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How to Clean Your Toaster Properly

How to Clean Your Toaster Properly
June 15, 2020

Cleaning your toaster may not even be a task that crosses your mind. When you think about it, a toaster is something most people use every day, but often gets neglected during clean-ups. If you’re habitually toasting things like bread, waffles, or other items, then your toaster will be filled with crumbs and grease. However, cleaning a toaster is a simple process that only takes 10 minutes. All you need is the basics to clean it: a sponge and an all-purpose cleaner. Here are some other essential ways to clean your toaster.

Toaster cleaning tips

Unplugging your toaster when it’s not in use is good practice for reducing fire hazards. When cleaning it, be sure that the toaster has cooled down to avoid potential injuries. Cleaning a toaster can be a messy job since there are so many crumbs. This means working over the sink, a trash can, or a covered table is ideal.

Handling the Crumb Tray

The crumb tray is an essential component when cleaning your toaster, as it is one of the major reasons why this is one of the dirtiest kitchen appliances. Most toasters have this tray, and it makes the cleaning process easy. First, pull it out and shake off the crumbs. If your toaster doesn’t have a tray, just turn the toaster upside down and shake gently. Even if you do have a crumb tray, sometimes shaking the crumbs out from the top as an added step can be an excellent way to clear out bits from your toaster.

To ensure you get each crumb out, use a pastry brush to reach tough-to-reach areas in your toaster, and insert it into the top slot and sweep it away. A pastry brush is ideal because the bristles will break up any clumps of food and get crumbs out, without causing damage or scratching your toaster.

It’s also essential to inspect the cord of your toaster and see if it is in good condition. If you spot any exposed wires, then it’s time to throw out your toaster and find a new one. Newer toasters have excellent safety features and are preferable to used ones, which may be in poor working condition.

If you do have a crumb tray and it is difficult to remove the crumbs, wash it with warm water and soap until it is perfectly clean. Dry the tray thoroughly before you reinsert it into your toaster. Make sure it’s completely dry before you plug it back in.

Now that you’ve done a deep cleaning of the crumbs in your toaster, the next time you clean will be a much simpler process.

Keep the Outside Looking Good

At Maid4Condos, we are passionate about getting your items sparkling clean.
We even do the little touches around your home, like cleaning the outside of your toaster. A small touch-up like that can go a long way to make your home look as good as new. Since home cleanings are our specialty, we want you to be happy with the end result as soon as we’ve finished.

If you’re looking to freshen up your toaster regularly, we recommend wiping the outside with a soft damp cloth and using a gentle soap to get an extra sparkle. You can also use an all-purpose cleaner. Clean off every part of the outside, including the knobs, lever, and crevices. These are especially important because grease and crumbs can gather in those areas. Take the extra time and wipe it with a sponge or cloth and dry it well.

If you own a toaster made of stainless steel, take a clean cloth with some vinegar to spiff it up or use an appliance stainless steel cleaner.

Cleaning the Inside

After you’ve done all the previous steps, it is essential to clean out the interior of the toaster. Proceed with caution and avoid cleaning the heating elements. Spray and wipe the other parts of the toaster with an all-purpose cleaner.

Using the Right Supplies

Now that you know what methods to use to clean the toaster, you’ll need the right supplies. Many people use white vinegar, dish soap, clean microfibre cloths, scouring pads, and even clean paintbrushes and toothbrushes! Paintbrushes are generally used to get to the difficult-to-reach spots and can be useful for a wide variety of tasks. Toothbrushes are an alternative to a sponge to clean a crumb tray in soapy water, but both work well. It can also be useful in cleaning those hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning a toaster is an often overlooked step when people are cleaning their house. However, now you know how essential it is to clean this household item on a daily basis. Now that you have the tools to polish up your toaster, you can get rid of those pesky crumbs that lead to grease and germs.

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