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Cleaning on a Budget: How to Save Money on Cleaning Products and Supplies

Cleaning on a Budget: How to Save Money on Cleaning Products and Supplies
September 20, 2023

Inflation is hitting every household hard these days. Finding ways to save money anywhere you can is the best way to help stretch your income further. In this article, we will offer tips for cleaning on a budget so you can save money on cleaning products and supplies. 

Cleaning on a budget: How to save money on cleaning products and supplies

Go Generic

Instead of reaching for those costly name brands, try the generic version instead. You’ll likely find that they are just as effective and will save you money over the year.

If you find the generics don’t cut it, be sure to use up all of the cleaner before going back to your usual brand. It’s not uncommon to choose a cleaner you don’t like and then let it sit under your sink unused, taking up space and wasting money.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

We’re big fans of natural, DIY cleaning products. They are better for the environment and your family while also reducing the amount of plastic containers produced. Some excellent homemade cleaning solutions include:

  • White vinegar and old newspapers for windows
  • Baking soda and vinegar or lemon for an abrasive cleaner ideal for tubs, counters, stovetops, etc.
  • A mix of one part vinegar, one part water, sliced lemon, and fresh rosemary for a refreshing all-purpose cleaner
  • White vinegar and table salt as a brass polish 
  • Half a lemon and a sprinkle of salt to scrub chopping boards

Use Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid is by far the most versatile and least expensive cleanser you can buy. It should become your go-to cleaner, as it is gentle enough to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks, but also tough enough to remove grease and grime. You can use a few drops in warm water to clean surfaces.

However, just be sure you are also rinsing away the residue and then thoroughly drying the surface, especially wood. 

Although it’s safe on almost all materials (from fabrics to stainless steel and wood), you should avoid use on your hardwood floors, leather, glass, and mirrors. 

Invest in Reusable Cleaning Cloths

In a throw-away consumer society, you’re wasting plenty of money on things like wet mop pads, paper towels, dusting heads, etc. Instead of investing in disposable cleaning tools, purchase reusable items that you can toss in the washing machine and use repeatedly.

Microfibre cloths, mop heads, and dusters are probably the best reusable cleaning tools around. They are affordable, safe on all surfaces, and come clean easily in your washing machine. 

You can also use rags from old clothing. Keep in mind, though, that they will likely leave behind traces of lint and so aren’t the greatest for wet work when doing jobs like windows and mirrors.

Choose All-Purpose Cleaners

Find a generic all-purpose cleaner to tackle more jobs. Specialty cleaning products are always more expensive and not always necessary. 

Be sure to read the label to understand what surfaces the product can clean, and choose the one that offers the most bang for your buck.

Clip Coupons

Coupons come in handy and can often provide some pretty good savings. Read the offer, expiry date, and where they can be redeemed before using them so you won’t be disappointed.

Subscribe to E-flyers 

Subscribe to e-flyers for hardware stores to keep an eye out for good deals on cleaning tools. 

You can invest in good-quality cleaning tools that will make your job easier without having to pay full price. The right tools ensure the job is done right and reduces the amount of cleaning products you need to use, saving even more money. 

Clean Daily or More Often

You’re probably thinking, “Wait what? Wouldn’t that waste more cleaning products?” The answer is no; it uses less. 

When you keep up with cleaning, you reduce the level of dirt and germs which in turn reduces the effort needed to clean, and the amount of cleaning products you need to tackle the dirt.

Pay attention to things like spills, wipe off your stove top after cooking, and spot clean stains right away. This way, you’ll need less effort and use fewer cleaning products, thus saving you time and money.

Keep Cleaners Organized

Choose a spot to keep all your cleaning products so you always know what you have and haven’t got. As mentioned above, it’s not uncommon to have cleaning products sitting unused under your sink, which wastes money.

Either organize the area where you store your cleaning products or create a cleaning caddy, so everything is easy to grab and carry around with you on cleaning day. You can keep tabs on what you are running low on, and only buy the stuff you need. 

Consider Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk can save money, but it can also backfire and cause you to spend more money. As well, some cleaning products are volatile and, when stored for longer periods of time, can present risks. Items that make sense to buy in bulk include:

  • Microfibre cloths
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Most multipurpose cleaners

Avoid stocking up on other items, as they just take up space and, over time, can leak due to the chemicals in the cleaners. Also, it is tempting to buy several cleaners when they are on sale. However, this actually ends up costing you more in the long run, as you’re spending money on something you don’t actually need at the moment. This messes up your weekly/monthly budget. 

Milk Every Drop

Before tossing out cleaning products, make sure you have used every drop. Storing cleaning products that are running low upside down allows all the liquid to drip downward to the lid so everything is used up.

Also, for cleaning products like dishwashing liquid, since you water it down anyway, you can add a bit of water to the bottle to collect all the remaining soap before throwing the empty bottle away.

Don’t Over-Spritz

Avoid the temptation to get too spritzy with your cleaning products. Use them sparingly, and where there are instructions on how much to use, follow them to a tee. This will ensure they work properly and you don’t waste a drop.

Hire a Maids Service

Although you may think that it is over your pay grade, a maid’s service can often save you money. Cleaning companies use their own cleaning products and equipment and save you time while keeping your home nice and clean. 

For more information on our maid service at Maid4Condos, click here. You can also call us at 647-822-0601.

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