Are Professional Cleaning Services Really Worth the Cost?

If your idea of a pleasant dream is never having to clean your home, we’d wager you’re not alone. 

Is it worth the money to hire a professional cleaning service?

Although there are probably other things topping most people’s wish lists like, for example, winning millions or having an ultra-fancy car in the garage, the luxury of never cleaning has a really nice sound to it. 

Have you ever considered hiring professional cleaning services in Toronto? We’ll assume your answer is yes, and that if you didn’t, you thought it might be too expensive. 

While the expenses everyone can afford varies from person to person, it’s important to consider whether hiring a cleaning service is worth it for your budget. Someone with the same income might feel it’s an absolute necessity, while others may find it unnecessary. 

If a professional cleaning service interests you, but you’re unsure if it’s worth it, this article provides a closer look to help you decide if we’re worth the cost.

Run the Numbers: Start With a Quote

To make that call, you need to have a realistic number to see how much it actually costs to clean your home. We invite you to click here for a quick quote using our simple cost calculator so you can run the numbers. 

At Maid4Condos, we also offer a comprehensive list of everything included based on the type of quote you request. It happens in real-time, and we won’t harass you for playing with our calculator. 

Give it a whirl, consider what we offer, and that will help you decide if it sounds worth it. It will also tell you if you can afford it. There’s a good chance you will be pleasantly surprised.

Reduced Stress

With everyone focused on enjoying a better quality of life for a sense of well-being, we will start with stress. 

Living in an unclean, cluttered environment often leads to anxiety. You might not think it is affecting you, but science tends to disagree. According to experts, mess and, more specifically, clutter causes the following issues:

  • It bombards your mind and over-stimulates your senses, so you’re constantly experiencing the smells, tactile effects like crumbs underfoot, and the overall visuals of piles of stuff around you.
  • You can’t focus because you’re subconsciously distracted by the clutter.
  • The above two points mean that you can’t relax when you’re at home.
  • You have panicky feelings because you’re constantly reminded that your work is never done, and you can’t even imagine how you’ll clean the mess the worse it gets.
  • You feel guilty that you can’t get your act together.
  • You feel nervous at the thought of someone entering your messy environment so you might become more isolated, which contributes to anxiety and depression.
  • You lose your ability to problem-solve because your creativity is blocked by clutter.
  • You get frustrated when you can’t find what you need in the mess.

These points alone make it worthwhile to invest in professional cleaning services in Toronto.

Time Isn’t on Your Side

If your home is always messy because you don’t have time to clean, you’re not alone. About one in five people admit that they never lift a finger to clean. 

When time isn’t on your side, you suffer all of the above negative effects, even if you’re the kind of person who typically would clean their home if only you had time. 

Professional cleaners save you time, so you can focus on doing the more important things. And if that means sitting on the couch in pyjama bottoms, binge-watching Is It Cake? no judgement here.

It’s a Deep Clean

Professional cleaners provide a much deeper clean than what you can accomplish. If you’ve fallen behind in cleaning, you can schedule a special deep clean, so your home is pristine. 

The beauty of the deep clean is you can afford to do it when you get behind because it gives you the perfect base that allows you to get back on track with your tidying and cleaning routine with less work involved. 

Every inch of your home is cleaned from top to bottom, so you know you can have peace of mind.

It’s a Germ-Removing Level Clean

It’s actually not just germs. Professional cleaners help keep your home free of all kinds of things that can make you sick, including mould spores, bacteria, grime, and allergens

These harmful little particles accumulate in your home over time and can’t be removed with just an occasional clean. If you maintain a regular professional cleaning schedule, your environment will be much healthier, so you will be.

You Can Entertain

A messy home can keep you from seeing friends or inviting people over to repay them for that lovely dinner they served you a few months ago. 

You want to remain social and part of the hosting give-and-take, and that means keeping your home clean. 

Home Value

If you own your home, regular cleaning helps to maintain its value. That might seem like an overstatement, but you’d be surprised at how infrequent cleaning can damage important elements of your home. 

For example, dirty grout has to be steam-cleaned to get it back to a presentable condition. 

As well, without regular cleaning, you can end up with filthy, stinky carpets, pet-stained hardwood, stained marble tiles or countertops, and more. 

Cleaners protect your home’s expensive finishes, so you’re always primed to sell with less effort and staging required.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

We kept the most serious point for last. If you’re reading this and live with a partner, roommate, or children, then you already know that cleaning issues can tear a home apart. 

When one person carries the burden of cleaning (or is the cause of the mess), it causes tension in relationships.

A clean home is a happy home, helping to maintain a sense of harmony and eliminating resentment that can lead to a ton of discord within the home. 

While it might seem that professional cleaning is an indulgence or luxury, it is actually a worthwhile investment for people who just don’t have the time to clean. 

You’ll reduce stress, keep your home germ-free, maintain home value, and, most importantly, contribute to creating a harmonious home free of conflict. 

For more information on Maid4Condos’ professional cleaning services in Toronto, click here. You can call us at 647-822-0601, or contact us online here.

More Millennials Are Hiring Home Cleaners—Here’s Why

How do you clean your home? For many people, routine house cleaning—like light dusting, sweeping, or mopping—is part of their weekend ritual. It’s especially therapeutic after a long week at work, and necessary when you’re expecting guests or simply want to keep your surroundings clean for good health. The reality is that not everyone has the time to keep up with basic home upkeep, and it’s not a bad thing.

Why are millennials hiring home cleaners?

Today, millennials make up a huge chunk of homeowners and renters who want better, more refreshing homes, which only a professional deep cleaning can achieve. Rather than carve out time in their weekend schedules to do a deep clean, millennials are choosing to budget their time and money more wisely by hiring home cleaning services to restore their living spaces and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. But why are they trusting professional cleaners more to get the job done, and what are they getting out of the extra cash they pay?

Millennials are Busy

It’s a fact: millennials are time-poor and struggle to keep up with the changing demands of their jobs, such as having to stay online 24/7 and even taking on side hustles for extra cash. But with the rise of their favourite apps and the gig economy, it’s become so much easier to keep track of busy schedules and neverending to-do lists, including cleaning their homes.

Millennials value their quality of life, and hiring home cleaning services to offload the occasional deep clean helps them achieve a much-needed work/life balance. As a result, millennials come home to cleaner houses and apartments and earn back the additional expense in refreshing living spaces and the time spent catching up with loved ones or their favourite hobbies.

A Professional, Deep Clean

Many millennials also benefit from a professional deep clean rather than the light dusting and wiping they know how to do and have time for. While most of us have basic cleaning supplies stashed under the kitchen sink, professional cleaners have all the right and more powerful tools for dealing with tough stains.

When was the last time you moved around your furniture to clear out dust bunnies and grime from tight spaces and crevices? Millennials trust professional home cleaning services to get the job done every time. That means reaching in between tight corners and scrubbing off stubborn stains effectively. No more fighting with their partner or roommates about dirty dishes and toilets, because professional cleaners are equipped to handle the mess that’s been getting on everyone’s nerves, especially in small living spaces, like shared apartments and condos.

Professional Home Cleaning Services isn’t a Luxury

How rich do you have to be to afford a cleaner? Today, the answer is not at all. Previously, these domestic services were exclusive to upper-class families who are used to being waited on and taken care of, or older folk who require assistance for daily activities. That left everyone else doing their own household chores – but not anymore.

Cleaning your home isn’t as demanding as it once was. Modern families live in smaller homes, rather than large properties that cost a lot in upkeep. But with longer working hours and busier social calendars, it makes more sense to book a home cleaning service to do a routine deep clean of your home and restore its comforting vibe at a steep discount.

As home cleaning services are more available and affordable than the large overhead cost of a full-sized domestic staff from decades ago, millennials can now do it all: keep their homes clean, and keep up with their even busier lives.

Sharing Economy and Smartphone Apps

How easy is it to book a home cleaner you can trust? The answer is simple: a quick swipe and tap. Today, most millennials rely on their smartphones to keep up with their jobs and personal lives, and even manage their homes; hiring a home cleaning service is no exception.

As the sharing economy grows, so do online marketplaces for accessing lifestyle essentials, such as finding a professional cleaner. This convenience comes at a discount, too, as many home cleaning services can be found through smartphone apps and dozens of websites advertising locally. This means millennials can easily book a cleaning service with a few quick taps on the screen.

Modern Women and Changing Gender Roles

We’re no longer living in the 1950s, and that means women are no longer expected to stay at home and do everything on their own to keep the peace. Now, most families rely on two incomes to afford lifestyle essentials and save up for their future.

Millennials aren’t just working far more demanding jobs; they’re also a progressive generation that doesn’t believe in women or a single partner staying home and playing superhero to complete all the household chores while their other half is at work.

With both spouses working demanding 9 to 5 jobs, it makes sense to offload some tasks, like deep cleaning their homes to professionals, rather than constantly bickering about whose turn it is to do the dishes or scrub the toilet. In turn, they recoup the money spent on home cleaning services by making up for lost time at work, and other more abstract benefits, like spending quality time with family and friends, or taking up weekend hobbies they would otherwise be too time-poor to afford.

What’s up with your roommate? Shared Living Spaces

Here’s a little known fact: a smaller home, like a condo or townhouse, is easier to clean and maintain, but it’s also easier to mess up. That’s because these compact living spaces are typically built with less storage space, so homeowners are constantly dealing with a spillover of many small items like glassware, books, old accents and decor, and even clothing essentials that don’t fit in tiny closets.

With the rising cost of homes in real estate hotspots, like Toronto and the GTA, many millennials just starting to live on their own also often find themselves sharing these living spaces with their partners, friends, and even strangers-turned-unlikely-roommates. All these cohabitants also have their own demanding jobs and busy schedules, making it easy for their collective mess to pile up, or start up again after one roommate takes a stab at the chore wheel.

Home cleaning services make a huge difference in making these shared dwellings more livable and comfortable. Because more of you split up the cost, hiring a professional cleaner becomes even more affordable and convenient.

Too busy to deep clean your home? Get a quote for home cleaning services and book your cleaning today, and call Maid4Condos at 647-822-0601 or contact us here.

New Health and Safety Protocols

Your health and safety is a priority for us. Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we have taken the opportunity to develop additional health and safety protocols which include and are not limited to; preventative sanitation for our staff, extra attention on high volume touch points in the home, and other precautionary measures detailed below.

Details of some of the new measures:

  • Staff are provided protective eyewear and mask.
  • MANDATORY use of hand sanitizer before entering your home and starting your service.
  • MANDATORY use of a NEW pair of Shoe Covers and Fresh Gloves during your service (as per our existing policy).
  • Use of CLEAN and DISINFECTED tools and equipment. (as per our existing policy).
  • INTRODUCED our new GermBlasters service**


We are truly enforcing this rule, and we are instructing our cleaners that until further notice, it will be mandatory to fill out the self-assessment tool at the beginning of each business day and they will have to send their result to the office so we can ensure that you are protected.

If you or any of your family members have travelled abroad, are showing any symptoms(coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever etc) and/ or have been directed by a health official to self-isolate or quarantine, you must advise Maid4Condos office immediately and cancel/ skip your service for your safety and the safety of our team.

In order to facilitate your ability to cancel your service, we will be temporarily flexible with our cancellation policy, meaning that if you are sick or showing any symptoms, you MUST cancel your service prior to our arrival. If we arrive on-site and you are showing symptoms and did not cancel your service we reserve the right to cancel your service and charge you the full-service fee.

The following link is the tool our staff is using for self-assessment, we would appreciate if you utilize this tool as well at the beginning of your scheduled service date.

** Self-assessment link **

** We want to assure you that we will not for any reason send someone that is sick or presenting symptoms to your home. **

During Your Service:

Our staff will be wearing protective equipment mentioned above and they will disinfect and wash their hands before starting your service.

** You should feel confident that all of the protocols will be followed even if you are not at home **

If you are at home, our cleaners have been instructed to respect social distancing. We also request that you respect social distancing of 6 feet or 2 meters at a minimum.

You will be asked to either:

1. Vacate the home during the service. (Highly Recommended & Preferred)
2. Stay in a specific room in your home during the service.

3. Open windows/ patio door and activate ventilation in your home to ensure moving air flow and circulation. 

Simply advise the cleaner which room you will be staying in so the cleaner can clean that room first so that you can then occupy it. We truly appreciate your respecting this protocol as an additional precautionary measure.


If you leave your keys with the Concierge, we are also asking our Staff to disinfect them before they returning to Concierge.

What are “High Volume Touch Points”?

We will clean with extra attention the High-Volume Touch Points in all the services that we do. Including and not limited to:

  • Light switches
  • All Door Knobs (Inside and out)
  • Remote controls
  • Toilet Seats
  • Faucets
  • Appliances Handles
  • Busy Counter Areas
  • Telephones


** To maintain the cleanliness and sanitization of our cleaning supplies and tools we have provided additional training to our staff with new cleaning and sanitization methods. Rest assured that we come to your home with fresh clean tools. **

Introducing GermBlasters
A service by Maid4Condos

GermBlasters is a new service offering by Maid4Condos which was created for the constant demand and need for effective disinfection in your home. This service is a natural progression in the evolution of Maid4Condos as a cleaning service. Taking cleaning to a whole new level by addressing the molecular level of disinfection. A constant challenge that always needs to be addressed, which has been brought to the forefront and amplified by the recent and current events of Covid-19. This service will provide ongoing peace of mind for you during and post this crisis as it relates to contaminants, allergens and cold and flu season. At Maid4Condos, Time Is Precious. At GermBlasters, Your Health Is Precious. Together, your environment is protected.

OUR GermBlasting SOLUTION:

Our premiere solution, is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mould and mildew killer, and odour eliminator. With its ready-to-use formula designed to be gentle to users but tough on germs, our product is non-irritating to skin, non-corrosive to most treated articles, NSF-certified (no rinse required) for food-contact surfaces. • Our Product has been approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus that causes the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

  • Proven Effective in killing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Norovirus, Legionella Pheumophila, H1N1 (Swine flu), and Hepatitis A, B, and C, and many more.
  • Eliminates a wide range of bad odours at a molecular level instead of masking with fragrances, from leftover food odours in the kitchen to cigarette smoke odours, pet urine, and sports equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly, excellent to use on all surfaces and super safe for kids and pets.
  • VOC Free, Fragrance-Free, Hypo-Allergenic.
  • Safe on carpet and Fabrics.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • No aquatic Toxicity.
  • No Carcinogens, Mutagens or Reproductive Toxicants.
  • Our product breaks down to simple salt and produces no harmful by-products or residue.
  • Prevents viruses and bacteria from coming back.
  • Keeps you safe from pathogen transmission and sickness by effectively and efficiently disinfecting your home.
  • Provide first-line of defence for infectious diseases and antimicrobial-resistant bacteria with time-efficient infection prevention.


  • The most effective handheld, cordless electrostatic disinfectant sprayer in the world.
  • Creates a uniform and wraparound layer of germ-killing power in your home.
  • The most advanced technology.
  • Unlike other electrostatic equipment, ours works flawlessly and consistently, greatly improving transfer efficiency and avoiding shock and electrical hazards.

These are only some of the additional measures we have implemented in the wake of Covid-19. We continue to work with our counterparts at ISSA and ARCSI to provide the best sanitization, disinfection and cleaning protocols in our service and ensure a safe working environment for our staff and clients alike.

Sources Referenced

Our member organizations:
The Association of Residential Cleaning Services, International (ARCSI)
ISSA Canada
Health Canada
CDC Centre For Disease Control

Clean T.O: 10 Weird Facts About Cleaning – Toronto Maid | Maid4Condos

Clean T.O: 10 Weird Facts About Cleaning – Toronto Maid | Maid4Condos


The internet is a treasure trove of weird information, and cleaning is no exception. From Disney to Iceland, and from Ketchup to Listerine, we’ve compiled a list of 10 weird facts about cleaning that you can wow your friends with… Who knew cleaning could be so weird?!


Here’s Our List Of 10 Weird Cleaning Facts:


1. Disney’s Dirty Secret


If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you know that there’s a lot of ‘cast members’ walking around. But did you know that they wash an average of 285,000 pounds of laundry – every single day?! Apparently, Disney reps have stated that if you did one load of every day for 52 years, only then would you clean as much as a they do! And that’s not all- they also dry clean around 31,000 garments per day as well!


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Disney
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – Disney


2. Listerine Invented Bad Breath


It’s a long story. But to sum it up, Listerine was originally developed to be a surgical antiseptic. However, they realized that surgical antiseptics were only marketable to a small group of professionals. In the hopes of increasing sales, the company began to market Listerine as a floor cleaner – as well as a cure for Gonorrhea! So where does mouthwash come in?


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Listerine
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – Listerine


By the time the 1920’s rolled around, they were hungry for a bigger audience. And so began brainstorming issues that everyone faced, that Listerine could cure. By a stroke of genius, they created the medical condition “chronic halitosis” – more commonly known today as bad breath. Apparently back then, bad breath was just ‘breath’. Seven years later, their revenues skyrocketed past $8 million. Check out their site for a complete history!


3. What’s Lurking in the Sink?


Yep, that’s right- your kitchen sink is way dirtier than you think. In fact, it’s even dirtier than your toilet seat. Think about it, people disinfect their toilet seats all the time- but often forget to apply this same level of clean to their sinks. In fact, a wet and moist sink is the perfect environment for E. coli to live and grow. No wonder dogs prefer to drink out of the toilet bowl!


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Sink
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – Sink


4. Iceland, A.K.A The Cleanest Country in the World


According to researchers at Columbia and Yale Universities, Iceland ranks as the cleanest country in the world. Sorry Canada, Iceland’s score of 93.5 beats our lesser (but still high) rank of 85.06. Not bad, Canada! How did they get these numbers, you ask? Apparently, the researchers ranked countries based on their Environmental Performance Index.


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Iceland
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – Iceland


5. Feminism Aint Over


Although women’s rights have progressed amazingly in Canada, not much has changed when it comes to domestic duties. At the end of the day, women are still responsible for a disproportionate amount of household cleaning….And men still believe in housework fairies! In fact, the average woman cleans for 12,896 hours in her lifetime, while the average man only cleans 6,448. In other words, women spend a year and a half of their lives house cleaning. PSA to all husbands: something’s not right!


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Feminism
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning Feminism


6. Cleaning Burns Calories!


That’s right, cleaning burns calories! Just think about all the vigorous scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming you do- it’s exhausting for a reason. Though cleaning won’t replace a good workout, it will contribute to your overall fitness in the long-run. Check out this list to find out the precise amount of calories each cleaning task will burn!


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Mopping
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – Mopping


7. The Brits Love Cleaning Services!


Surprisingly, over 6 million people in Britain are said to hire professional cleaning services. The reason? People are busy! In fact, the necessity of cleanliness has caused the middle-class to push past the awkwardness they have felt about outsourcing cleaning in the past. Amazingly, this is true even despite the penny-pinching recession. Apparently, the Brits like to keep in clean!


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - England
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – England


8. Where’s the Ketchup?


You probably love ketchup with your French fries as much as the next person, but did you know that Ketchup can act as a cleaning agent for your tarnished copper and silver? That’s right, ketchup can make your jewelry and copper pots gleam within minutes!


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Ketchup
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – Ketchup


In fact, it’s as simple as pie. To clean with ketchup, first submerge the item you want to clean in a bowl of ketchup for 5-10 minutes. Then, remove it and use a toothbrush to scrub the residue off. Finally, rinse with warm water! However, be sure not to let the item sit in the ketchup for too long. For fear that too much exposure to the acid can cause some minor damage.


9. Toilet Lids Exist for a Reason


Next time you use a toilet with a lid, for god sakes close it before you flush! For one thing, this simple practice can save you from ‘toilet plumes’, the affectionate name given to the small particles of waste that gets sprayed into the air with every flush.


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Frog On Toilet
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – Frog on toilet


However, it’s good to note that new, low-flush toilets have decreased the chances of the fecal spreading. Otherwise, you should be extra careful when flushing a toilet. Unfortunately, public restrooms usually lack toilet lids…check these 5 public restroom tips you need to know.


10. The Dirty Secret of Your Office Phone


Apparently the average work desk is 400 times dirtier than your toilet seat. Okay, we get it, there’s lots of things that are dirtier than your toilet seat. But get this, 60% of illnesses that take you away from work are contracted from the very workspace you sit in everyday.


clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning - Office
clean t.o 10 weird facts about cleaning – Office


That’s right, your office is definitely contaminated with E coli, staph and other bacteria. In fact, your phone is the dirtiest place in the whole office! Can you remember the last time your office phone got cleaned? That’s because it hasn’t. However, there’s a simple solution. All you have to do is keep a pack of disinfecting wipes in your desk drawer to give your phone a regular wipe down. While you’re at it, drag that wipe over your keyboard! Plus, check out our other article to learn how to clean your cell-phone without damaging it!


Hungry for more?


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Clean T.O: Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied

Clean T.O: Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied


So, you want to know why you should never leave your condo unoccupied? There are plenty of reasons, the biggest being maintenance and security. However, the health and safety of your condo is not all you have to worry about. In short, the City of Toronto is considering taxing homes that are left vacant for too long. When you think about it, it’s not such a bad thing given the supply and demand struggles of the Toronto housing market.


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied picture of ice rink
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied picture of ice rink


In the event that you’re not an overseas condo connoisseur, there are a few precautions you should take when you leave your condo unoccupied. This is true whether you are renting your condo for the first time, are in-between tenants or are just going away on a trip!


Going on a Trip?


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Ship
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Ship


Whether you’re going away for two weeks or three months, there are details about your condo you need to sort out. Firstly, do you have household insurance? If you do, be sure to check your insurance details carefully. This is because, some companies have rules about how long a home can be unoccupied before insurance kicks in. Now, we’ll let you in on the four essential things you should be doing with your condo the next time you go on a trip.


In Case of Emergency, Please Call…


Before your trip, appoint a trusted neighbour, friend or family member to be the ‘caretaker’ of your condo while you’re away. Sadly, no, your dog cannot be your caretaker- they lack the thumbs. However with that said, the caretaker’s duties are not difficult. In fact, the biggest role of the caretaker is to be your emergency contact.


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture Of Dog
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Dog


For instance, if you have an alarm system in your condo, make sure your caretaker knows all of it’s information and how to navigate it. Furthermore, if you have a monitored alarm system, make sure the alarm company has the contact details of your caretaker!  In addition, make sure your caretaker has the numbers of all people they would need to call in case of emergency. For instance, the condo manager, a neighbour, etc. Ultimately, if a dilemma unfolds while you’re away it should be handled as smooth as possible.


You’ve Got Mail!


Is mail a big part of your life? If you know you’re going to be away for a few weeks or months, notify your building manager or arrange to have your caretaker collect your mail and avoid a pile-up. However, if you need to read your mail regularly, you could purchase pre-paid envelopes and stamps, and ask your caretaker to send it your way! Alternatively, for a small price Canada Post will hold your mail until you return.


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Mail
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of mail


Furthermore, a build up of mail is a red flag of an unoccupied condo. Apparently, residential-building thieves watch out for signs that a condo isn’t being lived in. With this is mind, it becomes even more important to ask your caretaker to check up on your place at least once a week. To explain further, check out this article for tips on how to ensure the security of your condo while you’re away.


Avoid Fire, it’s Easy


Right before you leave on your trip, walk-through your place and unplug all unnecessary cords and appliances. Furthermore, you should turn off any gadgets or power bars. Lastly, don’t forget about lamps, phone chargers, and televisions!


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied picture of plug
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of plug


In reality, not only will unplugging your electronics save on electricity, but you might save yourself from causing a fire due to overheating! Above all, living in a condo means being respectful of others in your building. In other words, your condo neighbours would not appreciate a fire! Therefore, play it safe and unplug.


Everything MUST GO


Okay, ‘Everything MUST GO’ is a little dramatic. However, you should start thinking about the food in your fridge. As a result of fridges being closed by default, people often forget to clear out food until it’s too late. In order to avoid that, throw out or give away any food that is due to expire before you get home. When it comes to your pantry, tightly seal anything that could attract rodents or bugs. While you’re at it, check out our other article to find out if you’re actually keeping your kitchen clean!


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Fridge
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied picture of fridge


Great, you’ve cleaned out the fridge! But what about the rest of your place? Conversely, a little home cleaning before you go may feel unnecessary. On the contrary, nothing feels better than coming home to a clean space! However, if you don’t have the time to give your condo a good clean, consider hiring a professional cleaning service! When you hire a home cleaning service, you’ll have that ‘clean home feeling’, times a thousand! For more information, browse through our Basic, Basic Plus and Deep Cleaning packages to see if anything catches your eye.


So, You’re In-Between Tenants?


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Hallway
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of hallway


If you’re not going on a trip, the only reason you should have an unoccupied condo if you’re planning to rent or sell. Luckily, that’s what vacant condos are best at! Now, we’re going to give you all the info you need to maintain your condo’s health during the selling or rental process. Later, you can check out our other article about how to sell your condo for tips on listing, staging and showing! Plus, you can check out our cleaning services for a sure-fire way to get your condo buyer-ready.


1.   Exercise Your Utilities


Planning on a few months of unoccupied condo maintenance? Unfortunately, when water isn’t being circulated regularly, sewer gases will accumulate in your drains. So, to keep your condo in mint condition, turn each tap on for a few moments every time you visit. Furthermore, if you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, run it at the same time as the kitchen sink.


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Drain
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Drain


In reality, the consequences of not practising these home-care essentials aren’t severe. However, remember those accumulated sewer gases? Yea, that stagnant water sitting in the pipes will transform into a hideous odour the next time anyone turns on the tap. Ultimately, you want to avoid this, because nothing turns buyers off more than a bad smell!


2.   Maintain Toilets


Similar to running your taps, you should make a habit of flushing all the toilets! In addition to your taps, sewer gasses can accumulate in the toilet’s pipes. In addition, mold can accumulate in the toilet bowl when the lid remains closed for extended periods of time. However, like the water situation, the consequences aren’t deadly- just unattractive to potential buyers.


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture Of Toilet
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of Toilet


Although you should always leave the seat down, remember to keep the toilet lid up! Additionally, a splash of morsel of vinegar, bleach or chlorine in your toilet bowl to prevent bacteria from growing. In fact, this is a great solution if you only plan on occasional home-cleaning in your unoccupied condo.


3.   Check, Check, Check!


There are two main things you want to check during your visit: the lights and smoke detectors. When you walk through the unoccupied condo, flip all the light switches in order to ensure you don’t have burnt out bulbs. After all, nothing creeps potential buyers out more than a dark room!


Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied Picture of light
Clean T.O Why Your Condo Should NEVER be Unoccupied picture of light


Do you hear that chirping? In the event that you hear a beeping when visiting your unoccupied condo, it’s probably because the smoke detector needs new batteries. Moreover, a broken fire alarm is a breach of safety, so it’s a good thing you went to check on your place! If this is happening to you, try this step-by-step guide that will help you replace a beeping smoke detector. At the end of the day, better you catch these problems first than lose a buyer because of them!



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Clean T.O: 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo

Clean T.O: 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo


There are many reasons why you’re over your condo in Toronto, but there’s four valuable tips about selling you may not know! Perhaps, you bought a unit when you were young and have simply outgrown of it. Maybe you’re moving onward and upward. Whatever the reason, you have chosen to sell. Consider these four ways to get the most market value out of your condo in Toronto!


Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Condo
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Condo


1.    Hire a Real Estate Professional


If it’s your first time dealing with condo real estate and lack experienced relatives and friends- it’s time to hire a real estate professional. The fact is, real estate professionals can give you peace of mind. For instance, ensuring your condo agreement complies with local laws and giving you the low-down on all the important details.


Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Professional
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Professional


If you’re not sure whether to hire a real estate lawyer, or a real estate agent check out this article from the Toronto Star. In addition to advising, real estate agents can help you advertise, price, show, negotiate your condo and handle the paperwork. Plus, their fees only amount to about one month’s rent. At the end of the day, you have a higher chance of closing your sale at or above market value if you hire a real estate professional.


2.    Listing Your Condo


If you don’t want to hire a real estate agent or just want to be proactive, your next step is to list your condo! It’s true that digital advertising is most common, however if you find yourself in a situation where a strategically placed flyer would work, go for it! For instance, if you’re trying to advertise to a niche group like young families, young couples or professionals- advertising through local newspapers or strategically-placed flyers could yield results!


Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Newspaper
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Newspaper


However, many have successful dealings through Kijiji and Craigslist, as well as reputable real estate sites like MLS listings. However, it’s important to remember caution when selling online. For instance, you should be extremely careful when talking to ‘overseas’ tenants offering to take your condo without seeing it, as individuals who operate like this are known to scam.




Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture-of City Location
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture-of City Location


To gain full market-value of your condo, you have to really think about what it has to offer. Have you determined how much your condo is currently worth, given its size and location? How costly is it relative to other, similar condos in the area? Does it offer anything special? Remember that amenities, services, location, neighbourhood and transportation will all affect the value of your condo. Honestly, finding the value of your home has never been easier,  thanks to RBC’s Home Value Estimator to see how much your home is worth!




Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Scale
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Scale


If you haven’t heard, timing is everything. And Apparently Canadians prefer moving home in the summer, fall and spring! That one’s not so hard to figure out, who wants to move in the winter? However, this is not to say that sales don’t happen all year! They just might take a little longer. Ultimately, you want to keep seasons, economy, location, interest rates, and government policies in mind when you’re thinking of putting your condo on the market. Check out this article to learn more about the best times to sell in Toronto!




Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Camera
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Camera


Finally, it’s time to create the listing and you have to start thinking about those essentials, like photographs. Having good quality images of your condo will be your key to reeling in potential buyers. Make sure you take good quality, true-to-life images that capture the essence of your condo’s interior and the surrounding amenities. The more pictures the better. However, do not take any photographs before you stage! Even if the picture is professional, an un-staged home will not sell as quickly, or for as much. For tips on how to create the perfect aesthetic read on! For more information about the images, check out this article to avoid making common real-estate photography mistakes!


3.    Staging


If you like decorating, you’ll enjoy staging! While some have a soft spot for fixer uppers, the majority of buyers want to be able to slide into your home as is. Just think about model homes you’ve seen, with their neutral style and colouring. Applying a neutral style to your condo will allow prospective buyers to project their visions and dreams onto the space, and drive your value up!


Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Staged Home
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Staged Home


In addition, a little home cleaning and repair could go a long way. Before you take photos for the listing- or dare show the condo- make sure to clear away your clutter, and add homey touches like flowers or coffee table books to common spaces. To really make an impression, you could even leave out a pot of tea or plate of cookies! In the end, the more comfortable the buyers feel the higher your chances. After all, you’re selling them a lifestyle. Check out this article for some key condo staging tips!


4.    Showings


All of the previous steps have led to this moment. The lawyer, the agent, the listing, the staging- it all comes down to the showing. This is your chance to make your buyer fall in love. Unless you’ve outsourced, it’s your job to give prospective buyers the ‘grand tour’. Remember, don’t be shy to rave about your condo and all the features you love!


Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Coffee Table
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Coffee Table


Don’t hold back from sharing small conveniences, like how accessible the subway is or how late the store closes downstairs. Likewise, don’t be afraid to tell them about how your nieces and nephews love to swim in the condo’s pool. Ultimately, it’s those little real-life anecdotes that will help paint a picture and seal the deal. To learn more, check out this article with some great tips on how to show your home!


Tenant Trouble


Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Tenant
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Tenant


There is no reason your showing shouldn’t run smoothly- unless you currently have a tenant. In fact, it’s been reported that tenants cause 80% of showings to fall through! In fact, they can make the whole process difficult, holding you up at every stage; from cleaning to listing. For example, your tenant could be aggressive and refuse to leave the condo during showing times, and make your buyers uncomfortable. If you’re worried on losing one month’s rent, think about all the money you’ll lose in market value. Not convinced? Check out this article to hear about a tenant horror story and why you should always terminate a lease before selling.


Finally, Getting Your Value


At the end of the day, you’re dealing with an asset of major value. And the truth is, you’re only going to get your money’s worth- or more- by maximizing its full potential. For some, that could mean a basic clean, deep clean or move in/move out clean. For others, it could mean replacements or repairs to painting, floors and fixtures.


Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Made Bed
Clean T.O 4 Valuable Tips to Sell Your Condo Picture of Made Bed


So to really get your money’s worth, consider fixing up your condo and bringing in professional home cleaners. There’s a reason cleaning services have processes dedicated to moving in and moving out! Times of transition are stressful, and the last thing you need to be doing is cleaning. Let a cleaning service in Toronto do it for you, and do it well. We don’t want to brag, but you should check out Maid4Condos Services that can aid you in those times of stress! We can help you end your old life on a clean note, and start your new one on a fresh page.



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Clean T.O: Guide to Renting Your First Condo

Clean T.O: Guide to Renting Your First Condo


We all know the difference between condos and apartments. Condos are owned and apartments are leased- but as the industry grows, the lines start to become blurred.


Clean T.O Renting Your-First Condo Picture of Condo Building
Clean T.O Renting Your-First Condo Picture of Condo Building


As more and more condos are being built and bought, more owners have started leasing them out. Now, as many as 80% of units in Toronto are being leased, making investors the new landlords!

Everything seems great, right? Wrong. In fact, the grey area of condo rentals has led to a lot of conflict.


The Condo Rental Phenomenon


The Condominium Act was created in the 1990’s for the sake of condo homeowners. However, because it was geared for home owners it has no guideline for tenants and landlords. As a result, Ontario has given condominium tenants protection under landlord/tenant legislation while landlords are bound both by rental legislation and the Condominium Act.


Clean T.O Renting Your First Condo Picture of Cartoon
Clean T.O Renting Your First Condo Picture of Cartoon


In other words, tenants and landlords are playing the same game but by different rules. So you can see the potential for confusion. For example, your landlord may be fine with pets- but the condo prohibits them. Reversely, the condo might be fine with pets but your landlord prohibits them. Believe it or not, people experience issues like this all the time! Now, you can see why it’s important to be aware and speak up about any discrepancies you find between rules of your landlord and those of your condo.




The most important thing about renting a condo is to make sure you and your landlord are on the same page. Ideally, your landlord should give you a detailed explanation of the condo rules so you can act accordingly. However, this isn’t always the case. So, you must take it upon yourself to be diligent about following condo rules.


Clean T.O Renting Your First Condo Picture of Rules
Clean T.O Renting Your First Condo Picture of Rules


In addition, it’s important to make sure that you are registered by the condo manager. The condo manager knows your landlord but they don’t know you, yet. Make sure the manager has a copy of your lease and ask them all the questions you want, to save yourself trouble in the future!


Condo Care


Next, if you’re renting a condo it’s best to treat as if you own it. Not only will taking care of your condo impress your landlord, it will also help you get your deposit back when it’s time to move on!


Clean T.O Renting Your First Condo Picture of Cleaning
Clean T.O Renting Your First Condo Picture of Cleaning


Plus, when you treat your condo as if you own it, you start to put more effort and care into its maintenance, and wind up becoming a better neighbour! That’s not a bad thing! In fact, being a good neighbour is a great way to impress your landlord and enjoy a sense of community.


Condo Community


A sense of community in a condo will make all the difference. This is because we thrive and feel more comfortable in places where we know there is support. Furthermore, participating in your condo community will benefit your psychological health and social life! Check out this list of ideas to start building a community within your condo!


Clean TO Renting Your First Condo Picture of community
Clean TO Renting Your First Condo Picture of community


However, just because it’s beneficial to be friendly to your neighbours doesn’t mean you don’t have to be best friends. You’re allowed your privacy, but don’t underestimate the power of friendship. For instance, if an issue comes up, your neighbour may feel more inclined to knock on your door instead of making a formal complaint. Know now, nothing frustrates a landlord more than getting complaints about a unit. So all in all, being friendly with your neighbours can enhance the community and save you a complaint or two!


If you’re interested in smooth sailing, take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules of your condo, your landlord, and with your neighbours. If you’re new to the condo game, you should check out our article explaining the truth about condo fees!


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Clean T.O: Truth About Condo Fees

Clean T.O: Truth About Condo Fees


So you want to buy a condo in Toronto, but have you thought about the condo fees? If you’re looking to live a condo lifestyle, you’re on the right track. However, if you’re thinking about buying a condo because it would be cheaper than a house, you might want to factor in condo fees. Don’t worry, it’s very common for first-time condo buyers to be unaware of just how daunting their fees can be. We’re going to give you the information you need to help yourself make an informed decision when buying a condo in Toronto!


Clean-T.O-Truth-About-Condo-Fees-Condo Building
Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Condo Building


What are Condo Fees?



Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Coins
Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Coins


Let’s take a closer look. The condo fees you will pay is your direct share of the cost it takes to run the building. As a result, there are a variety of factors that contribute to your fees. For instance, utilities, building amenities, location and the age of the building all come into play. Additionally, if your building comes with extra security, concierge service or underground parking, a pool, gym, or a rooftop patio- chances are they will be reflected in your monthly fee. However, extra features like underground parking and concierge service are typically optional. There is also something called a “contingency fee” mandatory for every condo. That contingency money goes straight into a reserve fund, to safeguard against unexpected costs that arise, like flooding or roof damage.


Condo vs. House


Remember that time when you were looking at that condo in Toronto, and the maintenance fees seemed reasonable? Don’t be fooled. By and large, condo fees always have the potential to increase to rates much higher than you signed up for. Meanwhile, most condo-owners don’t realize that their condo fees are controlled by the condo board, and can be increased at their discretion. But rest assured, the fees are not a source profit for management. This is ensured by the fact condo buildings are registered as nonprofit corporations.


Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Credit Card
Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Credit Card

When you combined condo fees with property taxes and mortgage payments…you’re looking at costs similar to owning a home. In fact, when you do the math, a condo purchase in Toronto plus maintenance fees works out to approximately the same as owning house! At the end of the day, it comes down to lifestyle. Would you rather tend to your own garden, or never have to worry about yard work again?

Old Condo vs. New Condo


Presumably, the older buildings of Toronto require much more maintenance and renovation than brand new ones. For instance, modernizing the front entrance of an old building is something that belongs in the maintenance budget, paid for by the condo owners through their fees. Even so, if you’re considering buying an older condo in Toronto you should check out this article.

Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Renovation
Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Renovation

However, newer buildings aren’t perfect either. As with any booming industry, there becomes more potential to cut corners. More and more, we have seen that new buildings in Toronto are using sub-par building materials for construction. In fact, issues brought on by shoddy construction can increase condo fees just as much as renovating an entrance from the 90’s!


Being Smart About Condo Fees


Ultimately, if the condo you are considering has fees that are already out of your price range- you might want to look elsewhere. This will give you more breathing room when the fees inevitably go up. If you are seriously eyeing a condo in Toronto, it is highly recommended that you get a realtor or real estate lawyer to review the condominium status certificate. Every building is required one, because it gives residents essential information about the financial health and stability of the building.

Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Document
Clean T.O Truth About Condo Fees Document

In the document, you will find things like the management contract, legal issues the condo may have encountered, the budget and status of the reserve fund. After reading status certificate, a lawyer will easily be able to tell you if this condo is worth your investment. Therefore, it’s worth it to invest a little time and research into purchasing your condo in the city, your future self will thank you.

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Clean T.O: Tips for Condo Managers

Clean T.O: Tips for Condo Managers


If you’re reading this, you are probably involved in condo management. Condos are on the rise, and so the demand for condo managers has obviously gone up. But what does being a condo manager involve?

Clean T.O Tips for Condo Managers WorkingPerson Picture


It’s a complex role because it involves acting as a financial advisor, maintenance person and conflict mediator all at once. What’s more, the manager is also doing repairs, supervising staff, filling out paperwork and collecting condo fees! They are doing all this while also managing spontaneous problems that arise. Does this sound like you? Let’s talk about how to balance it all, and which habits you should practise to be a great condo manager.


Condo Conflict Tips


Condos are a breeding ground for conflict on two levels: residents and maintenance. It’s all about money and mitigation. That means you are the liaison between management (the board) and residents, which often leaves you between a rock and a hard place. When something goes wrong in the condo, residents want the problem fixed ASAP- but the board wants it fixed for cheap. Now you have to find a way to make everyone happy, and fast.

Clean T.O Tips for Condo Managers Conflict Picture


The truth is, it’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time. But just because this is so doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to find the best compromises. Read on to find out about how to go about best compromises and conflicts by exercising foresight and transparency!


Tip 1: Maintain > Repair > Replace


If you are managing a condo building, you know all about maintenance. The working systems of your condo are your number one priority. They are important to everyone that you are responsible to: the residents and the board. If appliances fail, your residents will have to put their lives on hold and the board will have to pay for the damages. A happy condo is an uneventful condo, so it’s best to try to avoid maintenance issues as much as possible by sticking to this simple rule: maintain > repair > replace!

Clean T.O Tips for Condo Managers Hammer Picture


When you give your systems and appliances proper care and attention, they will last just as long as they were meant to and with a lot less surprises. Even if maintenance visits cost you some money, it’s much more cost-effective than a replacement. Not only is it cost-effective in terms of replacing, but a properly working HVAC system could actually save on energy and water costs for residents and the board! This will put you in everyone’s good books.

Clean T.O Tips for Condo Managers Money In Dirt


If you’re doing regular maintenance on your appliances, you’ll know when their lifespan is coming to an end. This knowledge is actually a good thing, because it means that you caught the problem early! Now you have a head start, and can plan for a replacement before the appliance dies, disrupting lives of residents and pockets of the board. When you think about it, being proactive with maintenance actually makes your job easier in the long run!


Tip 2: Managing Condo Residents


People are people. That doesn’t change in condos. In fact, the nature of condo living can amplify social conflict situations! Just think about all the different kinds of ages and lifestyles living under the same roof. Whether it’s a noise complaint from a party, or an illegal pet “I know is living in 309!” – it’s your job to be the mediator. To be a successful mediator, you must be accessible to your residents and make them feel confident you can help them. If you are looking for a career in condo management, you want to have a good rep- so making your residents happy has to be a priority.

Clean T.O Tips for Condo Managers Happy Picture


Keep in mind that when helping a resident with an issue, you should do it in a formal and documented way. For example, initiating a formal complaint system for your residents will instill confidence in them that you care.. Furthermore, when a complaint is documented into a record, your resident will have more faith that it will be addressed. Keeping a trail of your resident’s complaints will show that you are committed and organized. Plus, it will also help you keep track of what you are supposed to be doing. For good measure, create a log-book for yourself to keep track of your tasks off the formal complaint system. If you need tips on how to manage residents who repeatedly break the rules, check out this article!


Tip 3: Transparency


Clean T.O Tips for Condo Managers Transparent Building Picture


At the end of the day, one of the most important things is transparency. Keeping residents and the board in the loop about maintenance and repairs is a tell tale sign of a good condo manager. Being open about what’s going on behind the scenes gives everyone confidence in your abilities, and makes them more sympathetic to your needs, whether that be time or money. Being truthful and honest paints you in a positive light. Withholding and being defensive can have the opposite effect. Want to learn more about the benefits of transparency? Check out this great article from Forbes that discusses 5 things that happen when a leader is transparent. If you’re about to start a new project and are looking to build a team of skilled trades workers, check out our other article here.

Building Your Reno Team – Maid4Condos Cleaning Industry

Hiring Skilled Trades and Contract Workers

Bringing in Trades: Building Your Reno Team

Building a Team - Chess pieces

At one point or another, everyone gets their chance to experience a renovation, remodelling or rebuilding of a home. Maybe you’ve hired a contractor once before or maybe you have knack for management. Either way, you have decided to be your own contractor. Managing the project yourself is going to take a lot of time and energy but it is very rewarding and cost-efficient. If you are new to being your own contractor, you’ve probably yet to acquire a collection of trusted skilled trades people.


When you’re working on a project like renovating a home, inviting new skilled trades workers into the mix can be risky. These strangers can ultimately make or break your project. A few delays or shoddy job could have you months behind your completion date. However, being your own contractor can raise the odds of getting what you want. That means that choosing the right trades workers is going to be the key to your project’s success. Your objective is to find contacts that will understand your needs and execute their job within your time frame.


The Hiring Process


The first thing about hiring for your project is deciding which skilled trades you want to involve. We’re living in the age of technology, and that has it’s pros and cons. The internet can provide you with unlimited skilled trades companies and individuals to compare. However, the internet can be distorting, and you never really know what you’re going to get. That’s why word-of-mouth remains the best way to find quality skilled trades workers. Being sure about the reliability and trustworthiness of the people you take on, from the get-go, is going to be advantageous to your project in the long-run. There is less chance of a dead phone line or shoddy job done if you use a recommendation from someone you trust.

Making a Plan - Team Building


Think of people you know that have recently completed a project, or who know others that have. Reach out to them, get a contact and make the connection. Alternatively, you could post on social media asking for recommendations. Having a suggestion to start with is better than poking blindly in the haystack that is the internet. You never know, you might receive a recommendation by someone over Facebook that ends up saving your project! However, in general you should always err on the side of caution when working with any new person. Just because someone did a great job for your friend doesn’t necessarily mean your project will get the same treatment, here’s why.

Dealing with Schedules


If there’s one thing you should know about working with skilled trades people is that they have a tendency to be unreliable. But maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. There’s two sides to every story. On one hand, it’s easy to become obsessed with a project you’re managing. Time is money; so when you go into a contract with someone you expect them to perform the work that they committed to, in the time-frame you agreed upon.

Saving Money - Stack of coins


On the other hand…it’s the way of the game. It’s important to remember that though they may be part of your team, these skilled trades workers are running their own business and dealing with other customers. Just as one is expected to tip servers, it is customary to give a grace period for delayed trades work. Keep your expectations low, and you’ll have an easier time keeping your cool. Try working potential delays into your time-frame, and you’ll have a chance at staying a ahead of the game!


Designer vs. Architect


So we’ve talked about skilled trades workers, but what if you have a big project that involves architects and designers? There’s a lot of debate about the necessity of having both, so let’s hash it out. We all know that designers and Architects are trained to do different things, but their results can have a surprising amount of overlap.

Contractors - House under renovation


Architects are good if you are knocking down walls or making any other kind of structural or mechanical change to your property. Like designers, they help you turn your ideas into reality. However, hiring a knowledgeable designer could be more cost-efficient. They could do the work and get an architect to sign off on the final plans. Of course, both designers and architects have chosen their respective careers for a reason- they specialize in certain things that the other does not.

Office Workers - Team building


Whether you hire an architect, a designer or both depends on the scope, complexity and goals of your project. Hiring one could save you some money, but hiring two could achieve memorable results. After all, two heads are better than one! In fact, studies have shown that team-work can increase production, decrease costs and help meet deadlines. So if you find that your professionals get a kick out of bouncing ideas off each other, try getting them to collaborate! As always, monetary incentives are the best way to initiate this and see the best results.

Networkign contacts - Public Phones

At the end of the day, it comes down to networking and finding contacts that you can trust. There are a lot of moving pieces in any kind of construction project, so remember to expect delays and be patient. However, this doesn’t mean you should be open to end endless timeline. Time is money, so do everything in your power to help the project stay on track. Be in touch with your contacts so that you stay on their radar and anticipate delays by planning your project with a little wiggle room.