in your property, you must take the time to clean up the hair and dander that they leave on furniture. This can take some time but if you vacuum regularly you can ensure visitors to your home do not leave with dog and cat hair all over their clothes. Make sure that the animal’s sleeping area is away from common areas of the property, and clean all pillows and upholstery the animal uses to sleep on throughout the day.

Clean Floors at the Same Time

To ensure your floors are cleaned effectively, make sure they are cleaned at the same time. This will help minimize the amount of dust and dirt transferred from a dirty floor to a clean floor over time and will ensure that your home floors remain cleaner for longer. While cleaning, ensure that all obstacles such as tables and chairs are removed from the space to give you a clear view of the room. Then begin by starting in the corners and working your way toward the middle of the space. This technique will ensure you see all the dirt and dust on the floor and remove it with precision.

Start with a Hidden Part of the Wall

Cleaning walls is not always as simple as the process might sound at first glance. You might begin using a cleaning product on the wall only to find that the product causes your paint to drip or causes cracking in the paint. It’s important that your home walls are protected, and so complete as much research as possible about the cleaning products you use before you begin.

Once you’re ready to get started cleaning the walls, begin by adding a small amount of the cleaning solution to a hidden part of the wall, and then wait 20 minutes to see whether the paint interacts with the liquid. If you don’t notice any change, you’re then free to use the cleaning product on the rest of the wall.

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