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How to Clean Your Condo When You Move Out

How to Clean Your Condo When You Move Out
September 28, 2018

Packing up all your belongings for a move and getting them to the new location is a big job, but don’t forget what you leave behind. Cleaning up your condo for moving out is the respectful thing to do. It leaves the unit ready for the new occupant to move in with minimal headache, and it can also help you get organized for your own transition. What’s more, failing to leave your condo clean and in good condition for the next occupant could leave you on the hook for the cost of cleaning services.

condo cleaning when moving out

It can be overwhelming to do a top-to-bottom cleaning job on your condo, so it’s handy to have a comprehensive checklist. Follow our guide on where to start, how to clean each room and what products you’ll need for the job. By taking care to do a quality clean on your condo you’ll be assured you’ll receive your security deposit back as well as a glowing reference from your landlord. You might even find those knick knacks that seemingly disappeared out of your life had actually fallen behind the stove!

  1. Start In The Kitchen

    Your kitchen probably has the heaviest grime on its surfaces, so it’s best to start in this area while you’re full of energy and enthusiasm. Begin by cleaning the stove.

    You can purchase sprayable oven cleaner specially formulated for removing the charred carbon, or use a DIY solution of 100g of baking soda in 1 litre of water. Place an old newspaper down below the oven door to catch any drips of the cleaning solution. Apply your cleaner all over the oven including the tops, sides, broiler grate and racks. If you are using the baking soda solution then let it sit for half an hour to loosen the baked matter and use an ice scraper to remove it.

    For the stovetop, use a cleaner specially formulated to remove grease and caked on matter, and then scrub away with the abrasive side of a sponge. For stubborn spots, let the cleaner sit on top for half an hour and try again. Be careful not to scratch your stovetop with overzealous scrubbing.

    To clean your dishwasher remove the bottom rack and use your hands to clean away any gunk in the drain. Place half a cup of white vinegar in a glass and sit it on the top cleaning rack. Run a cycle to clean and disinfect the whole appliance.

    Vinegar is a terrific natural cleaner for all your kitchen surfaces such as countertops and the insides of cupboards. Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with one part vinegar and three parts water. Spray it all over your kitchen surfaces and use a lint-free rag to wipe it up. You can also clean the inside of your microwave with this technique.

    You’ll need to unplug your refrigerator and wipe out the shelves and drawers. Your vinegar solution will work well for this task, or you can remove the shelves and wash them in the sink. Allow your freezer to defrost and mop up any water with a towel.

    Finally, clean out your kitchen sink with a powdered cleaner and a damp sponge. Scrub into the metal to remove subtle buildup of food debris until the true shine of your sink shows through.

  2. The Bathroom

    Start with a high level clean of the countertops, walls and floor with a sprayable cleaner and a textured rag. Remove all the water and soap splatter left behind from habitual bathroom use so that the tile and ceramic are in new condition. Don’t forget the walls and ceiling.

    For the shower and bathtub use a cleaning powder and the coarse side of a sponge. Work into the porcelain and tiles, adding a bit of water to help lift off grime. Pour a chemical drain cleaner down the drain to ensure it is totally clear of hair, soap and groat.

    Scrub the toilet with a cleaner and brush and wipe down the outer surfaces with a cloth and cleaning solution. Flush when finished.

    Pay attention to bathroom vanities by cleaning them out with a cloth and sprayable cleaner. Use paper towel and glass cleaner (or vinegar) to wipe off your mirror.

  3. Bedrooms and Common Areas

    With all the furniture gone there should be less work to do in these rooms, so it’s nice to save the easiest work for last. Clean any windows with glass cleaner and paper towel, wash the walls and check to make sure any sliding doors are still in good working order.

  4. Finish With Floors

    Finish with the floors, otherwise you’ll get them dirty all over again while cleaning the rooms. Sweep thoroughly, moving your appliances from their original positions to ensure you get every inch of floor. Finish with a mop of hot water and floor cleaner to remove any streaks and footprints.

    And with that, your condo should be ready to pass on to the next tenant. Your landlord will surely appreciate your hard effort in cleaning your condo, and you’ll be ensured a good reference and return of your security deposit. Avoid drama while you’re moving out by leaving your condo the way it was given to you, generating some good karma in the process.

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